Monday, August 24, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Magic Hair Removal Wand

Happy Monday! The week starts with a good note on my part. Why? I had my weekend hair treatment, didn't touch my nails as I broke my pointer finger nails (to the max!), had my beauty sleep, cleaned some stray hairs on my eyebrows...and...I've used Magic Hair Removal Wand for the first time!

What's a Magic Hair Removal Wand?

The Magic Hair Removal Wand says ---

The Magic Hair Removal Wand is a simple device for removing unwanted facial hair without waxing, bleaching, tweezing or shaving. When used properly, the wand removes facial hair by the roots quickly and effectively.

Askmewhats says ---

  • hair growth takes longer time
  • it does remove the stubborn hair on my upper lip area
  • inexpensive as compared to going to a salon for threading
  • quick and easy to do if you're accustomed to this
  • does not drag your skin, only pull out the hair!
  • painful! It really feels like threading!
  • can leave redness and irritations
  • limited areas to remove hair
  • for people who hates made in China products ....


Before I start to say anything, I have to let you know that I have high tolerance to pain and my facial hair is almost invisible.

This product I believe has been originated by the genius Japanese! It's called EPIcare magic wand and I've seen beauty gurus on YT using it and a lot of beauty bloggers have blogged about this. I never really thought of using this til it became available locally!

This is a very cool product, I have to say, I had a hard time figuring this out for the first 10 minutes and I just can't seem to do the right thing, it's like learning to ride the bike though, once you learn it, you get the hang of it!

The Magic Hair Removal Wand is (for me) better than waxing as I get to be OC on the hair on my upper lip! Waxing at times leave small stray hairs.

This is perfect for someone who hates to spend money or feel embarrassed to do upper lip threading especially on salons. This is also perfect for busy individuals who'd rather spend free time relaxing at home. The MHRW is actually perfect for me as I've been super busy! I am actually looking forward for my next MHRW experience! I've done it once and it was a successful one!


from magichrwand:
  • always check that your skin is not damp or oily before using
  • stretch skin by pushing outwards with your tongue to maximize the effectiveness of the wand
  • always make sure that the wand is bent in an inverted U
  • make sure your skin is cleanse, toned and moisturized after each use of Magic HR Wand.
  • for people with sensitive skin: Apply antibacterial or hydrocortisone cream to avoid irritation
  • frequency of use is from 3 days to 4 weeks depending on your hair growth
  • hair does not have to be fully grown to use the wand
  • use soft dry brush to brush off hair from spring, wipe the wand with dry cloth after every use
  • avoid pulling, stretching the spring as it will reduce the effectiveness
from AMW:
  • I seriously feel this is the best to use for upper lip and facial hair, please DO NOT use this for your eyebrows or bikini area
  • for first time user, it takes a whole lot of time to get used to it so do it slowly! Never be in a hurry
  • again, for first time user, do use this when you're sure you've got nothing important to do or nowhere to go on the next day, so just in case you've got scarring or irritations, you don't have to panic!
  • if you have low tolerance to pain, do put an ice on the area so the pain won't be too much
  • never wet this as it may cause the spring to rust which is a big NO NO.
  • practice definitely takes perfect!
Will I repurchase?


Where to purchase and how much?

At for Php280.00 + shipping (approx $5.83)

Directions - Bend and Roll
  1. Bend the wand downward like an inverted U and place against your face where there is unwanted facial hair. Hold the handles using thumbs, index and middle fingers.
  2. Roll or turn the handles inward and outward between your fingers in a continuous motion. You will feel a tingling sensation as hair is being lifted by the roots.

After 10 trials, my first Magic HR Wand is a
(click photo to enlarge photo to see poor hair of mine) lol

Check out the redness right after usage
Redness gone after 5 minutes!

(thank you Lord)

Are you game to try this product?
Do you do anything for your facial hair?
Do share your "ouch" and "ouchless" experience!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for sharing Nikki! I've never seen this product before!! Its really interesting!! :D

    Don't think i'll ever try this though... i have a severely low threshold for pain! hahaha! :P

  2. nyahahha! tingin pa lang parang ang saket na!!!! konti lang ang aking pain tolerance.... di ko kaya!!!!!

    buti ka pa :(

  3. Aww! I saw this stuff in many other review. It looks cool, but I kinda can't find it here, still using usual thread

  4. i saw this thing before! but omg nikki it looks so painful!!!! epilator is enough to kill me. LOL

  5. this looks least it works faster than tweezing hehe ^_^

    I gave you an award on my blog sis :)

  6. napa ouch ako while reading this entry haha!

  7. lol... at first I thought it was a Q-tip!

    Looks painful, though!

  8. sis ano ginagawa mo para hindi mangitim yung area na na pluck/thread?

  9. omg looks painful di ba nakakaipit ng balat?

  10. I don't think I can ever use it. I have low pain tolerance. But it looks like it works. :P

  11. omg, this is what i love about beauty bloggers. lahat talaga tntry eh :) bilib talaga ko.

    i don't think i'll try this one. hehe :)

  12. that looks so painful, i'm scuuurrred

  13. Eeeeep! Looks painful!

    I saw one at Sasa but I have no courage to try it. :-(

    I'm a chicken.

  14. Jenn , I've seen them at SASA HK and I chickened out, but this time I didn't! LOL Low threshold for pain? no no for you then!

    Elsa, hahahah nasasaktan ka? Actually its not as bad as it looks or sound, it really takes time and practice hahaha!

    Anastacia, oh! you're threading on your own????

  15. Prettybeautiful, hahah it does look painful and I can't believe I survived it, like i said its not as bad as it looks!: )

    Crystal Gale, so true, that's what my hubby says, though its painful, at least you're done quickly! LOL thanks for the award sweetheart!

    Lelila, ahhahaha I am sorry for giving you the ouch on a monday morning! LOL Did I wake you up?

  16. Elisa, it does look like a huge Q TIP! lol I am really having a blast reading everyone's reactions! :)

    Aika sis, are you talking abou tthe underarm area? I make sure to use the right kind of deodorant. (if you're talking about that area) , on facial part? Well..darkness could probably be caused by the roots, probably you have thicker hair so it really leaves a dark mark..I can't really give a nice tip for now..maybe have it checked with dermatologist to give you a cream to use !

    Louie, hahaha nope! hindi naiipit ang balat, and it just grabs the hair! it actually works perfectly like threading!

    Pammy, hahaha it does work, I know..everyone's uneasy and queasy reading my post! hahaha

  17. Gel, yup! we do care for our readers and we try everything talaga! well..almost!

    M, hahaha will you try this?? EVER? in your lifetime? hahaha

    Liza, I know what you mean, I chickened out too when I saw this in HK Sasa store...but it's haunting me! so at least I gave it a try and I'm still alive! LOL

  18. I heard about this and wanted to try it! Thanks for the review :D Although I am a bit scared of the pain lol xD

  19. oo nagising talaga ako haha. naalala ko kapalpakan ko nung bago pa ako sa GT, try lang ng try ng mga nirerecommend dun, yung wax strip from the body shop, ginamit ko sa bigote ko, ouch talaga!!! tapos sobrang engs, yung residue ng wax strip, diba malagkit, nilinis ko with a toner!!!! waaaaaah!

    kaya kahit mahal, ipl na lang ako, good for 3 months, 1500 LOL!

  20. OMGOODNESS!!! I will totally tell my grandma to buy me this stuff!! This is amazing!! :) I don't mind threading! I can totally tolerate pain :)

    Thanks for the amazing review! :D

  21. hi nikki! pwede ba to for the underarm area? i think this would be much easier than tweezing. :)

  22. What a coincidence! I just reviewed a similar product today. LOL.

  23. Thanks for the review. It looks painful,though. I don't think I can use it, I have very low pain tolerance.

  24. waaahhh!
    nice review
    i also love mine
    its so easy to use

  25. i saw this at Rachael Ray show.... Yun human lab na section....its good for facial hair...
    Takot ako sa sakit....

  26. Nikki, OMG....I want this now!!! Seriously, I need it. What a fabulous review!

  27. e.motion in motion it is indeed painful for first time users..but for the next few tries, it'll be ok :)

    Lelila, oh no...that's ouch! I've never tried wax stips on my face, as I know it will be painful plus HOT pa Be careful!!! IPL is great! at least you don't have to worry facial hair or underarm hair for months!

    Jamie, hahahaha

  28. Iyah, will your grandma send it to you? That's sweet!

    Marianne, so far, I believe you can but you have to ask someone to do it for you! But I haven't tried it so don't take my word for it!

    Sesame! I know! You've reviewed the original one from Japan! Great minds do think alike!

  29. Gio, hahaha if it looks painful for you..then it feels even more painful! :) I guess I'm scaring you? hahaha

    ThiAmErE, I'm glad you're enjoying yours, i believe people are getting scared down here lol!

    Babysaffron, really? I haven't watched it yet at Rachael Ray, its cool to watch people do this so effortless!

    B, glad to know you like this, you'll try this soon! :)

  30. I want to get one since it makes plucking hair from the upper lip easy but it sounds and looks to painful. Mababa din ang threshold ko for pain, as in super baba. Siguro, no pain no gain talaga. Ang hirap talaga maging babae minsan! :P

  31. Interesting product. I've never seen it before. It looks quite painful though.

  32. thanks nikki! ngayon ko lang napansin na kailangan pala i-twist yung handles, so it would not be really ideal for the underarm area. it would be nice sana if up and down motion lang like a shaver :)

  33. looks painful! but I kinda wanna try it! hahahaha...I have yet to try eyebrow threading too, is it really painful too?

  34. Oh, this look so interesting! Looks like it basically functions the way threading does... but I am perfectly happy with my lip fuzz and have never really felt the need to do anything with it lol. You shouldn't either! I can't see any hairs on you at all!

  35. Eka, you're right, ang hirap maging babae, but you can give this a try, imagine plucking 10 hairs at the same time, its major OUCH at first but just like plucking the brows, it takes a long time to get used to :)

    LT, hahaha now you've seen it and you know such crazy yet cool stuff exist! :)

    Lulu, I've tried eyebrow threading, it is very painful as I have thicker hair on my eyebrow area. You really have to look for someone who's really an expert coz someone who did mine in the past isn't that good, I got red spots all over the threaded area for days! super painful!

    Catherine, if you're already contented with something, stick to it! Nah..looking closely, I do have strays of hair, its just too thin that you think its not there, but now that I've mentioned about facial hair, you'll see them! hahaha

  36. sigh
    me have facial hair too :(
    glad to know this works and super plus points for the redness to disappear within 5 minutes

  37. LyNn, do you think you'll have the guts to try this out?

  38. I was so tickled when I saw this post. It reminded me very much of that arm stretching exercise thingy my brother has, the thing where you stretch your arms out holding the handles, with a heavy spring joining the handles. You know what I mean?

    For some reason I used to play a lot with it, and played with the spring near my mouth. It removed quite a lot of hair accidentally back then :P

  39. they also sent me one, can't wait to try this. hope its not too painfull.. =)

  40. Tine, hahahahahha you should have thought about this earlier and manufactured this yourself! You must be super rich now! :)

    Khymm, goodluck it is painful! LOL

  41. Looks like it surely works. Is there a way i can get this in India?

    1. Sorry for the late answer and sorry I'm not sure, maybe ebay?


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