Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AMW Reports: Getting Intimate with Elianto

I got an invited for a nice dinner with the people of  Elianto and 5 other lifestyle and beauty bloggers.  I am very excited because the brand Elianto isn't new to me.  I've purchased a couple of their makeup palettes, nail polishes and lashes.  It was an intimate discussion about standards, evolution and trends of the beauty industry and it was at Kimono Ken Restaurant at The Block. 

An informal discussion about beauty over a hearty meal, is such a perfect combination.  I learned so much about the brand, I thought I knew it all!  Elianto offers so much more than the nail polishes I knew!  We went straight to Elianto Boutique right after dinner and I am amazed that there are so much more they offer!  I guess I wasn't paying much attention as I always go straight to the nail polish section!

Did you know that?
Elianto is a fresh, young brand of skin care, cosmetics and makeup products from Malaysia. The name means "sunflower" in Italian - a representation of a unique world of beauty comprised of an irresistible range of high quality, naturally-inspired skin care and makeup at affordable prices.

Elianto has a wonderful "makeover area", so girly, I swear it's every little and big girls' dream to have this inside their room!

I walked around the store like a real "beauty tourist" and found myself staring at one of their bestsellers  --- Elianto Miracle White BB Cream.  I regret that I did not purchase this as I have several friends who swore by this!

The famous Elianto Cream Concealer that won the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2009

Elianto Oil-free Liquid Foundation available in 4 shades

Lipsticks and lip glosses

They are proud of the new lipstick line they recently launched, the Matte Berry Lipsticks, matte in color but very moisturizing when applied.

Thanks to my dear friend Sophie of Beautynomics for doing the swatch and thanks for sharing your arm!  Which shade number caught your attention? 

The gorgeous eye shadows from matte to shimmer!  It looks like water colors from afar!  The eye shadows are mostly pigmented and the colors are overwhelming!  Would you believe they have bright RED matte eye shadow?  Anyone studying makeup would appreciate this wide range of colors!

Gorgeous eyeshadow pencils!  Reminded me of the NYX Jumbo pencils!

Another swatch on all the eyeshadow pencils, thanks to Sophie again for the swatch and the arm :)

Different blushes and bronzers!  They have "stamping" blush too!

My favorite makeup palettes from Elianto!  
I love creating my own palette and personalize it with my style!

Seeing this photo makes my heart flutter.  The wide range of nail polishes!
Nail polish removers in different scents!

Mascaras, eyeliners, cotton pads and my favorite false lashes

Makeup brushes in full size and travel sizes!

Elianto prides themselves in gift packs that people can purchase at a discounted rate.  Since May is the month for our dear mothers, they have great gifts for moms sold in sets! 

Check out the wonderful window display for moms! 

Elianto also offers GWP (Gifts with Purchase), for every Php1,000 (approx $22.00) purchase, you get a free makeup pouch.  Who does not want freebies?

The lovely Sophie and Beautynomics and Shen of Shen's Addiction, sharing this wonderful shopping experience with yours truly.  Earth at the background getting a makeover from Elianto's makeup artist Olivia.

The bloggers happy with their shopping spree
L-R Earth, Rowena, Me, Sophie, Jen and Shen

Here's a photo of the happy shoppers 
and the wonderful people from Elianto.  
Thank you Elianto Philippines for this lovely event!  
I learned so much about the brand!

Thanks too for making my childhood dream come true!  I've always wanted to be at the store counter to get the "feel" of someone with authority over the store sales!  *laughs*  Here's a crazy shot of me randomly holding what I can reach out for, a STAPLER! 

Checkout Elianto stores when you pass by them.  Their prices are really affordable and staffs are friendly!
Here's my loot from Elianto, everything on photo costs Php1,515 (approx $33.00)

  • Elianto Nail Color 01 Transparent 
  • Elianto Nail Color 27 Turquoise
  • Matte Berry Lipstick 01 Pink Berry
  • Matte Berry Lipstick 03 Cherry Berry
  • Stay On Eyeliner Pencil 01 Black
  • Cream Concealer 01 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oooh you got two Matte Berry lipsticks! I got one, the darkest shade 05. :D

  2. Drooling on the eye shadows and nail polishes! There is a lot of to choose from!

  3. can't wait for your reviews Nikki, esp the eyeliner and cream concealer =) their store looks so cute and girly.

  4. $33 for those products?? Wow, they are affordable indeed. I love the matte lipstick number 1 and 2 :D
    I saw this brand when I went to malaysia last time,I should have tried some of their products but I didn't :(

  5. Rowena, really? Can't wait to see you wear it :)

    Anastacia, so true! It felt like Child's Play (in a good way) all over again! Even better than barbie dolls!

    Khymm, yes, I can't wait to use them too!

    hana, yes, they are super affordable, I am quite amazed with the prices too when I was there!

  6. Did not know Elianto is from Malaysia. ha..ha... I got their eye shadows, quite pigmented.

  7. the Turquoise nail color looks nice!! hope you will do a NOTD soon! btw, I didn't know Elianto has change it's packaging.. hm..

  8. i love looking at the way they displayed everything!

  9. Elianto does have a few gems. I especially like their concealer. My mom really liked the BB cream but it was a tad too oily for me

  10. i love elianto polishes. i also have Turquoise :) i have tried their nail stickers too which are soooo pretty and it lasts too!

  11. Hmmm, nice to read this! We do have Elianto counters here. But every time I pass by, there is nobody else, and not very friendly SAs as well. Doesn't looks appealing to me. Maybe I should be more serious when looking at their products the next time. =)

  12. Lavender, me too I've always mistaken it for a Korean brand :)

    Lanie, so true :)

    Sue, I will! I've actually done a nail art tutorial for this week and it'll be the Turquoise color!

  13. Mona, yes, so neat!

    Connie, oohh I really feel bad I did not grab the BB Cream, I will be testing out the concealer though!

  14. Jan, glad you like their nail products, what about the cosmetics? Have you tried any of them?

    Jyoan,hahahah I know what you mean about being serious! I tend to get in and out at once!

  15. Sis, I know what you mean! When I went to their outlet in Mall Of Asia, I've really enjoyed it and I've tried their BB Cream and face powder. The prices are good and reasonable as well, aren't they? xxx

  16. Where is elianto? Where is the store located?

  17. Where is elianto? Where is the store located?

  18. Gracie, yes, they are really reasonable! Not bad for the wide range!

    Try SM Malls, The Block, Landmark :)

  19. i swear by this elianto bb cream as well! but i get the green one. cheaper than most brands and it lasts you a long time.
    my aunt who came from the states hoarded the green bb creams because she claims that when she puts it on, everyone compliments her skin and asks if she had any treatment done.

  20. Bea, that's good to know, another PRO for the BB cream from Elianto :)


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