Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hi from Macau!

By the time you're reading this, it's my last day in Macau.  I booked a 4 days 3 nights trip with mom, brother and hubby.  I've been to Macau more than 5 years ago but things have changed!  The Macau today is definitely more exciting as ever!

Here's a recap on what I did for the past 2 days!

We arrived Macau past 10:00pm so the hungry stomach wanted something too eat! Thanks to dear brother  (who traveled from Shanghai to Macau to surprise mom) for  taking out McDonald's Grilled Chicken Burger. 

A couple of weeks ago, I booked our hotel room online.  May 1-3 is a holiday down here so  most hotels are fully booked.  It was tedious to book a room on hotels within the city proper.  After constant searching, I finally booked at Hotel Royal, which, I think is on top of the mountain or hill, near the Guia Lighthouse Tower.  Its not the best location but it's a nice change outside the hustle and bustle!

Upon arrival, its quite late and we've got nowhere else to go but have a quick stroll nearby the hotel.  Right in front is a nice playground, which of course, yours truly have to go back to childhood and played like a kid as we caught up on each others' lives before we call it the day!

When we woke up the next day, we took a stroll down the city proper and I reunited with my favorite "pink" building near Hotel Lisboa.  I remembered taking a shot down here on January 1, 2004.  The building remain pink as ever!  Wondered if they repainted the building.  Casino Lisboa changed so much too and a new building Grand Lisboa, together with MGM and Wynns was suddenly visible!

Played a bit of crazy game!  Of course I got nothing!  So cute!

On our way to Ruins of St. Paul's Church, we passed by the famous Egg Tart, you can see the long line!!! The shop prides their stall as the Korean series "Boys Over Flowers" had one of their "Macau" scene shot here, when the female lead "Jan Di" bought a box of egg tart and realized her wallet got stolen.

Very sunny day and check out the people who were also there to go up to the remains of St. Paul's Church.  This is definitely a photographers' dream!

You have to pass by beef and pork jerky sellers!  And I swear, you have to pass by hungry!  They give good servings of free samples!  I had unlimited samples of beef and pork jerky at different stalls!  You can also rest and have a drink as some shops have water dispenser.

Never miss Venetian Hotel when you visit Macau.  It's definitely worth the time.  Most hotels offer free shuttle service to Venetian hotel.  It's near the airport which is located on the other side of the island.  Approximately 30 minutes ride without traffic!  Did I gamble here?  Nope! 

Right in front of Venetian Hotel is a new Hotel and Casino called City of Dreams.  We visited this hotel just for the huge LCD monitor with mermaids swimming.  Took a bit of time to get a good shot!  She's computer generated by the way. 

Macau tower shouldn't be missed either.  The first time I visited Macau, I just walked pass this place because it was just an overnight trip.  Now that we're staying longer, we bought tickets and decided to take an elevator ride UP there!  First top is located at the 58th floor as you can have a quick check if you have fear of heights.  In that viewing area, there are 2 locations with glass flooring,  you can step on top of the glass floor and look straight down for a huge adrenaline rush!  A guard went up to me asking me if I'm a "tough" girl, took a shot of me laying down on top of the glass flooring!  That's even crazier! *laughs*

We watched the sunset as people bungy jump!  I chickened out, but who knows?  I may do this.....I definitely included this on my "bucket list"

*sigh* It's really an enjoyable trip and its ending soon.  I'll definitely miss this place!  It's not as accessible as Hong Kong and there's not a lot of restaurants compared to the Philippines.  It's still a great cultural experience.  Seeing Macau the 2nd time around is as exciting as the first!

I'll be going back to Manila soon!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Thanks for reading!


  1. hey your trip looks a lot of fun! it's nice that your bro showed up for a surprise for mom. i haven't been home for more than 3 years and you are making me homesick!

    have a safe journey back home!

  2. Greetings way back here in the Philippines! :) Wow, it's nice to know you're seizing the day in Macau atm, and I'd love to have your Mcdonald's grilled burger. :p

  3. great vacay with your mom and bro! did you go to wynn hotel and watch the tree of prosperity pop up? hehe :) i like macau, it has an old world vibe to it despite all the hotels/casinos in there :)

  4. Hello Nikki! Glad to see you're enjoying with Mommy Askmewhats :) Mwah mwah!

  5. Wow!! Sounds like a wonderful trip with lots of beautiful sights and yummy food!! :D I wanna go there someday!! :D

    The view from the bungee jump place is amazing!! :D

  6. wow!! glad u had fun Nikki! what a beautiful place!!

  7. thanks for all the pictures, Nikki! I'm glad you're having a swell time :D any hauls? hehe

  8. Great vacay with the family, inggit! =D Be home soon, before we miss you so bad, Nikki! =D *Muah*

  9. wowwww.... :) thanks for the very informative post ms. nikki.. :) when im already earning my own money, i'll bring mommy to places like that too.. :)

  10. so nice!! i am sure ur mom is so so excited to see ur bro and traveling with her children :)

  11. now you make me wanna go to macau! ;)

  12. woooahhh! that mermaid looks so real! cool!

  13. WOW, HOW FUN! I like at the food photos.

    by the way, thanks for the sweet comment Nikki.

  14. Oh I remembered those dried pork! It was yum! =)

    Did you see the bridge going to Venetian? I was very beautiful especially at night.

    Found your blog when I was looking for nail polishes. ;)

  15. thanks for the pictures Nikki! =) I wanna visit Macau soon..

  16. looks like you had a blast in macau! i've never been there but it looks like a wonderful place to visit. i already took a mental note of the must-sees from your blog. hehe.

  17. This is a very nice vacation post! You make me want to grab my suitcase and jet! Lol.
    Glad to know you're having fun :D

  18. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip with your family! Thanks for sharing the pix, the place looks beautiful!

  19. I like how Macau has a more relaxed feel to it compared to fast-paced Hongkong. My last visit was about 10 yrs ago, haha. The pics look great.

  20. OMG, at first I thought that mermaid was real. HA! I'm such a kid. What a great post. I felt like I was there with you. Yay for family time!

  21. I wanna play in that playground too..i love love love those kiddy swings..!!! and i almost always win in those grab the toys game..!!

    Maybe i'll go to Macau and Honkong this july.. fingers crossed..!!!

    aaaw not much of restaurants.. would have been very difficult for my foodie baby...lol!!!!

  22. wow, even if you're on vacation you still update your blog =) I want to have a vacation too,inggit ako! hahaha....Have a safe trip dear =)

  23. Seems like you had a lot of fun in Macau, Nikki. Good thing you still update us. :P

    The church looks fantastic.

  24. wow looks like a fun place to visit! =) enjoy and take care!!

  25. Jojoba, yes, it was a great surprise and mom was really ecstatic! Fun times! :) Sorry for making you homesick dear!

    Roanne, hahah the grilled burger tastes great! They should carry it down here! Healthier pa!

    Jessying, thanks

  26. Coffretgorge, I didn't go to Wynn hotel! Too bad, just took a look quickly, just so many hotels nearby! Its overwhelming!

    Jenn, yes, do plan a trip there! 2-3 days are enough, the place is small for a nice walk!

    Tara, thanks sis!

  27. Nehs, thanks!

    Connie, not much hauls, I concentrated on making my mom happy, its her special treat anyways...for upcoming Mother's Day!

    Dang, thanks sweetie, I am back!!! When will I see you again sweet girl?

  28. Karla Michelle, yes, when you start earning your own money, save up and treat yourself a nice holiday! That's what I told myself when I was younger and I'm fulfilling my dreams

    Xin, I wish it helps her recovery! Well it did a bit especially at the Macau tower, she forgot all about her problems! hehehe

    Lanie, who knows? Someday!

  29. Becky, thanks!

    Anastacia, I know! Sexy mermaid! Computer generated or not! Its just wonderfully amazing!

    Kat, oh man! those dried beef and pork are just crazy delicious!

  30. Khymm, plan for a trip! Its not that expensive to stay in Macaua, go for the non-peak season!

    ADiego, it is a must see place for sure, not much of a shopping place but a sightseeing place!

    Fifi, ahahaha I'm glad my post made you want to travel!

  31. Gio, no worries, always my pleasure sweet Gio!

    Ida, its really a slow place, best if you travel with your parents, nobody's in a hurry and people are really respectful to the elders! :) No pushing!

    B, I'm glad you felt like you were there with us! Love to travel with you B!

  32. Priyanka, I've played a lot in Macau, i don't care! hahahha We can always be a kid at heart! July??? Macau's too hot by then, try October!

    CoLine, of course! hahha thanks to Hotel Royal for the FREE and FAST WIFI!

    Pammy, :) My pleasure to update you guys!

    Maui thank you! I'm back! Back to reality!!!!

  33. Venetian Macau is a dream! I felt like a fairytale story book opened right before my eyes. Extremely beautiful, especially at night. I wish I could fly there just to get married!

  34. Makeupbaby, do consider this place if there are some seat sales!

    Jyoan, so true! its super beautiful! I went there sunset til late at night! I am just amazed

  35. Macau is one of the places I'd love to visit one day :) xxx Sis, samahan mo ko ha? xxx

  36. I'd LOVE to go to Macau! I'm so glad you went!

  37. Gracie, of course! I'll be your guide anytime!

    JC, thanks dear

  38. Hi!
    your pics are just lovely!
    can't wait to go back and see some of the things in your blog.
    More power!


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