Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Wonder: "What's Your Favorite Male Scent at the Moment?"

(Note from Author: This is a scheduled post)

I am proud of my nose's capability to smell the good and the bad! I call myself a "sniffer" *hahaha*.   I can easily associate a scent with certain events, a person, a particular circumstances, etc...

Being a so-called sniffer, I am very particular with scents and  I pray I smell "the good" at all times!  Scents can contribute to my emotions. Scents I like make me feel happy, perky and giddy.  Scents I don't like make me feel nauseous thus irritated!  You can totally see that by the way I review  my products.

Recently, I have a favorite scent my man wears!  I can't shut my mouth! I have to spill the beans!

Shiseido Zen for Men

The power of spicy woods layered with exotic fruits and masculine musk for an uncompromised sensuality and modern sophistication.
Shiseido has specially created the Zen fragrance with stress-relieving aromachological ingredients, to liberate modern individuals from their worries and awaken them to the joy of infinite possibility.

The packaging is another thing, I like the silver and light blue color combination.   Base on what I read from Shiseido's website, these are the colors of Life, Energy, Reality and  Imagination.  No wonder they name this ZEN, visually relaxing!

I Wonder:
"What's Your Favorite Male Scent at the Moment?"

Click comment and be proud of your man's scent!
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  1. Cool Water! This is my ex's cologne LOL

  2. I like smells with a little bit cigaters scent to it

  3. my hubby has several perfumes like Polo Sports, Ralph Lauren etc.. but my favorite scent is ASPEN. Its not that expensive but I really love the smell.. I have a sensitive nose too coz of sinusitis, cant tolerate "matapang" scents, i easily get migraine LOL

  4. I'm loving Davidoff Game.. Gosh it's so nice I want one just to sniff. Hahaha, but it's discontinued ='(

  5. i am into mens perfume,aside from clinique happy i love Curve by liz claiborne.

  6. hmm till now i have not sniffed any nice men's fragrance. somehow i think men should wear women's fragrances!

  7. loving issey miyake. love at first sniff :)

  8. Im the same way too! haha A sniffer haha. I love love that cologne/perfume from abercrombie I cant remember what its called but I can easily tell which one it is once i get a whiff out of it. Just the other day I was doing makeup and someone kept passing by with that scent couldnt help but get distracted hahaha

  9. Davidoff Cool Water is always a fave...quite common, tho. I like BOSS # 6 too... Frankly i just like the "bagong ligo" smell on my guy. Kahit the smell of Irish Spring soap is ok na! hehehe

  10. I like Cartier eau de Cartier a lot! I like it so much I bought it without thinking twice.

    Clean is nice too. It's the really body foam smell. Not my cup of tea, but I must admit it's nice.

  11. Hugo Boss, the one in the water bottle is my all time favourite though.

  12. Sweet blog! Hope you had a nice Monday. :)

  13. Tsahhhh, hahah why ex's cologne, that's not good to reminisce on that! hahahha Thanks for sharing, Cool Water smells great!

    Anastacia, really? I don't like it :(

    Khymm, Aspen! I own that! That's the first ever Eau de Toilette I own!!!! You're right, its inexpensive!

  14. Dana, Davidoff Game? Oh my on discontinued items! There's one scent that I love from Julio Iglesia, (sounds old huh?) But i swear it smells so good but its discontinued too!

    Shobe, my brother loves Clinique for men!

    Xin, hahahah You are one crazy gal! My hubby wouldn't dare wear women's fragrances! You are crazy girl! hahaha

  15. Krissy, thanks for sharing, I will try to sniff it once of these days!

    Maui, hey hey fellow Sniffer! Thanks for sharing, I get distracted with scents too!

    Mikki Aragon, ooh "bagong ligo" scent is great for both guys and girls! thanks for sharing

  16. Jyoan, I haven't heard about Cartier Scent, i have to check it out! I know about Clean and their scent are on the FRESH side!

    Emilia, thanks dear

  17. haha, yes, Cartier is new on the scent market.

    I was fussy enough to walk through the entire Sephora (as I knew I more or less wanted to buy fragrance as a gift for my friend), because I rejected all the SA's recommendation, like Hugo, CK, Diesel, until she finally picked up Cartier and Clean. Have no idea why she left that to the last!

  18. Sis, have you tried the Hermes for men? I love it! xxx

  19. 4711 cologne is unisex - I really like it. It has no lasting power though.

    I quite like the "Shiseido for Men" fragrance, but it doesn't smell that good on me.


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