Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

(Note from Author: This is a scheduled post)

Missing me?  I hope so!  But I guess you're not because I am available in the cyberworld!  I'm still having fun on vacation with the people I love, I'll definitely tell you more about it when I get back and of course, more travel posts and an international food posts!

This is not a weekend food tripping, this is actually a mid-week food tripping.  I cannot let the weekend go without making you hungry right?

I was craving for pizza after all the errands I've accomplished and I rewarded myself with the food I was craving for... PIZZA!  I am quite picky when it comes to pizza!  I prefer thin cracker-crust dough, not so oily and VERY crunchy!  I went to Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria the second time around at the Sta. Mesa Branch *waves at Tara* "Can you see me?????" :P

Crema di Asparagi
Php100.00 (approx $2.17)
Creamy asparagus soup with a touch of bacon bits and real asparagus!
I  love this!  Quite filling!

Tutta Carne
Php100.00 (approx $2.17)
Beef toppings, bacon bits, ham and pepperoni

8-inch for Php165.00 (approx $3.60)
Beef toppings, bacon, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, 
and Mexican seasoning 

Both Pizzas taste good, I can't tell the difference but me and my tummy (referred to as second person) are very happy and satisfied!!!  A tip from me, if you found your crust not too crunchy, you can request them to re-heat it.  They'll happily do it for you!  Can I add that the staffs are very friendly and helpful?  I can vouch for the branch I've dined in though!  (details of the branch below).

Before I end this yummy post, you know that I love deals right?

Good news for Pizza lover who hates to pay more!!!
Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria offers 2 pizzas for the price of ONE!
2 x 8-inch pizzas for only Php199.00 (approx $4.33)
2 x 12-inch pizzas for only Php399.00 (approx $8.70)
Available everyday, all day for dine-in customers only!
Call your friends, split the bill and have fun!!!

Joey Pepperoni Pizzera
Ground floor SM MEZZA Residences Aurora Blvd 
cor Araneta Ave. & Guirayan St.
Brgy. Doña Imelda, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel no: (632) 514-5350

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I prefer thin crush too. I like it crunchy!!!I don't like too much bread.

    The pizza looks really good!

  2. OMG, the Messicana pizza looks so good! (LOL, wow I was about to type Messicana LIPSTICK.) And the asparagus soup looks delish! I love me my asparagus, one of my favorite vegetables! :D

  3. The pizza looks yummy! I like my pizza to be crunchy, not too oily and have a thin crust too. :)

  4. I love Joey Pepperoni. The pizza looks yummy. :P

  5. Becky, me too! I am craving for one thin crush pizza at this very moment! :)

    Maggie, Lol on the Messicana LIPSTICK, arent' we beauty addicts?

    Gio,same here! I guess we're all into thin crust, non oily pizza, I wonder why pizza companies make the oily ones?

    Pammy, it tastes good no?

  6. i really understand why you don't cook much. food is so lovely and cheap there! i do read all your foodie posts even though i hardly comment on them. i just want to let you know all of them are appreciated.

  7. Jojoba, nah, I do cook, we just dine out if we know we're going home late! I live quite far from work :) But you're right, food here are definitely cheaper compared to other countries! Macau food are way expensive! hehehe

  8. Mmm! I love pizza. When I was in the Philippines I ate at CPK and Pizza Hut...(I know, American pizza places)..what's your favorite place to get pizza in the Philippines?


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