Saturday, May 1, 2010

AMW Reports: Fab, Fresh & Fun: A Summer Picnic

Do I need a break from Stress?  Of course!  Who doesn't?
And if relaxing means pampering myself with facials, makeovers and hair treatments with Maybelline, Garnier, Matrix  at The Grove by Rockwell, Count me In!

We can start our pampering journey by having a facial done by Garnier.  I gave this a skip because I am so excited for my hair treatment! 

Hair pampering using Matrix products.  I love it when Matrix Intensive Conditioner was massaged gently and left for a couple of minutes.  Washed, blow dried and finished up with a Matrix Serum which left my hair soft and bouncy!

Thanks Shobe for this shot!  If I may add, I am holding a vanilla ice cream by Nestle Heaven.  I had 2 cups of these (shhhh). 

After the blow dry and ice cream, I took off to the Maybelline counter and got my own "lei" and wait for my turn on makeover.

Took a shot of Shen obviously enjoying her makeover and looking fabulous!

And it's my turn to have my makeover. Guess who did my makeup?  Same Maybelline Make-up artist whom I met last year from the same event done by Maybelline, Garnier and Matrix called Mission Accomplished: Be Stunning for a Steal Jim Ryan Ros!  It was great seeing him once again and I am very proud of his success!   He wanted to do a darker look on me but I told him I'm going nowhere right after.  So he opted for a more natural look instead using pink and purple.

An additional product was used on my face and I'm liking it!  Maybelline's BB Cream applied with Maybelline's Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation in Buff Beige.  I already love the effect it gives.  Clean and natural.

Here's a  shot of me and Jim after my makeover.  Thanks dear!
Great to see you again!

There's also a nail art booth by Nail Spa.  I skipped this step because I've recently done nail art myself  and I worked hard for it.  I can see a  lot of girls and even guys enjoying the nail spa experience!

The event serves good food by The Plaza, which I haven't taken a shot of it because I was busy eating.  Fruit Shakes by Big Chill and Shooters by Swizzle Bar (photo below)

Let me start by saying, I've met wonderful people in this event.

Trisha Chua from Maybelline and I told her I have a crush on her dress!
I also met Michelle Fernandez from Maybelline too, but wasn't able to take a shot!  
She's wearing gorgeous dress too!

Roanne from All The Vanity Blog.  It was great seeing her after, hmm..a year or more?  We had a bit of time to chitchat but she has to leave early, or maybe I came in late? :D

Camille from Your Little Beauty Bag and her husband.  It was great seeing her in person for the first time.

And of course, my partner in crime, Beauty Crime!  Shen!

I left The Grove around evening and  see how gorgeous the event area is!  Can't help but take a shot!

Thanks Maybelline, Garnier and Matrix for this event and for the pampering experience.  I walked out energize and smiling!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy
According to your reporter for the day...


  1. heehee,both of you looks so fab and ready for any event,glowing and fresh yung makeover..and ang haring araw super eksena sa shot.=D

  2. Another amazing day!
    Jim looks kindda hot :P

  3. nice pictures!you girls look so pretty and fresh. and I like how the make up artist did your eyes, you look different but still natural there :) i'd love abit more color on the lips though :D :D

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. You girls look gorgeous!

  5. You look amazing! Looks like it was super fun.

  6. Shobe, thank you dear! Too bad you aren't around when we're done with the makeover, nevertheless it was nice seeing you!

    Anastacia, I know, lol I will let Jim know you think he looks HOT :)

    Hana, yes, I do look different, the color looks gorgeous actually in person but after the eating, I guess its gone!

    Gio, thanks!

    Michelle , its super fun and relaxing!!!!

  7. looks like a lot of fun. again, i just turned down another bloggers' even here in sydney as i can't trust any babysitter looking after my son. seriously, it's been my biggest problem - babysitter with my son alone. i can't imagine that. so no, still no bloggers' event for me. i shall remai a lonely blogger for ever and ever.

    ps: i am scared of Garnier stuff...

  8. wow nagkita kayo ni Camille aka Shobe?! =) i love your makeup, its girly and very natural.. cant wait for your BB cream review. btw, what a coincidence I bought the Clear smooth minerals foundation the other day LOL but I got the shell beige shade instead of buff beige hehe

  9. Ha-ha, I look so makeup-free here! Hope to see you really soon, Nikki! Perhaps, I can stay longer when that time comes. :)

  10. Jojoba, I know how hard it is to attend events if you have kids, I may be that way once I have kids :)

    Khymm, yup, nagkita na kami!!! When will I see you kaya Cebuana? :D :D :D

    Roanne, you still look great! We'll chat more on next events!

  11. You are so lucky to go to all these events! Thanks for always sharing...I love to read about your adventures!


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