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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Unboxing: BDJ Box Luscious Locks (August 2014)

I love taking care of my hair!  I really do, that's why when I received BDJ Box for the Month of August called Luscious Locks, I got so excited and immediately unboxed it in an instant!  While carrying Kyle mind you!  :) 

Check out how I feel about the products I received.

I don't know why a lipstick and Shiseido is part of this box but after getting over the excitement of "hair related products", I understand how beautiful hair always goes hand in hand with a beautiful and confident face!  Do you agree?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Unboxing: January/February BDJ Box

I got my January/February BDJ box last week and to be honest, I am SO excited to try most of the items included in the box but I have to hold off myself as I've been too busy with a lot of things!  The AMW family moving out is happening this February so can you just imagine how crazy our schedule is?

Aside from the super full box, they also included a box of Garnier Color Naturals Cream Nourishing Permanent Hair Colour in Darkest Brown (Php199.00/approx $4.60) and I will hand this over to my mom as I just had highlights done for my hair (thanks Matrix Philippines!)

Now what's inside the BDJBox?

Monday, June 24, 2013

This is How I Do It: My College Kinda Look

Happy Monday AMW friends!  How's your weekend? 
Today, I will be doing a very simple, quick look inspired by our dear college readers!  I have once received an email from a college student requesting me to create a makeup look for college students.

To be honest, I'd like to put up a photo of me without any makeup at all but face powder and lip balm as those are the only 2 products I used when I was in college.  But of course, life today is different, college students know how to prettify themselves (unlike me! *lol).  As you all know, I'm pro-natural beauty or to make it longer...I'm PRO "Let your Natural Beauty Shines Through!".

Please include face sunblock in your daily routine!  My skin darkened at least 2-3 shades when I was in college as we need to walk around the campus under harsh rays of the sun and you know how it is to be "cool" not to use an umbrella!  *laughs*  

 One Face Sunblock you can try that's not too pricey yet works for sensitive face ---- 
Beach Hut Face Ultra-Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sunblock in SPF 65

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unboxing My First Ever BDJ Box

My first BDJ box is dedicated to YOU who loves to travel!  This box was handpicked for this Holiday season!  The products that we would love to take with us during travel.  

Personally, I have my own "stash of samples" for travel and I can't stress how it made my travel life comfortable!  That's the huge reason why I won the "smallest kikay kit" contest during our Tagaytay trip with fellow blogger friends (a.k.a. Team UBE).  So please, don't throw away those samples!  Even Mr. AMW is starting to enjoy these tiny samples as we definitely have more luggage space for SHOPPING! :D

Let's get back to my BDJ box! :)

The size of the box is a tad bit bigger than my hand, so the size is just right!  Not too big nor small and as soon as I opened up the box....


It felt like Christmas as the box was packed with full size and sample sizes from skincare, to proper hygiene, fragrance and a lot more!


An overview of BDJ's November Box

I know the overall photo could get a bit overwhelming so I've pictured the products separately sharing my thoughts on each!

2 sample tubes of Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam 
1 x Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist24 Day Cream
Full Size 150ml of Cleansing Foam costs Php1,850.00 (approx $46.25)
For any samples of Shiseido skincare puts me back to my Hong Kong shopping days!  These tiny samples can last you 3-5 days and with the brand, you can definitely see results that's why these were selling hotcakes in Sasa and Bonjour shops in Hong Kong! 


2 sample bars of L'Occitane Extra Gentle Milk Soap  
Full Size 250g costs Php595.00 (approx $14.85)
I have never tried L'Occitane soaps so I'm quite excited with these 2 sample bars!  These are similar size to the hand soaps we get on hotels so a sample bar can last me at least a week!

Full Size 50ml Physiogel Hypo-allergenic Intensive Cream
Full Size costs Php517.00 (approx $12.92)
 Hubby grabbed this from me in an instant as he's been a loyal user of Physiogel.  He may have tried a lot of other brands but he goes back to Physiogel once in awhile as this brand works for his skin!  He put this inside his bag and told me he'll take this with him at work!  (great job Nikki!  I'm a good influence!)


1 Full Size Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream
2 samples of  Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream
Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream 50ml 
costs Php229.00 (approx $5.73)
Both the full size and sample sizes are sold in major supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.  Both products can last you long to be able to know if the product works for you or not!


Full Size Yuka Non-Acetone Wipes, 35sheets
Php68.00 (approx $1.70)
 I haven't heard or seen the brand before so it's nice to try something new for a change!  I've always been intrigued with non-acetone based nail polish remover!  The best part about this cute product is the non-drying factor plus no extra cotton is needed!  No mess, no spills!  Perfect for travel!  

 I will definitely post a review once I'm done trying this out!

2 pcs Nippon Cleansing Sponge
10-piece pack costs Php325.00 (approx $8.13)
I have used a lot of the Nippon Cleansing Sponges and I'm very happy with the quality.  I use these to wash my body, same sponge to deep clean my brushes and last but not the least, you can use this sponge for your face!

Sample tube of Dentiste Plus White Vitamin C and Xylitol
Full size costs Php395.00 (approx $9.88)
 This brand of toothpaste prides on having 14 kinds of premium natural extracts and works best in inhibiting bacteria growth!  One tiny tube can last you 2 days of morning and evening tooth-brushing!

At least, you get to test out the taste of the toothbrush before purchasing a full size!

1 sample size of Calvin Klein beauty Perfume
Full size bottle 100ml costs Php5,498.00 (approx $137.45)
 I find these tiny spritz sample scents are so handy especially during travel!  I used to just lug 1 scent for a week's travel and with these tiny samples?  I can use 7 different scents for 7 days without having problems at the airport!  (okay, that's a bit too much but you get the drift!)

1 x sample tube of L'Oreal Men Expert 
Hydra Energetic Multi Action 8 Cleanser
 Another tiny tube of skincare that Mr. AMW can take with him during travel.  This will last up to 2-3 days depending on how much you use or how big your man's face is!  :) 

Aside from all the full sized and sample sizes of products stated above, the BDJ box is filled with loads of coupons!  One coupon that made this box worth it is ----

Strip Upperlip Wax for Free

Since we're on the topic of Shiseido, there are 3 coupons for our Shiseido loyalists to use!
  • 15% discount for purchases at least Php5,000 (regular items)
  • Free quick facial for a minimum of Php2,000 purchase (regular items)
  • Free product sample for any regular item purchase.
Too bad though as all these Shiseido coupons ends December 31, 2012.  I just don't have enough time to go out nowadays!

Aside from Shiseido coupons, there are also coupons for our tresses!  Azta Salon Gift Card that expires on March 31, 2013.  Inside details as follows ---
  • Php1,000 off the price for INOA hair color services.  (I wish I could use this after I give birth on April!  This is my favorite hair color service!)
  • Php2,000 off the price for L'Oreal X-tenso Moisturist Digital Perm and Rebonding Services. (Another great deal!  I've tried L"Oreal X-tenso service in the past and so far, my hair is still doing ok!)

Last but not the least, an extra coupon from L'Occitane!  Thank goodness this coupon expires January 31, 2013!
  • 10% off for a minimum purchase of Php1,000. 

How do you like my December BDJ Box?  Have you subscribed from them?  Are you happy with your box?
So far, I am quite impressed with the number of products included in the box as there were indeed a lot of them for me and my loved ones to try!  Some of the samples I guess are just too small for me to gauge if the products work for me or not but the bigger sized and full sized samples made up for it! 

Monthly subscription costs Php480.00 (approx $12.00).
Log on to to register.
Connect with your BDJ Community through Facebook and Twitter (@BDJBox).

Please LIKE AskMeWhats on Facebook 
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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Box received for PR purposes.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please subscribe at your own discretion.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

AMW Reviews: Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-on

If you think the reason why I don't test or write much about "pimple zapping" products because I have perfect skin, you're wrong!  

The reason why I don't test or use these types of products much is because my skin is very sensitive to Salicylic Acid and I'm allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide.  Both are pimple zapping ingredients that are super effective in drying out pimples!

That's why I settle for the natural Tea Tree Oils, I've been a loyal user of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and have been constantly repurchasing especially if they're on sale

So what's Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-on doing here on my page?  Well, my dearest bestfriend Mr. AMW suffers from acne the moment he was in his mid-twenties, a late-bloomer I should say!  We're both been constantly finding for products that would help lessen his spots and pimples that has been constantly there for years!  He's been a number 1 user of Benzoyl Peroxide made by the company Galderma but once in a while, he uses other pimple fighting products to "confuse" his acne!  *laughs*  We like to put it that way! :)

So a huge thanks to Mr. AMW for trying out the newest Garnier product and I'm happy to write about this because this product is inexpensive so anyone who suffers from acne may give this a try.  I can't promise you it will work for all of you but it's worth the try because you don't have to shell out that much.

Garnier says ---
Dries out imperfections.  Visibly fades marks.
Concentrated in Purifying Salicylic acid, its fresh  non greasy formula quickly dries out imperfections instantly.  Anti-marks fading action as it is enriched with HerbaRepair known for its regenerating and repairing properties, it helps to improve skin, minimize redness and fade out marks.
Dermatologically tested on Asian acne-prone skin.

Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Niacinamde, Salicylic Acid, Acrylates/C10-30, Alkylacrylate Crosspolymer, Camphor, Capryloyl, Menthol, Sodium Hydroxide, Vaccinium Myrtillus Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract, Zinc Gluconate, Parfum.
Size: 15ml

Mr AMW says ---
  • Nice packaging, easy to use without mess.
  • Has a nice cooling sensation upon application but doesn't sting.
  • Scent is quite good and relaxing.
  • Really effective in shrinking "new born" pimples.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Handy, can bring this everywhere you go.
  • May not work for everybody.  
  • Won't be as effective on huge pimples.
Mr. AMW isn't loyal with products that he doesn't see results in at least 2 weeks of usage, it has been more than a 2 months and I still see him applying this directly on his marks at night  before he goes to sleep.  He admittedly told me this product is effective!

  •  Apply directly onto and around the imperfections as soon as it starts to appear.  
  • This is meant for continuous application so re-apply at least 3 x a day.
  • Never apply near the eye area.
  • Clean the metal ball every now and then. 
  • Unsure if you're allergic to one of the ingredients?  Do a 12hour patch test on a spot that's not too visible to people around you.
  • Never share the same cooling-roll on with others.
  • Once you massage this Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-on directly on spots, try not to press too hard!  Always be gentle with your skin.
  • If you have severe case of acne, please have it checked with a dermatologist.
Will he repurchase?He won't, I will! *laughs*  (He's too lazy to buy beauty-related products! lol)

To whom do we recommend this to?

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading department stores and drugstores for Php199.00 (approx $4.60).

Product photo and usage

Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfections cooling roll-on is housed the same packaging of Garnier BB Eye Roll-On and Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On.  If you own at least 2 of the products mentioned, be very careful if you reach out for these products and check before you apply!  It would sting if you apply the Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-On on your undereye area.

Mr. AMW's spots that has dried out after constant usage.  
We're hoping it would continuously remove red marks/spots.
Thanks Mr. AMW for trying out this product for me!  We're still on a journey of picking the best product for his skin and hopefully, he'll get back his super nice, clear skin that he originally have! 

Before I end this post, I want to share that Mr. AMW has one of the best looking skin during our grade school and high school years, everyone have been complimenting on how great his skin was and I myself can't help but stare at his skin each time he talks to me.  I have to admit, it's also one of the many reasons why I find him physically attractive (aside from his smile, his eyes, etc..).  When we graduated in College, that's the time he started to get all these spots and marks that literally covered his whole face (no joke) and it pains me even more to see it on someone you love.  I'm proud to share that Mr. AMW did his part, he went to certified dermatologists (lots of them) and tried on different treatments, in the process, he didn't let his pimple marks dampen his confidence and it never bothered me that his face was covered with marks as his great personality shines through, I see none of the marks but a wonderful, handome-looking man who has always been there for me during my ups and downs!  Again, we're still struggling to find ways for his acne to clear up but it isn't the center of our issues, life is too short to worry on marks but we just have to accept it, find ways to heal it and move on.

I am sharing this story to you, because I'm sure some of you are going through tough times fighting acne and skin related problems (I'm basing this statement on some of the emails I get from you.).  I have gone through bad skin condition too during my high school days (and that's another long story I may bore you!)  *laughs*  At the end of the day, no matter how many zits or pimple marks you have on your skin, you will still radiate a "beautiful being" for being a good person, always remember to love yourself first then others will learn to love you back! 

Are you currently suffering from acne?  How do you cope with it?
What are the products you use that works?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy

Thursday, April 12, 2012

AMW Reviews: Garnier BB Eye Roll-On

Good morning everyone!
Let's take a short break from my Japan Report for now, I know some of you would like to see some product reviews and I guess today is the perfect day because I came back from Japan with a tiny bit darker undereye circles because I've been sleeping really late for the past week and thank goodness for the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on as I try to use less makeup as possible as my skin tends to get super dry on cooler weather!  

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On says ---
(Copied straight from the box)
New Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on is the first BB eye roll-on that gives you an amazing fresh look with a single gesture, and offers you a total solution for a fresh look in a flash.  Enriched with brightening pure lemon essence and caffeine, well-known for its stimulating properties, its non-creasing formula covers the eye contour skin with mineral pigments for a nude coverage and long lasting-wear.  From the first minute, witness the eye contour area looks:
  • fairer
  • more radiant
  • more even-toned
  • with less dark circles
  • with less dark spots
  • fresher
  • smoother
  • less tired
  • more hydrated
  • tighten
The easy spread formula is oil free and fragrance free, it has been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically, is even suitable for sensitive skin.

Size: 15ml

AMW says ---

  • Roll-on packaging making it easy to apply.
  • Manufactured date printed at the bottom of the box.
  • Gives a relaxing cooling effect because of its metal ball tip.
  • Skin around the eyes do look refreshed immediately after application.
  • Does lighten the dark areas like under eye circles, dark inner corners of the eyes and brow bones.
  • Looks very natural no matter how many times you apply.
  • Product spreads easily.
  • Build-able coverage.
  • Inexpensive.
  • People who have very sensitive eyes and are allergic to caffeine may still be allergic to the said product.  (Always check signs of irritations.)
  • MAY settle into lines if you do not moisturize the skin around the eyes properly.
Garnier BB Eye Roll-on is made to brighten up the dark area under the eye so do not expect heavy duty concealing.  The product is packaged in a handy roll-on which makes it easier to apply in the middle of the day (anytime, anywhere) for a refreshed look!

  • Gently roll the BB Eye Roll On under the eye area starting from inner corner of the eyes and blend with your clean fingers, a sponge or brush with patting motion.
  •  If you are afraid the product may settle into your lines around the eye area, moisturize the skin around the eyes with a moisturizing eye cream prior to product application.
  • If you suffer from dark under eye circles, feel free to conceal your under eye area with your choice of corrector or concealers then top with the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on for the final "natural, fresh" look.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
If you are into brightening areas around your eyes, this is the best product for you!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at your nearest supermarket or department stores for Php229.00 (approx $5.30)

 Garnier BB Eye Roll-on 
Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on
Looks very natural and blends into the skin.
This works for almost all skin tone!

I like the "massaging" effect and always apply close 
to the inner corner of the eyes going upwards

Pat with a clean fingers and re-apply if needed

Left eye (facing you) has Garnier BB Eye Roll On while the right eye has none!
You can still see some of the darkness but the left eye (facing you) obviously came out a bit brighter and more awake!

Have you tried Garnier's BB Eye Roll-On?
How much do you like/dislike it?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

AMW Reports: Studio SnR's First I Love Beauty Workshop

Happy Monday AMW readers!  A lot of the local readers are probably off to their  hometown or are taking a week off from work for the Holy Week celebration!  :)  Take care okay?

Over the weekend, the first ever I Love Beauty Workshop happened at the Studio SnR!  First of all, I am very happy to be part of this event, as you all know, AskMeWhats started because I LOVE Beauty!  I am a firm believer of beauty in everybody!  It doesn't have to be what's on the outside but always have to consider what's on the inside! 

March 31, doesn't hurt to learn how to prettify ourselves on the outside! :)

As I got in the studio, the familiar "warm, fuzzy" feel greeted me at the reception area!  I huge poster from our friends of Garnier and Serenitea were there.

I was greeted by Sydney Go of Studio SnR, I wore a light green top to support our Garnier friends while Sydney looks so good on her Red and Blue floral dress that reminded me so much of Garnier's Pure Active! 

I looked around and can't help but praise the studio for job well done on the area set up!  I spied on 3 tables to welcome the attendees.

On each seat, you get to see a round mirror, makeup brush set, face chart with pencil for the attendees to note down the right products meant for their skin!

 And because this workshop is I Love Beauty with Maybelline, Garnier and AskMeWhats, you will see a good amount of Maybelline and Garnier testers!  I went to the studio early and I'm glad I did because I was able to look around and check out the new wonderful products that Maybelline and Garnier offer! 

I nearly died as 98% of the testers were new and sealed!

 As a food lover, I went ahead with my thick-face and checked out the snacks area!  I've always have great experiences snacking at the Studio SnR!  The last time I attended Studio SnR x Bobbi Brown Mastering the Basics, I have tried the best fish sticks and nachos and I'm so happy to be reunited with the gorgeous snacks!  I promise you, I tried so hard not to eat prior the workshop!  *whispers* I did AFTER! :P

Egg sandwich, cookies, fish sticks, nachos and a lot more!

Let's not forget Serenitea!

To keep the workshop rolling, we started off by color-swatching the participants who arrived!   

Archie Tolentino, Maybelline Philippine's Chief Makeup Artist and myself went around the area to help pick the right foundation shade for everyone!  It was also the best time for me to meet new girl-friends who love beauty as much as I do!

Sydney started the program by welcoming the participants to the studio introduced them to the companies who made this workshop possible --- Garnier and Maybelline at the same time, introduced me as their special guest :).  She also explained that each of the lucky participants have their own Studio SnR box which includes a lot of tools needed during the workshop!

Cotton pads, cotton buds (one with rounded tip and the other was sharp tip), sponges, Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipe, Head band to prevent hair from getting into the face during makeup application and discount coupons from Serenitea!

I started off the presentation, on behalf of Garnier Philippines, to talk about the importance of skincare routine!  I also shared some tips on how to take care of our skin!  

It was a joy for me to see the participants open up their Studio SnR box and pull out the makeup sponge and grab Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub and start removing their existing makeup!  They even went ahead and toned with Garnier Milky Lightening Dew.  

I was so happy as I didn't expect them to be "this game" to strip off everything and really get into this makeover! :)

Archie turned the room upside down (in a very good way) when he told everyone how having a good makeup will always start with a good set of brows!  Each of the students were given the chance to check their face shape and advised on good eyebrow shapes for them to work on!

 Archie chose a model and groomed the left side of her brows and everyone in the room can see an instant change just by shaving off excess hair!

 Students getting busy on grooming and redefining their own brows!

Of course, both Archie and I were there to guide the students!

Next came concealing, most of the students can apply the right shade of foundation as we continue with the right way on concealing dark, undereye circles!  It helps to use "orange" based concealer to counteract the bluish tint of under eye circles!

For each step, each of the participants were given the time to do their own faces as we roam around and help those who have questions!  

Archie continued by sharing how he will teach everyone to replicate the poster on local Maybelline counters but will do some tweaks and make it more "manageable" for regular people!  

Participants stood up to get their choice of eyeshadow palettes and chose a light sweep of color applied all over the lids and proceeded to pencil lining their waterline, tigh-tlining and of course, some went ahead to apply gel liner or liquid liner on the upper lash line.

Everyone was lucky enough to try the bestselling Maybelline The Falsies mascara which gets sold out on a lot of Maybelline counters!

See how everyone is so into the makeover?  The best part was how a lot were quite adventurous in choosing their blush and lip color!  It all spells... F-U-N!

 As soon as the workshop was over, everyone was given loot bags from Maybelline and Garnier!

These girls walk out pretty and they also get to use the new products they received!

Another successful event as organized by Studio SnR!  A photo of myself, Archie and Sydney!

Here are some of the collage of some photos taken with participants!  It was great meeting everyone!!!

P.S. I am wearing Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival!

And of course, I should get to have a photo taken with 2 lucky winners from my past Studio SnR Gives contest!  Thanks for being a sweetheart Angeli and Gidjette!

Oh, before I forget, aside from the cool Studio SnR box, each of the participants get to take home these...

Please LIKE Maybelline Philippines and Garnier Philippines on Facebook as you get to know more about their new products coming out!

Do not forget to LIKE Studio SnR Workshops to get to know more about other lifestyle workshops they offer!

And please keep on reading AskMeWhats to learn more about Beauty!  Oh, feel free to LIKE AskMeWhats on Facebook! Yes!  I finally created one but there's nothing in there yet and I actually put it up just for the sake of readers' query! Again, nothing too professional, I'm seriously not used to having a separate page!  :P

I   At the same time, I promise to try my best to update you on contests, workshops, new product launches, reviews and a whole lot more!  

Speaking about contests, kindly check back within the day as I have a new giveaway!!! :D

Thanks for all your support guys! :)
I love you all!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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