Monday, June 24, 2013

This is How I Do It: My College Kinda Look

Happy Monday AMW friends!  How's your weekend? 
Today, I will be doing a very simple, quick look inspired by our dear college readers!  I have once received an email from a college student requesting me to create a makeup look for college students.

To be honest, I'd like to put up a photo of me without any makeup at all but face powder and lip balm as those are the only 2 products I used when I was in college.  But of course, life today is different, college students know how to prettify themselves (unlike me! *lol).  As you all know, I'm pro-natural beauty or to make it longer...I'm PRO "Let your Natural Beauty Shines Through!".

Please include face sunblock in your daily routine!  My skin darkened at least 2-3 shades when I was in college as we need to walk around the campus under harsh rays of the sun and you know how it is to be "cool" not to use an umbrella!  *laughs*  

 One Face Sunblock you can try that's not too pricey yet works for sensitive face ---- 
Beach Hut Face Ultra-Sensitive Hypoallergenic Sunblock in SPF 65

Then, use your choice of face powder or powder foundation, I prefer face powder then just to remove shine (yes, my face was combination normal and oily back then!)

Back then, I love to use Pond's Face Powder but that version isn't available anymore so you can give their new Pond's Perfect Matte Pressed Powder a try (review HERE).

Or you can give Garnier Skin Naturals Visible Whitening Face Powder a try.  Both products mentioned gives light coverage, lightweight feel with an acceptable amount of oil control!  The best part?  Both are priced easy-to-reach for college students!

The best secret for a very natural yet blooming look?  A nice blush!  I used to tote my favorite Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush .  Now that I'm not in college but "feeling like a college student", I have a new favorite for a very "demure" blushing!  This was gifted to me by my dear Blogger-friend from Malaysia (thanks!  You know who you are!)

Kanebo Blush in PK-2, this shade is a nice dusty rose pink shade, once applied on skin, it looks very natural for a pink blush (as most pink blushes look unnatural on me).

Mind you, the free tiny brush is made with natural animal hair that feels very soft on skin even after wash!

Like I said, I do not use any lipstick at all during my college years, I'm at most, a tinted lip balm girl!  But for the college girls of the millenium, let's apply a pop of color for those days you lack sleep!  I picked a very cute lip color from Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK004.  This shade is a bit bright for some but I personally think this is the best pink lip color for young ladies out there!

You may feel free to fix your brows, apply eyeliner and mascara!  As for me, less is more for college days!  I squint so much or rub my eyes so much in class (thanks to boring professors) so I prefer to apply nothing on my eye area and it was a great decision as I was told by an ophthalmologist friend  how a lot of his patients suffer from eye allergies as they don't remove their eye makeup properly!  I can imagine how most college students are slaving the nights studying, forgetting to remove their makeup with a gentle makeup remover!  

My very simple College Look

Dear readers out there, tell me, if you are going back to college and are allowed to use only 3 makeup products, what are you going to use?
You know my answer, it's a face powder, blush and lipstick/lipstain/tinted lipbalm.

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  1. HI! This is such a great post! Very informative specially for college students like us. I usually use just 3 products on my face: pressed powder/baby powder, tinted lipbalm and eyeliner. Although now that I read this, I agree that eyeliners make my eyes really itchy and it also makes me look like a panda! I would've loved to use a blush if I only knew how to apply it, most of the time I just end up looking like a clown. :\

    1. Yay! nice to hear from you! Using a blush is easy..try to purchase the powder form (ex.Nichido or Ever Bilena or Maybelline) they don't last the whole day but they're easy to work around!

  2. Mine's Pond's or Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream (it's not considered makeup but I use it like a primer haha), Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine-Free Pressed Powder in Honey, and The Body Shop Strawberry lip gloss :-)

    1. Ahh I love Pond's Cream! I use that too as a skincare regimen the whole college days until I started my first job!
      Thanks for sharing your top 3! The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Gloss sounds promising!

  3. Mine's Pond's or Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream (not really considered makeup but I use it like a primer haha), Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Pressed Powder in Honey, and The Body Shop Lip Balm in Strawberry. Sometimes I try other brands but I keep coming back to these beauty staples. :-)

  4. I'm also a college student here! And yes! we exist! xDD ^_^ Hihi Though you're a make up artist, I always read your blog as i can get a lot of tips and tricks about make up plus some food trippings ^_^ I always have a tinted lipbalm from maybelline + loose final powder from nichido and the duo blush from elf :)

    1. Yay! nice to hear from you! Thanks for being a reader kahit na ang daming for professional tips here :D

      I love tinted lip balm from Maybelline too! Though I remembered losing mine in college and I got so angry !LOL

  5. looks like some great products! you're so pretty! <3 <3

  6. wow! kolehiyala! you look pretty and young :)it's the same for me! face powder, blush and lipstick! :)

    1. lol at the Kolehiyala comment, kahit nakakatawa, nagustuhan ko! hahaha Glad we're the same! i dunno why but I"m not into eye makeup back in college! parang effort nang magbasa ng sulat sa board, kaya effort kung may something sa mata :D

  7. I'm in college right now, and the products you used here are similar to what I'd use. :) In place of the powder blush, I use a lip/cheek tint (the one from HerBench is awesome and cheap). I also use the Lip Ice tinted lip balm.

    Love your blog, Miss Nikki!


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