Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mama Chow's Lactation Goodies + Surprise from Ford Philippines

Happy Sunday dear friends!  Today, I will be sharing a wonderful yummy find for moms who are nursing!  When I posted a photo of my expressed breast milk, Jayvee (another blogger) commented on trying out lactation cookies.  I nearly laughed as I thought he was just inventing it!  But of course, he wasn't joking at all as there is such thing called Lactation brownies, cheese cupcakes and cookies!

Mama Chow's Lactation Goodies 
by Ginquelrus Pastries

I agree with them!  Tastes fresh from the oven eventhough it was delivered via local courier.

Want to see what I tried?

What I tried ---
Brownie Cupcakes
Cheese Cupcakes
Oatmeal Cookies

They are of course, not spiked with malunggay (eeww, I dunno how it'll taste) but they are made with flaxseeds, fenugreek!  The ingredients are called galactagogue which helps with increasing milk supply.  The ingredients are high in Omega 3.  Can lower blood sugar and cholesterol, aside from that, their goodies are said to aid in increasing milk supply!  Of course, that will happen if moms express their milk often!

Overall, I am VERY happy with the tastes!  I thought it'll taste yucky or medicine-like but guess what?  The brownies, cheese cupcake and oatmeal cookies taste even better than other brands I've tried!  Seriously, especially the cheese cupcake, you have to trust me when I say, it is the best cheese cupcake I've tried to date!!!

To order, visit them on their Facebook Fanpage  or email them

Before I end this post, I want to thank Ford Philippines for the HUGE surprise for Baby AMW!  Check out the big box that was waiting for me when I got home a couple of weeks ago!

It's a Chicco Car Seat!  I already own one car seat but having another one that's safely locked inside the car while the other one used to take with us wherever we go just in case Baby AMW needs a quick lie down!  

 Baby AMW and his Chicco car seat!  He's obviously contented and happy!

See how he's enjoying his bed as much as he can?  Looks like he won't fit in anytime soon! :P

Thank you so much Ford Philippines for putting a smile on Baby Kyle's face!  It doesn't hurt that the car seat is in bright orange -- perfect color for the year :P

How about you? What are your new finds and what are you thankful for?

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  1. oooo interesting! I wanna try those lactation goodies. I'm crossing my fingers though, I hope I have a lot of breast milk supply like I did with my first born. I'm expected to give birth around the 2nd week of July na..hehe

    1. Wow, lapit na! Congrats in advance and I have a feeling you'll have a lot since ok naman yung first born mo na breastmilk! Stay positive lang!


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