Thursday, April 12, 2012

AMW Reviews: Garnier BB Eye Roll-On

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Let's take a short break from my Japan Report for now, I know some of you would like to see some product reviews and I guess today is the perfect day because I came back from Japan with a tiny bit darker undereye circles because I've been sleeping really late for the past week and thank goodness for the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on as I try to use less makeup as possible as my skin tends to get super dry on cooler weather!  

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On says ---
(Copied straight from the box)
New Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on is the first BB eye roll-on that gives you an amazing fresh look with a single gesture, and offers you a total solution for a fresh look in a flash.  Enriched with brightening pure lemon essence and caffeine, well-known for its stimulating properties, its non-creasing formula covers the eye contour skin with mineral pigments for a nude coverage and long lasting-wear.  From the first minute, witness the eye contour area looks:

  • fairer
  • more radiant
  • more even-toned
  • with less dark circles
  • with less dark spots
  • fresher
  • smoother
  • less tired
  • more hydrated
  • tighten
The easy spread formula is oil free and fragrance free, it has been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically, is even suitable for sensitive skin.

Size: 15ml

AMW says ---

  • Roll-on packaging making it easy to apply.
  • Manufactured date printed at the bottom of the box.
  • Gives a relaxing cooling effect because of its metal ball tip.
  • Skin around the eyes do look refreshed immediately after application.
  • Does lighten the dark areas like under eye circles, dark inner corners of the eyes and brow bones.
  • Looks very natural no matter how many times you apply.
  • Product spreads easily.
  • Build-able coverage.
  • Inexpensive.
  • People who have very sensitive eyes and are allergic to caffeine may still be allergic to the said product.  (Always check signs of irritations.)
  • MAY settle into lines if you do not moisturize the skin around the eyes properly.
Garnier BB Eye Roll-on is made to brighten up the dark area under the eye so do not expect heavy duty concealing.  The product is packaged in a handy roll-on which makes it easier to apply in the middle of the day (anytime, anywhere) for a refreshed look!

  • Gently roll the BB Eye Roll On under the eye area starting from inner corner of the eyes and blend with your clean fingers, a sponge or brush with patting motion.
  •  If you are afraid the product may settle into your lines around the eye area, moisturize the skin around the eyes with a moisturizing eye cream prior to product application.
  • If you suffer from dark under eye circles, feel free to conceal your under eye area with your choice of corrector or concealers then top with the Garnier BB Eye Roll-on for the final "natural, fresh" look.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
If you are into brightening areas around your eyes, this is the best product for you!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at your nearest supermarket or department stores for Php229.00 (approx $5.30)

 Garnier BB Eye Roll-on 
Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on
Looks very natural and blends into the skin.
This works for almost all skin tone!

I like the "massaging" effect and always apply close 
to the inner corner of the eyes going upwards

Pat with a clean fingers and re-apply if needed

Left eye (facing you) has Garnier BB Eye Roll On while the right eye has none!
You can still see some of the darkness but the left eye (facing you) obviously came out a bit brighter and more awake!

Have you tried Garnier's BB Eye Roll-On?
How much do you like/dislike it?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Love the new packaging! I have one I bought a few months ago, the packaging then was different. When did you buy yours Nikki?

    1. Just this year! Hmm..I think there's only one packaging?

    2. Now I remember it, the one I bought doesn't have BB in it. Can't wait to try this one, looks waaay more effective :)

  2. wow, this is an interesting product and very affordable too! :)

  3. i wonder why the name has to have bb on it :P

    1. hahah ewan ko din but eye catchy siya to be honest! hahahahha

  4. just exactly what I need!

    your reviews are very helpful! most of the items that I use right now, I bought them based on your reviews! again, thanks!

    looking forward to more reviews!

    1. Thank you for your very kind words! It makes me feel good to know someone trusts my reviews! :) But bear in mind na always see if it'll work for you ha? As you know, we all have different skin condition, so take care of your skin and see if you have any negative reactions to the product! Goodluck!

  5. I love this product also! :) I've also used this on pimples and it's great cause it's not irritating unlike some concealers that make pimples itch :) I bought this together with the Garnier Light eye roll on (yellow bottle) after reading Nikkis review here! :))

    1. I know some of the girls would use this on other parts of their faces, but I tend to stick to the eye area heheheh :) I'm glad it worked for you :D

  6. would want to try this one out. i've been getting hooked into garnier products... :P

  7. Thank you! Your review is very helpful:) Meron ako nito but i dont know how to put it in my eye bec napaparami lagay ko haha but thank you again:) I'm one your silent fan:)Take care always:)

    1. naku wag marami, I usually roll a thin layer lang, blend, then roll again if needed :)

      Thanks for being a reader! I appreciate it :D

  8. i like this product but there are days that it looks so dry and creases :/

    but overall, i like it :)

    1. I agree, that's why it's best to apply whatever you need to apply prior to application esp if you suffer from dry skin :D

  9. Saw this product in Hypermart and was curious about it. Thanks for the review!

    1. My pleasure, it is indeed one unique product worth trying, and I'm glad it isn't that expensive for the little amount you need on each eye :D

  10. Hello~!

    Nice review by the way... :)

    Very informative.

    Ask q lng po sana...

    How many times in a day do you have to apply it?

    I'm thinking of using this product in the near future kxe...

    Thanks a lot~!



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