Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Unboxing: BDJ Box Luscious Locks (August 2014)

I love taking care of my hair!  I really do, that's why when I received BDJ Box for the Month of August called Luscious Locks, I got so excited and immediately unboxed it in an instant!  While carrying Kyle mind you!  :) 

Check out how I feel about the products I received.

I don't know why a lipstick and Shiseido is part of this box but after getting over the excitement of "hair related products", I understand how beautiful hair always goes hand in hand with a beautiful and confident face!  Do you agree?

Garnier Color Naturals 100ml
This shade is the perfect shade for me!  I used to color my hair (pre Matrix Ambassador days) and I always pick the shade Light Brown for the color to really show up!  I will definitely share this to my sister who has dark hair and wanted to turn her hair from dark to medium brown!

L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil and Nourishing Masque 
Full price: Php995 (Mythic Oil) and Php1,095 (Nourishing Masque)
I did a spend vs save HERE.  I find Mythic Oil really good and I can't wait to try their masque!  The size of the masque is good for at least 3-4 uses for medium length hair and the mythic oil would last me at least a month!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine
Shade: Pink Cognito
You get a full sized lipstick, not bad considering it's almost the cost of the box!  Revlon lippies have always been a hit for me, you can even find some random Revlon lipsticks that I include in my makeup train case!

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
Full size 30ml costs Php3,500
Okay, skincare like Shiseido is really expensive so trying out a sample size is the best way to see if it is worth to splurge or not!  I have used sample sizes of skincare that I bought way back when I used to visit Hong Kong and that's where I find a skincare that works for me. (Ex. Shiseido, Clinique, etc..)

This sample size is good for at least 4-5 days usage and I think you can gauge if you're allergic to the product or not.  I personally wish they could increase the size of their sample as I usually take a week to 1.5 weeks to see if the product really is meant for me or not!   Do you feel the same?

Fan Di Fendi Blossom
Full size 30ml costs Php2,850
I used to dislike samples of fragrances!  I literally just put them aside and forget about them!  But ever since I have a baby, I find myself not spritzing any fragrance and I am very close to my baby AT ALL TIMES!  Because I've been doing that for more than 2 years (from pregnancy until today), I tend to leave home going to events not wearing any fragrance!  Thankfully, I have samples of scents inside my bag in which I can easily use as I drive myself to the event!  So yeah, this goes straight to my makeup pouch just in case.....

Blow Blow Dry Bar Vouchers
Get 20% off on any of Blo's 7 signature hairstyles and a Free Deep Conditioning Treatment for every Blo out.
This coupon definitely goes straight to my "coupon envelope" because I have availed BLO Bar services so many times when I needed to prettify myself before a special event!  I like it when I do not pay full price (who doesn't) so these coupons are definitely useful for me to have good hair days!

Overall, I wished they added a shampoo and conditioner sample (even sachets) to complete the "Luscious Locks" box.  But what excites me about this box is the inclusion of L'Oreal Mythic Oil and Nourishing Masque and the Blo Dry Bar coupons!  I think those alone made this box worth it!

How do you feel about BDJ Luscious Locks Box?
Any favorites you find?

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(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)

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