Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eureka Moment: Spend vs Save (Hair Oil Edition)

Dear AMW Friends!
Eureka Moment once again and this time, I'm sharing an inexpensive find!  Once in awhile I will be posting more Eureka Moments on splurge vs. save!  I mean, at times, it feels nice to splurge just to reward ourselves but if you look hard enough, and with some luck on hand, we may find an inexpensive alternative that works just as fine as the pricey sister!

Are you ready?

Some of you may have guessed the brand base from the bottle but just in case you can't seem to put your finger to it, why don't you just read more and see what's cooking....oil?  *lol*

For the Spend Portion, it's the L'Oreal Mythic Oil!

L'Oreal Mythic Oil 
Retail Price: Php995.00 (approx $22.60)

I do not own the full sized bottle but I'm lucky enough to have a good amount of sample that lasts me 2 weeks of usage!  No joke, this tiny sample sent to me by my blogger friend can seriously last even longer than 2 weeks!  At first use, I am totally in love with the scent, the texture and feel of the product against my super dry hair and how lightweight it felt!  

No matter how much product I apply (5 tiny drops) for my medium length hair, the frizziness indeed lessened and hair feels more manageable until next hair wash!  

If I may compare this to another brand aside from the inexpensive version I'll be mentioning later on, this product is also similar to my favorite CHI Silk Infusion but the L'Oreal Mythic Oil is more liquid in texture while CHI is more on the "heavier" side.  I won't be discussing much about CHI as I already reviewed the product HERE.  If you have CHI Silk Infusion in your country, please try it as I love that product too!  (Unfortunately, it is locally unavailable!)

So back to the SAVER version of this wonderful L'Oreal Mythic Oil, I rummaged through my "hair care stocks" and found this....

Dove Nourishing Oil Care
Nutri-Oil Serum
Retail Price: Php239.00 (approx $5.40)

Housed in a clear bottle, the "look" is similar to L'Oreal Mythic Oil but are they even similar in terms of feel, texture and is it as good as the L'Oreal one?

Comes with pump

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum is a tad bit thicker in texture but same as the Mythic Oil, it is non-greasy and applies heavenly on hair as hair feels immediately soft, tangle-free.  The wonderful smell, if I may have to mention, is an added plus!  But the best PRO of all?  The price!  

Definitely a Eureka Moment for you and me!
Give me a push by commenting below if you want me to feature more Spend vs Save products! 
Feel free to share me your list too! 

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  1. of course! i always like spend vs save posts! this is a great idea! :)

  2. i have the Dove hair oil too, and have completed it. The scent took me a while to get used to.

    It is non greasy if you only use a small amount, and use it on damp hair and then blow dry it. I find that if I use it on dry hair, it weighs down my hair and when I go home after work, my hair feels and look oilier compared to days when I don't use it.

    At such price, I think it's a decent product, and does quite a good job :)

    1. I agree using a small amount is better on Dove but it doesn't weigh my hair as it did on you! But to be honest, Malaysia is way more humid than the Philippines so I guess it has to do with the weather too! :)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Plue!

    2. hm I never thought of the weather issue LOL.

      thanks for reminding me!

    3. Do you use it everyday? If yes, how long will the bottle last? TIA!

  3. I'm not too keen on trying the Dove one as some Dove hair products broke me out, but would you know where to locally buy the L'oreal one aside from salons?

    1. Oh no, you must have allergic reactions to certain Dove ingredients. But I'm not surprised, my friend has strong allergic reactions to certain brands of shampoos too!

  4. Nice post! I have seen the Dove Serum at Watson's and still thinking about trying it. I don't experiment a lot when it comes to hair as mine is prone to dandruff. Currently, I'm using Vitress (the clear one). Thanks for featuring these products :)

    1. ah if you're prone to dandruff (like me) then stick to what works! don't be like me! hahahah use now, regret later is my peg! hahahaha

  5. Do they still sell Dove OIl Serum and Dove overnight treatment? If yes, where? I can't seems to find it at SM San Lazaro


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