Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AMW Reports: Studio SnR x Bobbi's Mastering the Basics

Given the free time, I wouldn't mind going back to make-up school!  When asked why I would like to attend The Beauty High Tea Series' Bobbi's Mastering the Basics Workshop, my answer was "Why not?  Learning is fun and it should never stop!  There's always going to be something new to learn out there!".

I love being a student again especially on subjects I'm most interested in --- Mathematics (Just joking!)  :P  I am referring to Make-up and it's such a shame we don't have that class back then, I am positive I will bag  the "Most Attentive Student" Award!

I knew I'll be a bit late for this class as my mom's doctor's appointment was scheduled the same day but in the morning.  The doctor came in late, we have to buy medications plus I have to accompany my mom for lunch.  After doing all those, traveling from Downtown Manila to Ortigas on a Saturday is like going for a roller coaster ride!  Lucky me, the make-up Goddesses out there must have heard my prayers as I arrived the place without missing much!

Studio SnR is no stranger to me, I've once taught make-up here for Dollface Cosmetics (click HERE for the report).  The place is very comfortable to hold any kinds of workshop!

 A lot of Bobbi Brown cosmetics greeted me!  I was on a trance seeing all the lovely eyeshadows, blushes, different shades of powders and foundations!  I was in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics heaven!

Just when I thought surrounding myself with make-up is enough to perk me up for an afternoon of beauty talk, there's The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf area for our unlimited supply of coffee!   I think I tried 2 types of coffee during this workshop!  I love both and I'm actually craving right this very moment!

You have to agree with me when I say, food is part of any beauty regimen!  Yummy snacks were also served during the workshop and students won't go hungry.  I can't stop staring at the Potato Croquettes!  Oh, and nachos too!

Ok, on to the workshop! I'll definitely share to AMW readers what I learned! Since I arrived just a couple of minutes late, I wasn't able to remove my existing make-up but I gamely joined in the skincare talk!  Several skincare products of Bobbi Brown was passed around for us to try!

Bobbi Brown believes in the 10-Step Beauty, let me walk you through the 10 steps as taught by Bobbi Brown's Makeup Artist Noel, aided by Bobbi Brown's Ina and Carrot.
Bobbi Brown has a wide range of skincare line to target the needs of your skin.  I like the fact that you can choose formulations for dry or oily skin!

The application technique was also taught.  It helps to rub your hands together and gently press your hands on your face to "activate" the moisturizer.  Bear in mind to always do your skincare regimen with clean hands!

Step 1 Corrector/Concealer
Noel taught us the right way to correct dark undereye circles.  First, neutralizing the darkness under the eye area with a corrector then, a yellow-toned Creamy Concealer was used on top of the corrector to brighten up the overall appearance.

When asked why concealer was applied right away, Noel explained that Bobbi Brown believes in Natural beauty.  Some girls do not even need coverage for the whole face, so after this step, you can set it with a powder and you're ready to go!  Cuts make-up time in half!
 Step 2 Foundation
To find your right shade of foundation, you need to swatch at least 3 different foundation shades on the lower cheek down to the neck.  The shade that disappears will be the right one for you.

I'm glad to report that the shade I got from Bobbi Brown years ago is right!  I am a Bobbi Brown's Beige Girl!

Step 3 Powder/Bronzer
Apply loose powder on areas that needed oil-control.  If you are fair and you want to add a warm tint to your skin, feel free to dust a bronzing powder all over cheeks, forehead, nose and chin for a healthy glow!
Step 4 Blush
I like the 1-2-3 step of blush application c/o Bobbi Brown.  Dust a bit of your favorite blush shade on the apples of your cheeks 2x then on the 3rd count, move your blush brush towards the hairline.  To find the apples of your cheeks, SMILING is the best technique!

It's important to always check back your reflection and blend if you see any harsh lines.

Step 5 Lipstick/Gloss
Step 6 Lip Liner
It is very important to test different shades of lipsticks to see which shade would match your skintone the best.  

The most flattering shade will either match or be slightly darker than your original lip color.

Step 7 Brows
Define brows with an eyebrow brush using an eyeshadow shade similar to your hair color.  If you are comfortable with pencils, you can do tiny check marks with a brow pencil. 
I personally believe that a well defined brows can lift your overall look!  It takes time to practice filling in your brows but after you mastered it, you can do it with your eyes close (well, not really) *laughs*

Step 8 Eye Shadow
For basic eyeshadow application, its usually the easiest to apply a light eye shadow color all over the lids.

Medium Eye Shadow Color on the lower lid then blend!

This technique is "fool-proof" and would enhance the eyes of any eye shapes!  So if you are just starting out on eye shadow application, practice this technique first and go further using different eyeshadow shades!  You'll get unlimited looks in no time.

Step 9 Eye Liner
Upper lashline is best lined with your choice of brown or black liner.  Try to apply as close to the lashline as possible to make your lashes appear fuller.

Step 10 Mascara
True black mascara makes the most impact to short and sparse lashes like *ahem* mine.  But if you prefer a softer, more natural look, go for the brown one.  It helps to apply mascara from base of lashes to tips while rolling the wand to separate lashes and avoid clumps!  Lash curling is preferred to be done prior to mascara application to prevent lash breakage. *ouch*

After the 4-hour workshop, each participants were given a loot bag from Bobbi Brown included is a complimentary 20 minute makeup lesson and personalized face chart at the Bobbi Brown Counter. 

I had a wonderful time learning and I want to thank Sydney of Studio SnR for inviting me to be part of this wonderful workshop!  I would love to go for more as I learn something new each time!

If you feel bad for missing out the Bobbi Brown Workshop, there's another one coming up under The Beauty High Tea Series called Studio SnR x Majolica Majorca.

One AMW reader gets the chance to win a FREE slot!  How?  Keep smiling and click HERE.

Hope you learned something from my report!
Enjoy your Tuesday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi nikki! aside from the complimentary 20 minute make up lesson, i wonder what else are included in the loot bag? :) thanks!

  2. looks like a fun event! *heart BB corrector and concealer & foundie* I am using Beige too :D

  3. Bakit lagi ang mga workshops Saturday ang ganap.... waaaaaah!


  4. I'm definitely joining the next Studio SnR workshop. :)Looks so much fun. :)

  5. You always got to the best events! I love Bobbi Brown - I have a ton of her stuff!

  6. ang saya naman nito! :)

  7. hi Friends! :) All Studio SnR Workshops in the Beauty High Tea Series will exceed your expectations, Feel free to email us at workshops@studiosnr.com if you have certain requests on workshop dates, brands etc but be rest assured we have A WHOLE LOT more lined up for you this coming September and REPEATS of course!! :)

  8. @Anonymous Hi dear, I got mini Bobbi Brown lipstick and a night cream (sample size)and a lot of facial sponges, cotton buds and a whole lot more :)

  9. @xin So I shall call you Beige Sister too ? Love it, so many things in common! :)

  10. @Shen bongga talaga! I learned so much more!


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