Friday, August 12, 2011

Studio SnR and Majolica Majorca Gives: A Personal Make-Up Affair PART 2!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for joining Part 1 contest of Studio SnR x Majolica Majorca!  The winner is...

Madelyn Ebro
 (You will be contacted via email by Studio SnR)

Congratulations!  To the rest who joined or did not join because of the conflict of schedule, read on!
I was told by Sydney how happy they are with all your entries that's why they are giving away another free slot for 1 Lucky AMW Reader!  

Better news, the workshop was moved from weekday to a Saturday!  Please read instructions carefully!  Well, same easy-peasy instructions!

**photo from Studio SnR and Majolica Majorca


  1. Comment ONLY if you can make it to the September 3, 2011 workshop. 
  2. Again, if you are SURE you can make it to the said workshop date, comment with your Name and Email address.
  3. Answer this: "Why do you think you deserve this workshop c/o Majolica Majorca?" (sell yourself to us!)
  4. Please keep in mind to post only 1 COMMENT per reader.  (Note: Comments do not appear right away as it needs to be approved by me.)
  5. Like Studio SnR Workshops Page and add them as a friend . (Just because I am still very grateful of the support they give to AMW!)
  6. Contest starts today ends August 27, 2011 (11:59pm).  Winner will be announced here and will be sent an email to confirm attendance.
  7. One winner will be chosen by people from Studio SnR.  
Expect to bring home some goodies while you enjoy delicious food and great coffee from CBTL!

For more details, you can contact them via email or call them at (632) 584-5988.

Again, goodluck!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy


  1. Congratulations to the WInner! :D Though, I'd really love to join her on this wonderful opportunity. I deserve to win the second slot because, I don't want to sound like a broken record, but because I really want to become a Make Up Artist someday. I couldn't really afford to go to a proper makeup school at the moment, I'd be honest with you, so opportunities like this one is really hard to pass up! Also, MAjolica MAjorca is one brand I truly love and would like to get to know more! :D

    Mary Angeli Cruz

  2. name: vanessa mae santiago

    i've heard about MJ about a year before from a YT beauty guru and i fell in love with the idea of the mascara because i have uber short almost invincible lashes. when the brand reached us quite recently i felt excited because i had the chance to try it out. it's my HG mascara now. it lived up to my expectations and i wont ever try anything else. i also love their eyeshadows because come on, they're super affordable and are very pigmented!

    i want to win this because it's Thara's (my cousin) debut next year on November. i know i have a long time to go but all my titos and titas are urging me to do her make up since i'm the only one in my family who is very interested in make up. they "believe" in me ia what they would say. i am an only child and i am very close to my cousins. i am the eldest among my 6 cousins. i learned to put on makeup via YT and makeup blogs like yours. i want to learn more to make her become a princess on her day.

    Thara, my cousin is autistic. Her talent is singing. she sings well. i don't even sing. i don't get to see Thara often but whenever i see her she relates to me via makeup, clothes, singing, etc. She does mall shows/concerts because of her talent and i have never done her makeup. it would mean so much to me to do her makeup during her debut next year.

  3. Thank you so much Askmewhats and Ms. Sydney Go (and her team)! All I could say is how grateful I am for this once in a lifetime blessing :)

  4. Name: Junellene Sapinoso
    Email Address:

    Being a single mom is really a difficult task in life. I need to take care of my son by myself, feed him by myself and work by myself. I always make sure that my son is my first and top priority at all times. With that, I don't have any time at all for myself even buying a few for myself like make-ups. I wanted to win this contest because with this, I will be able to mingle with other people, have time for myself even for a while, and learn new things that I am sure will benefit from. Wishing and hoping I will win on this.

  5. whew! another chance.....hoping for the hopefulls!!!!love to be part of this event coz really love and interest all about makeup,but financially-wise cannot afford it,love to attend to all of the seminars available out there for me to broaden my knowledge and enhance my skills, being a mother of two kids it doesn't mean that i cannot have my "me moment" just for a while i want to empower myself and be glad that i have undergone this momentous event......just keeping my fingers crossed!!!hope to see you soon!!!

    truly yours, rose e. balite
    email add:

  6. Thank you for another shot at experiencing this awesome event!

    I'm a big fan of Majolica Majorca! I do believe beauty is skin deep but that makeup accentuates & brings out the inner glow. Give a girl the right tools & the right state of mind, and she can conquer the world! Every day is always something to look forward to, and makeup can be your best friend. It is safe to say that MJ is the holy grail in the cosmetics industry! The brand stays true to its name & continues to deliver to its legions of followers.

    Makeup is an essential in my existence! I am a laidback simple girl but the power of makeup does wonders! There are times when days seem gray, but a hint of blush, mascara & gloss goes a long way! I have yet to learn the quickest way to do the day look without compromising quality. Learning is a never-ending process & it takes dedication to correctly apply knowledge. It would be an honor to be part of this exclusive workshop & learn firsthand from the pros!

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    Email: racheltvillanueva at yahoo dot com
    FB: liked & added Studio SnR as Rachel Villanueva

  7. Congratulations to the first winner! I would really love to join this workshop because I would love to know more about make up. I am a make enthusiast and an amateur make up artist and this experience would really help me with my craft. I just started making youtube tutorials for some make up looks to also help girls learn how to apply make up. And also learning from Nikki is really fun! I do hope I get picked :)

    Name: Alice Mate

  8. Why do you think you deserve this workshop c/o Majolica Majorca?
    I am a late bloomer when it comes to make up and fashion. I can say I have always been fascinated, but have not mustered the confidence to actually go out with make up on. It's just lately that I have learned to embrace myself and the whole prettifying myself when I step out of the door. I would love to score a slot for the Majolica Majorca + Studio SnR workshop so I can add more confidence that when I apply make up to myself, I am actually enhancing my look and not ruining it. Thanks Nikki!

  9. Lanie Intalan

    Ever since I was into make-up which was a little late, I started when I was working already, I really wanted to try a workshop in order to test my skills. I wanted to try it last year but since I my family and I are paying for the expenses until now for the cancer treatments that I had, I just can't shell out money that easily, but I still want to try and attend a workshop and maybe make something out of it that could help somehow start a sideline or something :)

  10. Congrats to the winner!

    i am still not giving up hope, i am still going to join this giveaway..haha!

    Just like what i said before, i am planning to start a career as a make-up artist. I have been an online english teacher for too long & being cooped up in the 4 corners of the room the whole day has taken a toll on me. I'm not happy anymore. I want to start a career that would not only make me happy but would also make people happy.

    I attended a short make-up course once & i realize how much i love make-up! I love seeing beautiful people. I love seeing how they transform from a very simple girl to a sophisticated lady just in a matter of minutes! I want them to appreciate make-up like how i do. It's not about piling on lots of make-up to cover the face but it's more of applying it on to enhance the face.

    A lot of people tend to think like that... especially men. I want them to realize that make-up is not a mask. In my own small way, i hope that i would be able to define beauty a tad bit higher than what people think it is. This is something that i'm sure all make-up artist want,right?

    Having said so, i found happiness in making people beautiful. So i am pursuing something that not just makes me happy but will make me & lots of people feel beautiful & confident!


  11. Congratulations to the winner! :)

    I have tried my hand in painting (oil, pastel, watercolor, sketch) when I was in high school and even won a gold medal in an international student convention before I stepped into college. Since then, I've never painted but have always thought of going back to painting. I didn't have the time to do so because of my demanding course (accountancy) which was pretty much distant to the "arts."

    I, however, found myself still using my hands in painting - using face as a canvass and makeup as my tool. Whenever my friends and I went out, I'd be doing their makeup one by one and really loved it!

    I remember a time when a male professor asked the class who wore makeup and immediately I raised my hand and when he said that it was probably because women want to hide their imperfections, I immediately objected and said that makeup is every woman's aide in enhancing the innate beauty that God has given us.

    I have been dreaming of becoming a makeup artist and the Majolica Majorca + Studio SnR workshop would be a really great start and a great foundation for me especially that professionals would be sharing their expertise first-hand to us, given a chance. :)

    I really wish to be a part of this workshop :)

    Valerie Deoferio

  12. Congratulations to the winner!

    Why do you think you deserve this workshop c/o Majolica Majorca?

    I don’t have fancy words to say, basically when it comes to makeup application, I am self-taught and a lot of people have recognized my skills, but regarding professional practice I am too insecure about starting one because of lack of knowledge and training. If I get this chance to get a slot for the Majolica Majorca workshop, I am sure that this will open for me a new door and added opportunity to earn a living for my family and being trained by professionals from Majolica Majorca will be an added cachet to my future venture in the beauty business. In effect, I am not only bringing the company’s name to each client that I’d be doing makeup, but the professional training and the Majolica Majorca’s core value to people that I’d be working with.

    Ning Magcauaus

  13. Name: Agnes Dela Cruz
    email add: magnet972@yahoo(dot)com

    I honestly missed the first contest invite. I got so busy with work and kids. Now, I finally got to check all the post that i had miss including this one.. yehey! not too late for me to enter the contest invite. :)

    I would want to be included in the list... it would so great for me to attend this workshop care of Majolica Majorca. I am a member of a photography club here in Subic and I am also one of the officers who safe keeps the financial side of it in short (tresurera!) hehe. Wedding photography captures my attention in alot of ways. We also do pre nuptial shoot with clients. Some of them were friends of friends and I sometimes do their make-up. It would be so nice If I can enhance more my skill in make-up and at the same time photograph my work in their special event.
    I literally love make-up, It brightens my day just by simply wearing a a stroke of blush+a dab of lip balm with tint.

    I will file a vacation leave with or without pay from work just to attend to this workshop + will travel from Subic to Manila too!.

    PICK ME! =)

  14. HI AMW!
    I'll give this a shot and I am praying to win!

    I believe every girl deserves to win this wonderful workshop from Majolica Majorca, who doesn't? But I believe that since I am just starting to step up in the real world (yes, I just graduated from college), I definitely need some tricks and tips from the workshop so I can gain more confidence whenever I attend to job interviews.I know that I need to look good and somehow look "professional" but I really cannot achieve that look. I always lack confidence ever since then and I found out that every girl should be confident about herself, and I found that confidence also within me. I think make-up helped me a lot there. :)

    This workshop would not only benefit me but I will do my best to share what I have learned with my mom and my girlfriends if ever I win this free workshop. They are those people who really helped me a lot in gaining more confidence and forgetting my inferiority complex, so to speak. That would be my act of gratitude for everything that they have done for me.

    Cosmetics cannot make you be another person, I believe it makes you to love yourself more. So I believe minimal makeup is the way to go! I personally know the first winner of this contest, Madelyn, and I will be happy to join her. I know she does too! We share the same love for cosmetics and also the same love that we have for ourselves. Maybe this workshop could be a way for us to see each other and have some girl bonding, since the last time we have seen each other was last March, on our graduation day. :)

    Thanks, AMW and Majolica Majorca for this amazing opportunity. I am hoping for the best. More power to AMW and Majolica Majorca! <3

    Pauline Yanson
    paulineyanson (at)

  15. I'm a big fan of Majolica Majorca products and I'm just starting to learn to apply make up. I would love to win this makeup workshop so I could enhance/polish my skills in applying makeup on myself and maybe later on other people as well.

  16. When I was a child I dream of becoming a flight attendant or a bank teller all because I wanted to wear make-up everyday. Back then, I thought that my mom will only allow me to use make-up when I landed these jobs. =)

    Right now, to become a professional make-up artist is what I want. This workshop will be my first step to reaching that goal.

    I need to learn and be equipped with the right makeup tools and techniques.

    Michelle Ame

  17. I would love to join the workshop because as a beauty blogger, I feel that I should always be up to date with the latest products and techniques so that in return, I would be able to share my two cents with my readers. I love the beauty industry and I always thirst for opportunities that will enhance my passion for this lovely craft.


  18. maripet tuazon

    I love putting on make up! and I would love to learn more about the basics and would to enroll to make up class however bec i am a single mom and providing and taking care of my son does not let me have the luxury of the money to spend on this. I hope to be pick and I will treasure this for the rest of my life!

  19. tei austria

    i'm a late bloomer and only "discovered" the wonders of makeup a year ago. i'm amazed at how simple eyebrow fix and and eylash/mascara can transform the way you look, it makes a whole difference! i would like to learn more about makeup applications and beauty products. btw, im also a fan of majolica majorca!