Thursday, July 28, 2011

Studio SnR and Majolica Majorca Gives: A Personal Make-Up Affair --- CLOSED!

A 4-hour paint and play workshop from Majolica Majorca?

Who wouldn't want that?  I am so excited for The Beauty High Tea Series as shared to me by Studio SnR's Sydney!  The first series as discussed on my previous post called Studio SnR x Shu Uemura which I heard, the 20 slots are almost filled up!  So hurry and give them a call if you want to be part of this!

And what got me even more excited?  They are willing to give 1 slot to ONE lucky AMW Reader for FREE!  The fee costs Php3,700 and the workshop is on August 11, 2011. 

FREE!!!! Oh my goodness, I even want to join my own contest!!!  Before you...and I get super excited, read on the mechanics and please follow instructions!  It's easy! 

 **photo from Studio SnR and Majolica Majorca
  1. Comment ONLY if you can make it to the August 11, 2011 workshop.  It'll be a waste if the winner cannot make it.
  2. Again, if you are SURE you can make it to the said workshop date, comment with your Name and Email address.
  3. Answer this: "Why do you want to be part of this make-up affair?" (sell yourself to us!)
  4. Please keep in mind to post only 1 COMMENT per reader.  (Note: Comments do not appear right away as it needs to be approved by me.)
  5. Like Studio SnR Workshops Page and add them as a friend . (They did not ask for this but I am grateful to them for giving us 1 free slot so I'm doing this as a gratitude!) 
  6. Contest starts today ends August  6, 2011 (11:59pm).  Winner will be announced here and will be sent an email to confirm attendance.
  7. One winner will be chosen by people from Studio SnR. 

If you think you can't wait for the announcement of winners and you want to join the workshop, book NOW until August 8, 2011 and get the chance to avail 10% discount.  Groups of 3 by the way can also avail 10% discount!

Here's what to expect ---
  • Take home a Majolica Majorca make-up set, Hygiene Tools and GCs (redeemable at the counter).
  • Coffee, tea and treats will be served.
For more details, you can contact them via email or call them at (632) 584-5988.

Goodluck!!! *sprinkles fairy dusts*
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I don't want to win this for myself but for my friend Marian Sola who's very interested in learning about make-up. She does my make-up when I have events for free and I'd like to return the favor by giving her an opportunity to attend this workshop. :)

  2. Why do you want to be part of this make-up affair? - I want to be a part of this make-up affair because I really really wanted to be a big part of my sister's wedding - I want to be the one to do her wedding make-up. I want to do my mom's make-up too and of course myself. This will make my sister's big day more memorable to her and to me and to our family. I know I need a lot of help to make me learn the basics of putting on make-up by heart. Learning how to put on a flawless base, whimsical eyes, and all other Japanese tips and tricks would all be in handy.

  3. Ooopsie, I forgot my name and email address.
    Name: Kessa Thea
    Email Address: kessathea26(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thank you AMW and Studio SnR! :-)

  4. I want to be part of this make-up workshop because I view it as another step in my journey to self-empowerment.

    I've taken a module on Personal Beauty at Make Up For Ever (which is French) and I want to experience another brand's methodology (this time Japanese) and product range because I don't want to be confined to a single school of thought when it comes to beauty and make-up. I am also considering an alternative career in make-up artistry and this will surely give me some much needed insights to help me walk that path.

  5. Oops forgot my name and email add too... Rowena Wendy Lei / animetric(at)

  6. I want to be a part of this affair because I really want to learn how to put on makeup properly--and beautifully at that! I always get discouraged to try new things and new ideas when it comes to makeup because I keep on thinking that my knowledge in these things are very limited and my face would end up looking like a disaster if I try things with it. My main reason in joining this contest is to learn more in order to improve myself aesthetically and boost my confidence along with it. :)

    Thank you for giving us this chance! :D

    Name: Demi R.
    Email: demidemidemi[at]

  7. I'm a big fan of Majolica Majorca! I do believe beauty is skin deep but that makeup accentuates & brings out the inner glow. Give a girl the right tools & the right state of mind, and she can conquer the world! Every day is always something to look forward to, and makeup can be your best friend. It is safe to say that MJ is the holy grail in the cosmetics industry! The brand stays true to its name & continues to deliver to its legions of followers. Makeup is an essential in my existence! It would be an honor to be part of this exclusive workshop & learn firsthand from the pros!

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    FB: liked their page as Rachel Villanueva

  8. I want to be a part of this makeup affair because I am very much interested about makeup and one of my dream is to be a makeup artist someday. Even though I have basic knowledge already about it, I believe that I still have a lot to learn and I want to expose myself in different styles of putting makeup. Being a mom, I cannot shell out money anymore to enroll in these workshops that's why I try to grab every opportunity I can that will let me attend makeup workshops for free! :) Plus, I've been wanting to try Majolica Majorca because of great reviews on their product and this would be a nice opportunity to do so.

    Name: Norissa Chavez

  9. Hay Thursday suck! I want to join but coding! Well, that's life ; ( I am so sad... I need a hug!


  10. i want to be a part of this makeup affair because i've always wanted to learn make up from a live person and not just through the's just that my means to actually enroll myself in a class is very limited. i really love make up, which is why i offer to do make up on people on their events for free just so i can practice and even offer trial make up before the actual event so that they can decide whether to choose me or not. i asked my husband once if i can use make up artistry for a living but he said that our current financial status can't afford to let me quit the call center job yet...not to mention all the things i will need to put up that kind of business! i fully support his decision on that, but it would really be nice if i can attend an event like this while we're waiting...

    name: bianca helen p. del rosario

  11. Hi Nikki!!! Your contests are always hard to resist! This, I literally had my mouth hanging open while reading (don't worry, it's close now :D). I've been wanting to enroll myself to a good beauty school for ages now, aiming to become a professional MUA someday. But as always, budget has been stopping me to do so. Priorities need to be considered first and has always been left short of the "extras". This is one thing that's so good to pass up so I am joining this contest because I don't only want to imagine the different techniques I could learn through this workshop but to actually experience it! I'm also a fan of fuss-free makeup that stays put throughout the day and Majolica Majorca is a poster brand for this, another reason why I want this sooo bad.. :D
    Name: Mary Angeli Cruz
    followed through FB under Angeli Cruz

  12. i want to be a part of this makeup affair because i want to. It will be a new experience, learning at the same time meeting talented people in this event. I want to showcase my talent and also learn form others and I think this event will definitely give another window to explore and learn at the same time.
    name: Linrose G Etiong

  13. Name: Karmina Aguilar

    Why do I want to be part of this make-up affair?
    I am very passionate about make-up and I love Majolica Majorca. Put these 2 things in a class and I am most definitely in. I love make up and the art involved in making the colors work together and how it creates magic on the face. I would be so happy if I were chosen to be part of this event. :)

  14. Why do you want to be part of this make-up affair? I have been forever faithful to my family and bf, but this is one affair I wouldn't mind being involved with! Haha

    Kei San Pablo
    keisanpablo at gmail dot com
    Added as friend and Liked SnR in Facebook

  15. Having the passion in make-up artistry makes me want to be part of this workshop. Even make-up artists need continuous learning. I always have high regards to Japanese cosmetics and I really want to learn the Japanese method of doing make-up.

    Angela Nepomuceno

  16. OMG!
    i just said on my FB status yesterday that i have decided to do a career shift...from an english teacher to a make-up artist!

    i know that i still have a long way to go but i have decided to pursue a career in make-up na & winning this will definitely be a big help!

    I had been so confused the past couple of days thinking of what i want in life & hesitating again & again because i just don't feel happy & satisfied anymore. Applying make-up makes me happy & i just want to be happy so it is a long shot but i just want to do a living that will not just provide me a means to survive but to be happy as well.

    I know that Majo-Majo (Majolica Majorca as what i have been seen called by other bloggers) is a great brand even though i have only tried their mascara. I have always loved Japanese mascaras. So this is definitely a very sweet giveaway!

    i am really keeping my fingers crossed on this!
    i hope to God that this is my chance for happiness na!hihihi


  17. Pamela Abuan
    Hi everyone! I'm a 37yr old wife and mom to 2 young boys. I work fulltime as a bank employee and at the same time I'm a freelance professional make-up artist. I started my career in make-up artistry 2 yrs ago and I must say that I finally found my passion. Being in the beauty industry requires you to be always updated with the latest trend in makeup and beauty products. I know that this makeup afffair will help me be more equipt and confident in fulfilling my job as a makeup artist. Because inspite of my formal trainings I still thirst for knowledge. Hopefully with this workshop I'll get to try Japan products as well, coz I've been hearing good reviews abt them and I'm thrilled to add some items to my traincase (wink ;-))

  18. I already added snr! :D
    Christine Reyes

    I hope I win! I never, NEVER get a chance to win in a contest, but I will never lose hope and will keep on trying! ^^

    I am a college student, and make-up artist wannabe., I want to win this contest because this mini session will help me boost my confidence in helping my sisters and friends in doing their make-up for free. I love doing my make-up,especially when I have some occasions to attend. but I sometimes do not have the courage to do it with my friends and sisters because they might not like it. Instead of increasing their self-esteem, I do not want to be the reason why they don't want to show up in the party because of a not-so-good-make-up-look. With this session, I will be given enough information, and guidelines to help me and my friends as well. And with this, my love for make-up will only grow bigger! :D
    I have been very busy with school works also, especially with extracurricular and academic activities. I guess this will also serve as my "me" time, wiping all my woes and replace it with curiosity, excitement and thirst for knowledge, and HAPPINESS. :D
    In addition, if I will be chosen as the winner, my readers will also be glad to see me, progressing little by little., with the help of snrstudio! ^^

  19. I have been addicted to make-up ever since college, but I really don't know how to use it properly to bring out my best features and to further enhance what God gave to me. Watching, listening or reading about cosmetics helps in ways for me to be able to apply make-up but at the same time it makes me confused because of various tips which sometimes contradict each other already. Entering into a make-up seminar or workshops is included in my bucket list. However, each time there is one, I have no time (because of school, extra-curricular activities and home errands) to attend. So I would just always revert back to being confused with all the things I digest from the magazines etc.

    Now that I have already graduated, things are still the same though. I have the time already, but budget becomes an issue (I’ve brought so many wrong products for me, so I ended up saving nada LOL). And I still do not know how to apply make-up according to my skin features (Oily and blemished).

    The possibility of me winning this contest would be a great timing since I will be starting to work (And it is my first ever ‘real’ job after graduating this year) next week. That way, my first impression for the clients and my bosses would be a well groomed, competent and professional lady. It would also provide as a personal growth for me since I will be learning from the pros (Because it’s Shu Uemera behind Majomajo) on how I would be able to enhance (Not distort) my real beauty. And ohhh, the thought of sharing this would-be wonderful experience to everyone through my blog is so magical. I mean, sharing once-in-a-lifetime experience to everyone makes it even more special.

    Goodluck to all of us :)

    Name: Madelyn Ebro
    E-mail Address: