Thursday, July 28, 2011

AMW Reports: Estee Lauder's Pure Color Event

Do you remember my previous contest from Estee Lauder?  If not, feel free to smile and click HERE.
Estee Lauder came up with Pure Color Lipstick.  Estee Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux introduces these to unite fashion and technology!  

The actual launch actually happened  last June 23rd. Unfortunately, busy-bee AMW needs to be someplace else so I wasn't able to go!  I actually used a bit of my mental telepathy and telescopic powers to see what happened to the event and report it to you guys.  :P Just joking, I actually got the scoop straight from Estee Lauder's Brand Coordinator Liz.

The launch was hosted by four iconic femmes at the Opus, Resorts World's restaurant lounge.

Beauty Queen Priscilla Meirelles
Pop Songstress Isabella Ledesma-Gonzales

Sportscaster/TV host Cesca Litton

Fil-Korean Radio Jock, TV Host and Journalist Grace Lee

I was told that each of the lady host represents the brand's thematic color palette - Coral Red, Plum, Nude and Pink.  That's a very cute idea!

There are a lot of press people, fashion and beauty bloggers, stylists and makeup aficionados who graced the event!


Congratulations to Team Estee Lauder Philippines for the successful event amidst the downpour! I've actually tested the lipsticks in person and they feel great on lips!  Really moisturizing and the colors are gorgeous!

Can I share to you how AMW can also enjoy the product of fashion and technology?  Check this out!

 Cute right?
But wait til you scroll down....

My very own Estee Lauder USB!

Ah, simple things in life can put a huge smile on my face!
Thanks Liz for the gift!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow, i thought that was a lipstick! ang cute naman nyang USB! sosyal! :)

  2. Such a glam event! Why don't we get cute USB sticks like that in Europe?

    I've got the new EL Pure Color Sensuous Rouge in Peach Pleasure and it's a wonderful formula and colour.

  3. I LOVE the USB! So chic!!! =) Beats my race car USB any day! =))

  4. hey Nikki
    I'm hosting a give away, wodnering if you would like to participate? btw have you received the stuff I sent you via mail?

    hehe happy Friday..

  5. @Pammy Heheheh di ba? I super love the USB!

  6. @Issa Mr AMW said it fits my personality :D

  7. @Jamilla Camel Yeah, I've swatched them at counters, they really do have wonderful formulation!

  8. @Ronabeth awww ang cute naman! You have a race car usb? :D

  9. @purple snowflake Hi Girl :) Thanks for the update, I've seen your giveaway! :) Re: Stuff, I haven't receive them yet :( I'll let you know once I get them!

  10. The Lipstick is so YOU, Nikki!

    Ang ganda talaga...Love it!!!


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