Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Estee Lauder Gives: What's Your Mood Today? --- CLOSED!!!

 Happy Wednesday!  How's mid-week on your side?  I'm doing quite good and quite happy because I am  hosting another contest for my dearest AMW Readers courtesy of our friends from Estee Lauder Philippines!
Estee Lauder recently launched their newest Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipsticks which were expertly crafted and specially formulated to maintain the highest quality of color performance, shine and wear!  

A collection of 19 chic shades with 2 expertly crafted formulas --- Pure Color Long Lasting and Pure Color Crystal Lipsticks.
You can feel free to check them out at Estee Lauder counters at Rustans Makati, Shangri-la, Alabang, Gateway, Cebu and Marionnaud, Mall of Asia on May 2011 for Php1,350 (approx $31.00).

So, in line with the celebration of the launch....
Estee Lauder proposed a contest for especially for AMW local readers!

"What's Your Mood Today?" 
Tell me what your mood you're in and why!  Estee Lauder will choose one winner to receive an Estee Lauder gift pack worth Php3,500!!!

How to join?
  • "Like" the Estee Lauder Philippines Fanpage
  • Comment this post ONCE together with your name and email address.
  • Tell me "What's Your Mood Today?" and explain why!  
  • Contest runs June 1-15, 2011!
  • One winner will be picked by our friends from Estee Lauder Philippines.
  • The winner will need to pick up the price at Estee Lauder office located in Makati.
  • Please read instructions before joining!  Duplicate entries will be forfeited.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What's My Mood Today? - My mood today is EXCITED!!! I am excited for so many reasons more than one. I am excited because I woke up with a smile on my face and I could not wait to start my day. I am excited because I will be receiving my appraisal at work and I could not wait to read how my boss rated my performance. I am excited because my birthday is coming up! I will add another year in my life well-lived. I am excited to tell everyone I am 22 (oh well I stopped counting at 22 after all). I am excited to go on my first solo travel. I am excited because I am stoked that the Estee Lauder Reveal Your Mood app in FB predicted that my current mood is "Love Me Tender" and it is correct. I am still in a vulnerable state but still threading towards the zone to happiness. I am excited because today is the first day of June and June is my most favorite month of the year. I am excited because there's so much life has in store for me and lots of surprises along the way too.

  2. Oooops sorry I forgot to include my name and email address in my first comment.

    Here are my details:
    Name: Kessa Thea
    Email: kessathea26(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thank you for hosting this contest Nikki. :-)

  3. Good first-day-of-June, Ms. Nikki!!!

    Well, my mood for today is bright and sunny although the skies are gloomy and gray... hahaha! I am very happy because we only have less than a hundred days to wait before the big day.

    I am very excited and giddy to walk down the aisle, wearing my lovely wedding gown while Honey waits... *sigh* I hope everything turns out perfectly on that day! ^__^

    I am hoping that everyone is having a great day! It's the first day of June! Let's celebrate!!! ^__^

  4. I'm feeling really excited right now and a little anxious to start school again. This year, we're gonna be doing our thesis already and quite frankly, I just wanna get school done and over with so (especially exam days!).

    Winona Maraiah Fajardo

  5. -liked Estee Lauder Philippines Fanpage , and played the Reveal your mood App ... I got a "Sealed with a KISS" <3
    - My Mood today is Calm.. woke up on time, had a good breakfast, and a good cup of coffee with my kids, giggled with my daughter while doing the dishes, had a good bath.. went to work on time. Such a perfect today day! :)

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  6. leilani sonza

    My mood today is: ecstatic!

    somebody gave me a Dezato mochi...truffle based! super sarap!
    Not just the delish goodie that made me happy but the thought behind it as well...Thanks a bunch!

  7. My Mood today is sad but grateful. I fell off an escalator 2 weeks ago, as someone crazy pushed us all down and i was badly hurt, bruises and wounds on my legs. The wound was infected and half of my leg now is watery, swollen, flaming red and very itchy. Took antibiotic and it got worst as i reacted badly to the medicine, i'm on the 2nd round of antibiotic now and it still doesn't look well at all. Even with this series of bad luck, i am still grateful that i did not fall on my head and only my legs were hurt.

  8. my mood today is GLEEFUL.
    spent quality time last time with my parents. slept around 1am and need to wake up early but it doesn't really matter. had a good night sleep and woke up at the right side of the bed. :) so little time but i was still able to play with my favorite online games, play with my dog, eat, have a relaxing bath, and apply makeup! seems like time slowed down for me.
    and now i'm helping my brother with his business. busy, but i don't really care.
    glad i'm in a very gleeful mood today. all negatives turned to positives. all stressors were snubbed. tablado silang lahat! pak!!!
    "We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are."

  9. My mood today is a little bit lonely cause I miss the one I love, we have a long distance relationship. I already cried a few days ago and thats part of why I am getting better. Letting the tears flow help me calm down a bit.

    Still missing him but right now all I can do is wait for him

    Name: Marcquezza Rodriguez

  10. Name: Kamela Angela Uy

    My mood for today? Hopeful! :)

    i had this random talk with one of my supervisors on our way home this morning and she shared with me how she met her husband. how she left her fiancée whom she had 6-yr relationship for the guy who took her to all the SM Malls in Philippines, literally. Coz as funny as it sounds, it was the one that made her decide to leave her ex-bf. the story was quite long but it gave me hope that i will soon meet that one who would share the same passion that i have in life. and would pamper me till the end. the one whom i can experience to travel the world with and the one who i will feel that 'spark' in our first kiss. I went home with a smile thought i had a slight fever and a bad case of flu.

    happy first day of June! so much things to look forward to! :)

  11. forgot my details... sorry... : )

    valerie joy e. cabance

  12. @angelamhiere
    I forgot my name and contact details too! teehee!

    Name: Angel Aragon

    Still hoping to see you soon, Ms. Nikki! ^__^

  13. Name: Pamela Samson

    To be honest, na sstress ako sa work, kaya eto, to relieve some stress, nag jump muna ko sa page ni Nikki. Seeing makeup make me wanna smile again. :)

  14. Liked Estee Llauder Phils fanpage.
    Name: Charlene Lu-Tan

    My mood today is EXCITED. I had what you call a roller coaster week and I was in and out of the hospital. I was advised to stay home and get some rest and do nothing. It stressed me out knowing that I can't do anything, even go and check up on my store. But as days go by and I'm days closer to Saturday, I am excited. I will be leaving for a trip with my husband and that's one of the things that I have been looking forward to all week. I feel that after all the drama I just encountered, we deserve even a short vacation. Today, I am excited. I look forward to our trip. I know that there are more experiences coming our way but right now with my happy mood, all I can think of is "Bring it on!"

  15. Forgot to write down my details:
    Susie Tan

    thanks nikki!

  16. Name: Sheryl Ramos

    My mood today: EXCITED and HOPEFUL

    I am excited to see my former officemates again and hopeful that I'll get positive results/feedbacks from what I'll ask from them. ;D I'm also HOPEFUL that I'll win an Estee Lauder gift back! ;D

  17. My mood today is empowered for the reason that I blasting Kylie Minogue's Get Outta My Way on my player and I am so loving the lines: ♪now i'll show you what i'm made of! ♫♪ and ♪ain't getting me back at the end of this song♫

    Girl Power is fab and fierce just like that bloody red lipstick that outshines any colour on a lippie stash!

    Name: Cha Javier
    Email Address:
    Liked Estee Lauder Philippines too

  18. My mood for Today is sad but hopeful. Sad because it's been a year already and my dad's still sick. I'm hopeful though, that my rays of sunshine will show though the dark clouds soon and everything will be alright again. :(

    Name: Mary Angeli Cruz

  19. Name: Iya Valenzuela

    My mood for today: Insecure

    I just feel down today. Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I feel bad about how I look. I look so lifeless/dull. All of my insecurities are pouring down on me and that just makes me want to cover my face. I feel really bad that I'm starting to shed tears now.

  20. My mood for Today?, is SUPER HAPPY, because I'm in love!...Love is in the Air!....I'm in love with my friend. : )

    Name: Jessa Otero
    Email Address: jes(.)otero(@)

    Thank you!

  21. What's my mood today?

    Giggling and Excited! I'm a regular fan of your blog especially on makeup reviews. I find them very helpful and when you showcased this amazing estee lauder's lippies.. I immediately wanted to own one... but got excited when while scrolling down I read that there's a contest to win this! :) I've joined a couple of contests in your blog but have not yet got my luck! I'm hopeful though that atleast I have a chance to win :) Thanks Nikki, God Bless!

    Name: Ira Pangilinan
    Email address:

  22. Today is a beautiful, fun-filled day. I'm very much in a happy mood because I just made a perfect meal for my family.I was able to make a wonderful appetizer, sumptuous main course and delicious dessert. I should applaud myself because I have been productive all throughout the day. I managed to do a general cleaning of our house despite my busy-ness. I received a new assignment and once again I'll be busy working online but it's okay because I still have two hours of me-time. I'm doing my makeup now because hubby will treat me to a movie after dinner. Have a great day/night everyone!

    Name: Michelle Ame
    email: michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com

  23. my mood for today is chirpy!
    i played scrabble with my mum & lil bro. i cant believe that i had to pass twice because my letter combination are so bad. to think that i'm an english teacher.hahaha!

    but it's the experience that counts. it's been a while since i get to play with my family & it was enjoyable!


  24. Name: Jessa Roque

    My mood for today is excited...not just for me but for my man as well. I know this mood has been a constant answer to your question, but that is exactly what I feel right now. I am excited that everything falls on how I/we planned it. We have started building the house we have dreamed of. My man always wanted a place for his family, and just last week, the construction of their own house started. I love how he works hard for his family and I am always excited for the changes that are happening in his life. :)

  25. Name: Vivian B. Viernes
    Liked Estee Lauder Phils Fanpage

    My mood for today: Euphoric.

    Yes, EUPHORIC! I’m starting a new and fresh blog. After a year of hibernation, finally I have time to share my experiences again. I’m so thrilled with new things to try. Excited with new friends to meet and of course joining contest like these. I even received so much excellent news today. So many things to be grateful for. Make it more euphoric?? I’m enrolling to Philippine’s most prestige fashion and make-up school. It’s a Euphoric First day of June for me.

  26. My mood today is Love Me Tender.... I am feeling down lately because of what's happening with my personal life. I feel insecure. However, I know that people close to me loves me tenderly and I am hopeful that everything will be alright in God's own time....

    Name: Norissa Chavez

  27. What's my Mood today?
    1. Like Estee Lauder Philippines Fanpage:

    2. What's my Mood Today?

    I am so happy and excited right now!
    I am a registered nurse now for almost a year and I can't see the fulfillment everytime I do my job as a nurse.
    I felt like, I need to do MORE.
    Now, I am happy to say that I got admitted to a prestigious medical school!

    Right now, I feel like I'm fulfilled already even though classes has not yet begun haha!

  28. My mood today is EXCITED and GRATEFUL. I'm so excited to try my new flats which my hubby bought me yesterday. I'm very grateful to him despite of financial problems coming our way, he still keeps his promises and makes me feel happy by giving surprise gifts. I'm also excited while reading this blog because I'm a newbie when it comes to make-ups and in search of pretty pink lipstick, I think estee lauder is worth a try.

  29. forgot to include my details:

    Name: Katherine Rose C. Rivera

  30. i feel so lost :( i lost my wallet with all of my cards and id while shopping @ sm makati awhile ago :(

    name: rhea rivera

  31. What's my mood today?

    I feel happy,sun shiny and bright!I consider myself a sunshine person.I am a sun lover and I am a lover of all beautiful things for that matter. I love taking chances, considering risks, doing favor for others, trying out new food, achieving my goals. . I am living my life to the fullest, enjoying every minute of today like there’s no tomorrow. I embrace life with arms wide open, for possibilities, risks, improvements,developments,even criticisms. I shine in my own little way. And I love it!

    I shine in the best possible way that I could and I give my best sunshine to everyone each day (even in gloomy times)

    Min Viloria

  32. My mood for the day is Pink Lolita. We're in this weird interim weather where summer has passed and it's supposedly the rainy season but the heat of the sun says otherwise. I think Pink Lolita is a nice bright color that is youthful and can cheer up anyone's day. For someone like me who is borderline thirty (ha!) and is somewhat juggling so many things in my personal life (just found out the boyfriend's dad has hepatocellular CA), I badly need some cheering up.

    Kira Mae Ramirez

  33. Name : Monette Nama
    Email :

    My mood today was best described by "Sealed with a Kiss" when I tried the Reveal your mood app from the Estee Lauder Philippines Fanpage. It's interesting how the color I chose reflects how I feel today. I feel passionate and strong and brave today.

    I'm currently facing challenges in life and I feel that I need to be strong and brave and most of all beautiful in facing the tough times.

  34. Right now, I'm in the mood for a hot cup of caramel macchiato and a chewy choco chip cookie. I'm winding up on work and the adrenaline rush of the day is wearing off.

    Earlier, I have chosen Nectarine as my fave color of the day out of all Estee Lauder PureColor Lipstick shades. The Reveal Your Mood app said that my mood is sealed with a kiss. While I have definitely been emotionally connected with my work today, I'm afraid that the only smooching happening will be later with my pet cat.

  35. sorry, i forgot to include my details.
    ma. christie calata