Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AMW Version: "Summer's Almost Over"

AMW Version for the week, I brought out my Dollface 88pcs Eyeshadow Palette because I haven't been using it much lately!  The summer may be over but there's no reason why I cannot use bronzey colored eyeshadow because it works on a lot of skin color!   

"Summer's Almost Over" --- a look I created to showcase the look of summer (using bronze) and the coming of the rainy season (silvery gray colors).  Blended together to showcase the weird sunny and rainy days we are encountering nowadays!

AMW Diagram

Step 1:
Prior to eyeshadow application, you can opt to use your favorite eyeshadow primer, in my case, I used the Maybelline Impact Express eyeshadow stick in gold.

Pat on a similar shade on top.  I gently dab it all over my lids going a bit beyond the crease.  

Step 2:
I used a smaller brush to define my crease by drawing a line a little bit above my crease, filled in dark silver eyeshadow from the same Dollface 88pcs Eyeshadow Palette.  You can opt to use different shades to match with the gold eyeshadow on Step 1.

Step 3:
Use a matte beige eyeshadow, I applied this on the brow bone as "highlight".

I forgot to draw a diagram but I used a shimmery white eyeshadow to be applied on the inner corner to brighten up your eyes.

Step 4:
Line my upper lash line with Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Black.  Tight line with Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in dark brown and also lined my waterline.

Curled my lashes and apply coats of your favorite mascara.  In this AMW Version, I am using Revlon CustomEyes Waterproof Mascara in Black.

 Voila, a bit bigger looking eyes for someone who has small eyes :D

And here's to show you what I used on the rest of my face

For the Face:
San San Soleil Matte Foundation
Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover in BO10

For the Cheeks:
I Nuovi Colours D36 in Lollipop

For the Lips:
San San Soleil Lipstick in Nude Carribean

AMW Version of "Summer's Almost Over" look
with my new haircut from Tony & Jackey

Think happy thoughts!  Weekend may be far away but there's no reason why you shouldn't smile!
Let's celebrate each day of our lives!  We only live once! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. your hair looks great! :) This post reminded me that I should use my doll face palette soon as well. teehee..:)


  2. hi nikki, i love the eye colour, are you doing a review soon about the san san soleil collection, the foundation looks good on you.


  3. love love love the blush shade. such a sun set glow for the eye shadows, cute ;-)

  4. the look is simple yet pretty. and i like your haircut!

  5. Very nice eotd! By the way, your hair looks very nice! What treatment ginawa sayo? Love the haircut too!

  6. great look! i love your hair!

  7. What a beautiful look! Love your hair too.

  8. Besides from your makeup, I love your hair! :) I haven't seen that SanSan Soleil matte foundation yet. I gotta check their stores.

  9. hey
    your eye shadow blends so nicely. I can never get mine to blend so nicely.

    hehe the lip colour suits you so well:P pretty.~~~

  10. ang ganda ganda ng hair!!! and i love this look...pabata ng pabata Miss Nikki ah.... :)

  11. sis!!! post your new hair do pls :D

  12. @makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! I know, we need to look back and check our stuff and see which ones we can start using..again :D

  13. @aringkingking Still ont he process of reviewing, the coverage is quite good but the shade is a bit light on my skin :) Will post once I'm done with reviewing

  14. @Marge Thanks! I like the blush shade too :)

  15. @Crystal Yes, as much as possible I want to make sure make-up application is simple for everyone :) Thanks for the compliment on my haircut

  16. @valeriecabance It's Keratin Treatment with free Haircut :)

  17. @CherryButtons Soleil is part of the summer collection so I guess its just new sa stores :) Do check them out :)

  18. @purple snowflake Thanks dear! I love how natural the lip color looks too :)

  19. @Issa LOL! siyempre mga feelinggerang palaka tayo :P

  20. @xin The last photo is my new 'do! My hair is longer and layers are not shaped right, so yeah, last photo :)

  21. your hair is fabulous!

  22. great look,sis!
    neutrals look good on you!
    i like how neutrals can go from day to night!

  23. @*KiM* Hello girl! mas nice pa pag inayusan mo ako! hahaha one time, kung may parties akong i attend ! I may need your services! Inggit ako sa mga ginawan mo ng hair eh!


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