Friday, July 29, 2011

AMW Reports: Paul & Joe's Summer Collection and I got the Pouches!

Every since I discovered the beauty of SALE (which started long, long time ago!), I also discovered my capability to hoard and stock up (which started when I got a job)  The first ever cosmetic brand that I was willing to spend my hard-earned money on?

You guess it right! Paul & Joe!

Nobody paid me to love this brand.  It must be the gorgeous packaging, the "classy" feel, or it could be the product itself ---- the natural beauty that comes from within.

I used to be updated with the collections from Paul & Joe, but since I haven't been going out much and if I do, it's usually work related, I wasn't able to take a sneak peek on what's out there!  Thanks to the Paul & Joe Newsletter that I got Issue no. 21 which features Blue Heaven for Summer! 

Paul & Joe's 2011 Summer Collection
You can check out more details of the products and prices HERE

And guess what I got from this collection?  No, it's not make-up, but 2 cute cosmetic pouches printed with the Whale Design as part of the Paul & Joe collection!

The smaller pouch, I like to put my mascaras, eyeliners, primers etc... I love that it opens up wide so its easy for me to get whatever product I need!

Closer look at the zipper, there's a cute gold plated whale design!

For the bigger pouch, it has 2 zippers with similar whale design!  This looks small but it can carry a lot of stuff!


This is where I put my airbrush products!  On the other side of the zippered pouch, I usually put my powder foundation, setting powders, loose powders etc..

Feel free to add up Paul & Joe Philippines via Facebook so you get updated on their sale schedules or learn about the freebies you can get from make-up purchases!

I actually got myself a Paul & Joe Luggage 3 years ago!  It pays to be a loyal customer!  We get some "cute" perks!

What's your favorite Paul & Joe product?
My vote still goes to the Paul & Joe Dual Protective Powder Foundation.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. super cute!!!!! love the whale zipper. can rip it off the pouch and use it as a pendant!

  2. Got the same! Yipee. :) But I'm yet to photograph them, busy bee! See you tom, Nikki love! Muah!

  3. those pouches are so cute! hanggang ngayon, wishing pa rin ako to get my first ever Paul and Joe product, LOL....

  4. they are cute! love the lining on the bigger pouch - frosted!

    i've honestly haven't tried any Paul&Joe products. i don't know what's stopping me from getting them, even on sales - which are often here.

    i'd like to see that makeup luggage! ^_^

  5. it's always nice to receive freebies! too paul and joe is not available here in Cebu.

  6. @xin Good idea! but remind me not to bring this pouch when we meet! LOL I don't want you ripping this off!

  7. @Issa Ok lang yan, no pressure! With Majolica Majorca just around the corner and KATE by KANEBO< there's a lot of inexpensive alternatives

  8. @MereMakeupManiac OO nga, I heard the sales there in SQ is great! Most of the sale products down here came from SQ! So mga tira tira dito! JOKE :P

    Re; Makeup luggage, its actually just a luggage and not specifically for makeup, i blogged about it here

    Bongga ang ginastos ko to get this as a freebie!

  9. @Hollie OO nga eh, I don't think they are branching out real soon! imagine mo, one branch lang Rustan's Makati, and they still haven't open up another one at Rustan's Shangri-La! I have a friend from Cebu who asks me to help her purchase P&J Products! grabe no? :D

  10. What a cute pouch you got! love it!

  11. Your too lucky! Paul and Joe is such a great brand, and that make up kit looks lovely! Btw, am hosting my first giveaway with a beautiful neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake. Hope you can join! - Mar

  12. Love the cute whale slider I should check out there site for the pouch.

  13. @gio Too cute that I don't want it to get dirty :(

  14. @Mar Thanks for sharing the giveaway! Goodluck, I hope a lot of people join! I've checked it out and looks really interesting :D

  15. @maroun I hope they sell it! Not sure if this only comes as GWP!

  16. Paul & Joe have great packaging. totoo yan! Wow thats a lot of shelling money out! :D gotta love make up!

  17. I got these pouches din Nikki! Too cute

  18. I also have both bags Nikki! :) I use the bigger one for my brushes and the smaller one for eyeliners and lipsticks. They're super cute no?! :3 Have you seen the autumn collection na?


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