Saturday, July 30, 2011

AMW Reviews: TEARS Glam HD Powder Foundation

TEARS, is a cosmetics brand owned by famous Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo.
I have tried their eyebrow pencil and I was impressed with its quality and they are cheaper as compared to other Korean brands like Etude House, SkinFood, The Face Shop, Missha etc...  I believe the store was on store wide sale when I visited the shop thus the inexpensive price range!  

I went back to the store to hoard on the TEARS Line & Mode Autobrow, I took a bit more time to look around and saw a powder foundation called Glam HD!  

I asked the SA to help me apply the darkest shade (yes, darkest!) which was number 23 Natural Beige on half of my face as I walked around and test the foundation.  The weather was cool then so I really can't tell.  Since I'm there and I won't be returning, I bought it right away because it's expensive for a HD (High Definition)! 
Now that I'm back in our dear hot and humid and crazy weathered country, I've tested and used this a couple of times.  I'm ready to reveal my thoughts.....

Tears Glam HD Two-Way Cake says ---
Sorry, can't find their website and the details on box is in Korean.
SPF25 PA++
Available in 3 shades: 13(Light Beige), 21 (Beige), 23 (Natural Beige)

AMW says ---
  • Very nice "chic" dark blue packaging.  Shape is unique.
  • The "sponge" compartment has holes for the sponge to breathe.
  • Huge mirror!!!  
  • I think they sell refills!  Even if not, the size of the refill is similar to Revue (Japanese Brand).
  • The texture of the powder is smooth and easy to apply on skin.
  • Evens out the skin.
  • Gives light to medium coverage.  
  • Absorbs the oil after application.  Skin looks fresh and matte.
  • After application, settles into the skin and blends in with the skin color.
  • I've used this for photos with direct flash, my face still looks a bit lighter than the neck but not too much as compared to regular powder foundation.  
  • Packaging could get a bit too bulky if you have small purse.
  • Since the packaging is a bit glossy, I can see fingerprints after every use!  It irks me :(
  • Only 3 shades to choose from.
  • Dry skinned individuals may "flake" a bit especially on the sides of the nose.
  • Not available locally or even in other countries!  Have to purchase this in Korea or through resellers.
I haven't tried enough High definition (HD) powder foundation so I really can't compare this to other brands!  This isn't a "To die" for product, MAC Studiofix Powder Foundation has better coverage. Keep in mind for the price of Tears Glam HD Powder Foundation, it's 3x cheaper than MAC and the product performs as it should.  It has oil-control function, evens the skin tone and sets the liquid foundation quite well.

  • If you want a bit more coverage, use a sponge for application.
  • To be used as setting powder, use a big fluffy brush to apply all over face adding more on areas that you know will oil up.
  • Do not drop the compact!  
  • Wash the sponge before use.  Wash the sponge as often as 2-3x per week if you're using this on a daily basis.
  • Dry skinned individuals: Moisturize really well prior to using this foundation.  This product "sucks" oil.
  • Oily skinned individuals: You can still use your favorite oil-control face primer prior to usage.  If you plan to re-apply, blot your face with a tissue paper or oil-blotting paper so the oil from your skin won't transfer to the sponge.  May cause bacteria build-up.
  • If you have friends traveling to Korea, you can ask them to help you purchase, available at MyeongDong area.  They won't miss it as the store is huge!
  • Re-use the packaging by purchasing refills even from different brands as long as the pan size is similar!
Will I repurchase?
For personal use, I won't.
For clients with oily skin, ok as setting powder!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Normal, Oily-skinned individuals who likes the oil-control plus the smooth and light feel of the powder foundation.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Tears store around 13,250KRW (Php530.00/$12.30).

23 Natural Beige
Freshly applied looks lighter than my skin color 
but it settles after a couple of minutes. 
(I am not acidic)

Applied all over face with sponge, I look fresh! 
If you get the chance to click to photo to enlarge, 
you'll see that the sides of my nose dried up a bit!

Gorgeous case which I wouldn't mind to re-use!
I have a couple of Revue refills that doesn't have a house! :)

Liked any HD Foundation product that's inexpensive?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I've never heard of this brand, but it's so cool that you got to try it. Tears sounds a bit of an odd name for a makeup brand though...but the packaging is really cute.

  2. GoodMorning Nikki!~

    Hahahah! Mr. AMW should have smiled for the camera! :p I can see him in the glossy cover! hehe. Anyway, Nikki!~ I think this is bad, but you're making me want to go to Korea, because of all these inexpensive (..that works) make-up! Ay yay yayy!

  3. You still have Revue??! Lucky you! :)

    Not digging the brand name but sounds like a good product to try if you're in Korea. :)

  4. Why did you ask for the darkest shade? U're not that dark!

  5. Ha ha. I've read on your other blog post on why the brand is named as such.. Hanep!

    Nway, i'm loving the case most especially but I guess I won't fit on any of their shades. Koreans kasi are so fair.

  6. Interesting new brand thanks for sharing! If you're looking at Korean cosmetics brand I suggest Hera. Read on another blog that its divine!

  7. @EveryDay Makeup blog It is indeed odd, but the actor got the name when he visited the Philippines and everyone called him "Mr. Tears" :D

  8. @Anonymous hahhah his face is not seen naman :) So its ok :D Yup save up and plan a vacay to Korea :D

  9. @Pammy Yup, I bought a lot of refills from Sale!

  10. @Bun Bun Makeup Tips shade is actually on their "darkest shade" category, their colors are a bit light!

  11. @Belle hahaha di ba??? hahahah well I'm glad that the Philippines took part of it kahit sa brand name lang :)

    Agree, they are fair so they seldom have darker shades

  12. @katatonik WOW! Never heard! :) thanks for sharing

  13. This is the first psot of yours that I've read but I must say your skin looks terrific in this picture! I've used the Tears powder before and was not very impressed (well I liked it until I tried powders from other Korean brands :P) but looking at how this worked on you makes me feel like trying this brand again :)


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