Sunday, December 26, 2010

AMW Reviews: Tears Line & Mode Autobrow

Hi everyone!  How was Christmas Day?  Got any gifts you've been dreaming off?  Well, I had a wonderful Christmas Day as I spent it with both families!  Went on a short day trip at Tagaytay for some R&R with my family because my brother came back for vacation and I am sure his tummy is craving for his favorite Bulalo!  Though traffic was crazy, everything went well and I was able to spend quality time with my husband's family for dinner!  It was a busy day but it was definitely a day filled with love, laughter and of!

Though I may sound like I'm on vacation mode, well, this blog isn't resting!  There are a couple of reviews I want to share to everyone!  Especially to a lot of my readers who emailed me telling me they will be off to Korea next year!  *jealous mode*  Most questions I've asked?  "What to buy in Korea?" 

A LOT!  But let me start one product at a time and I have to justify why it's "a must buy", right?  First things first, this brand is definitely new to a lot of you!  The brand sounds weird actually but to my dear Philippine readers, you'll be proud how this brand name came about....

Stairway to Heaven star Kwon Sang Woo has been a spokesperson  for other cosmetics brand for more than 5 years (author inserts: The Face Shop) and he found this industry to be a charm!  He then prepared for his own cosmetics business and got involved personally with brand planning and product development! 

Here's the wonderful part about why he named the cosmetics brand Tears....

An interview taken from
"Back in Philippines, when I was doing the promotion of my Korean TV drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’, fans called me ‘Mr Tears’ where I feel it a good sense of language.”

Now that you've got a bit of insight on the cosmetic brand, let me proceed with the first Tears product I will be reviewing, I actually bought this at Tears, Myeong Dong branch which is the first branch opened!

Tears Line & Mode Autobrow

Tears Line & Mode Autobrow says ---
Sorry, I can't seem to find their website, maybe they have one in Korean version.

AMW says ---
  • Sealed upon purchase to assure freshness of product
  • Available in at least 3-4 shades (base on my bad memory)
  • Very inexpensive!
  • No need to sharpen!
  • Build in eyebrow brush which is very useful!
  • Lasts quite some time!
  • Can be easily shared to others as you can easily spritz the tip with makeup remover for hygiene purposes.
  • Can be easily removed with makeup remover
  • Not widely available! :(
I won't say this is the BEST eyeliner to date because I still have a lot of other Korean branded eyebrow pencils (The Face Shop, Missha, etc...)  Will do reviews on them one by one then probably will come back and choose the best.
For its price though, it is indeed the most inexpensive and wonderful eyebrow pencil I've owned!

  • Draw with light hand motion
  • Choose the eyebrow pencil shade that's a bit close to your hair color, I chose mine BR02 which is the lightest because I have light colored hair!
  • If you think you've drawn a bit too much or too dark, no need to remove it with makeup remover, brush gently with the brush that comes with the eyebrow pencil!
  • Find your shade, try on testers before you purchase, do not depend on "guessing" and ask your friends to hoard for you!
  • If you are like me who knows the right eyebrow pencil shade, you can ask your friends who plan to travel to Korea to purchase for you!!!
  • Do not forget to include the eyebrow area in wiping off makeup at night!
Will I repurchase?
YES!  I actually purchased 3 because I tried this brow pencil on spot and love it!  I feel bad that I did not purchase more though!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who likes eyebrow pencils and wants the natural looking brows that doesn't break the bank!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Myeong-Dong, Seoul Korea for KRW4,000 which is approximately Php100.00/$2.25.

Tears Line & Mode Autobrow in BR02
Product used a couple of times so the eyeliner side is not perfect!
Eyebrow Brush that comes with the pencil is really soft and easy to use!

Tears BR02 Swatched on hand 
Similar to my Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil No. 2

Before and after of eyebrows

So far, this is my favorite eyebrow pencil that I reach out for on a daily basis!
Such a great alternative for my Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil!
What's your favorite inexpensive Eyebrow Pencil?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I used to be a KSW fan...until he lied about the pregnancy...I mean yes a lot of ppl lie, swear up and down that they weren't pregnant...only to be 3 months pregnant...
    But damn he was cute in his youth XD
    anyway I wish I used pencils more so that I could buy this product! leaving korea soon, and its making me so sad. I mean i want to come back in a year and a half, but who knows if things will happen as i want it too...
    ahhhh...kk...anyway, hope you had a merry christmas!! XD

  2. it is a fantastic feeling when cheap works as good right? this brow pencil reminds me so much of daiso ones, cheap and good too.

    p/s: love your camera necklace!

  3. Rasilla, wow! thanks for sharing, I didn't know that! Oh no, leaving Korea soon? well don't be sad, who knows? They'll be more chances of going back and I hope I'll be visiting Korea the same time you will and a blogger eyeball would be wonderful!

    Xin, oh, haven't tried the Daiso one, I must take a look! hahaha on the Camera Necklace! the hubby and the brother who's into photography loves it!

  4. I bought this eyeliner when I was in Korea but I have to say, the best one they have is Clio Professional Kill Black. In my case, i bought the Kill Brown too! :) Completely Smudge proof! Around 10000-12000 KRW which is roughly 500 pesos? With its quality, its super worth it! :)

  5. i'm using Za brow pencil on a daily basis for 2 years now...never failed me! :D

  6. Aimeeren, CLIO! I haven't seen it! awwww !

    Eva, we don't have ZA brand here, sad to say :(

    Anonymous, welcome and thanks too!


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