Saturday, August 13, 2011

AMW Reports: GlamBox Airbrush Workshop

What do you get when you put in 30 ladies who are make-up enthusiasts, Beauty Bloggers and 2 Crazy instructions in ONE area?  A riot!  A good, prettifying riot!

When Valerie from GlamBox contacted me and Sophie to be the instructors for their first ever airbrush workshop called "Lights, Camera, Airbrush Workshop", I agreed right away!  Aside from my passion for teaching + make-up, it was such an honor to be part of a workshop!   

July 30, it was a rainy Saturday, the sky outside was gloomy but look at the area when we arrived!  Such a sunny day all of a sudden!

As if the area did not warm our hearts enough, GlamBox made sure to warm up our tummy before the workshop!  Sophie and I can't help but be the first to give these dishes a try!  I can still remember the exact reaction of Shobe Sophie with her first Siomai bite! :P

After yummy lunch, we've decided to do what we're supposed to do --- EAT ahem I mean TEACH!  We prepared the table with materials needed for the lesson!

Lovely Val welcome the lucky participants and introduced the 2 instructors for the afternoon!  I think I heard they are super fun, super gorgeous, super sexy, super smart + all the positive superlatives you can think of!  No violent reactions.  Those who disagree will be ejected out of their seat right this moment! :P

Sophie and I have decided to split the lesson in half.  I started the first half while lovely Sophie sat next to me to assist me and would give her thoughts on some issues or questions raised during the session.  I started the workshop  with skin care talk, brush cleansing techniques then discussed the basics of the Airbrush System.

The exciting part is here when I asked for a volunteer, thanks Ara for being such a wacky Model!  She told me right away that she wanted to hide her freckles!  I personally think she looks great with them but hey!  Since we're talking about make-up and coverage is very important, she's the perfect model for the day!

I corrected her freckles first PRIOR to airbrush foundation application.  Do not forget to fill in your brows with eyebrow gel that's a shade darker than the usual eyebrow shade you use, this will lighten up after foundation application!

Airbrush application, for starters can be really tedious, but once you get the hang of it, putting airbrush make-up on your own face will be a breeze!  You can ask one of the participants who swore on airbrush make-up!  She told me it cuts make-up time in half!  Or more!

A quick break after the first session!  Val hosted simple games as participants gamely raises their hands to answer simple, yet fun questions!

My lovely Shobe Sophie's turn!  She continued the discussion to take about Contouring/Highlighting, Blush Application and even Eyeshadow Application using the airbrush gun!  

She shared to the group how you can also use mineral pigments, mixed with water to create your own airbrush eyeshadow shades!  Keep in mind that the pigments should be fine! Even if I'm there as an instructor, I have to admit that I've learned so much too just by listening to her! :)

Ara's Left and Right Face
Left - Airbrushed
Right - Without Airbrush make-up
Thanks Ara for being a good sport!

Photo-op with the Beauty Bloggers who graced the event! 

A group shot of everyone!

Of course if there's a group shot, there will always be...
A Wacky Shot!

Instructors with GlamBox Beauties Valerie and Andrea!

Thank you GlamBox for entrusting us to share our make-up/skincare knowledge to the lovely ladies!  Thanks to the participants for taking part in sharing their love for beauty!  The beauty bloggers, who are already knowledgeable in beauty for taking the time to support us.

Special thanks Clarissa Martin and Keith Tiu for the photos, Monique Hilario of LayBare and Angel Macaranas of Depot Fashion.

Lastly, thanks to my partner-in-beauty crimes Sophie for being my "ka-holding hands" partner!  It was fun being your partner again and I'm looking forward for more!

These are just some of the wonderful happenings in my life that keeps me alive and happy!  I thank the Lord everyday for giving me the capability to teach and be taught!  

Let's all stay grateful and keep these positive energies! 
Happy Weekend!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy


  1. wow ate nikki! congrats for a successful gig once again :) sana nakattend man lang ako kahit minsan bago ako umalis =( hindi ko pa kayo nammeet ng manila bloggers hehe

  2. Congrats for the successful gig and workshop! :)

  3. nako ate nikki, nung una akala ko sa hair ko din nga..but eto pa, may double chin na ako.."sort of double chin" eh wala naman dati =( so indeed tumaba na talaga hahaha and i weigh 5lbs more hahaha

  4. hehehe i was a little late cuz i had lunch first hahaha snacks kasi sa invite, pero go, i still loved the lollipops and the siomai. ran to country style next door for coffee hahaha.
    this was a great event, and clearly for you and Shen, i'd go to makati any saturday ^_^
    super nice to have met and spoken to Sophie. wish i had more time to pick her brain, hehehe next time ;-)

  5. wow, this looks like a fun event! congrats! hope there will be more workshops and wish i could join next time! :)

  6. @miemiemie Sis are you back ba dito sa Manila? :D

  7. @Pammy All thanks to my partner Sophie and to GlamBox too! We just attended on that day and everything else, they handled and organized it pretty well!

  8. @miemiemie with or without double chin, MAGANDA ka pa rin!

  9. @Marge Hindi ka late! Yup I remember salivating for your coffee! nanginggit daw? :P

  10. @Issa Agree, sali sali ka whatever na meron para magkita tayo ulit! :)

  11. sis, sayang i missed this. sana maaga ko nalaman na sa OSMA ka pla para nakapag meet sana tau (idol) hehe


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