Monday, April 2, 2012

AMW Reports: Studio SnR's First I Love Beauty Workshop

Happy Monday AMW readers!  A lot of the local readers are probably off to their  hometown or are taking a week off from work for the Holy Week celebration!  :)  Take care okay?

Over the weekend, the first ever I Love Beauty Workshop happened at the Studio SnR!  First of all, I am very happy to be part of this event, as you all know, AskMeWhats started because I LOVE Beauty!  I am a firm believer of beauty in everybody!  It doesn't have to be what's on the outside but always have to consider what's on the inside! 

March 31, doesn't hurt to learn how to prettify ourselves on the outside! :)

As I got in the studio, the familiar "warm, fuzzy" feel greeted me at the reception area!  I huge poster from our friends of Garnier and Serenitea were there.

I was greeted by Sydney Go of Studio SnR, I wore a light green top to support our Garnier friends while Sydney looks so good on her Red and Blue floral dress that reminded me so much of Garnier's Pure Active! 

I looked around and can't help but praise the studio for job well done on the area set up!  I spied on 3 tables to welcome the attendees.

On each seat, you get to see a round mirror, makeup brush set, face chart with pencil for the attendees to note down the right products meant for their skin!

 And because this workshop is I Love Beauty with Maybelline, Garnier and AskMeWhats, you will see a good amount of Maybelline and Garnier testers!  I went to the studio early and I'm glad I did because I was able to look around and check out the new wonderful products that Maybelline and Garnier offer! 

I nearly died as 98% of the testers were new and sealed!

 As a food lover, I went ahead with my thick-face and checked out the snacks area!  I've always have great experiences snacking at the Studio SnR!  The last time I attended Studio SnR x Bobbi Brown Mastering the Basics, I have tried the best fish sticks and nachos and I'm so happy to be reunited with the gorgeous snacks!  I promise you, I tried so hard not to eat prior the workshop!  *whispers* I did AFTER! :P

Egg sandwich, cookies, fish sticks, nachos and a lot more!

Let's not forget Serenitea!

To keep the workshop rolling, we started off by color-swatching the participants who arrived!   

Archie Tolentino, Maybelline Philippine's Chief Makeup Artist and myself went around the area to help pick the right foundation shade for everyone!  It was also the best time for me to meet new girl-friends who love beauty as much as I do!

Sydney started the program by welcoming the participants to the studio introduced them to the companies who made this workshop possible --- Garnier and Maybelline at the same time, introduced me as their special guest :).  She also explained that each of the lucky participants have their own Studio SnR box which includes a lot of tools needed during the workshop!

Cotton pads, cotton buds (one with rounded tip and the other was sharp tip), sponges, Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipe, Head band to prevent hair from getting into the face during makeup application and discount coupons from Serenitea!

I started off the presentation, on behalf of Garnier Philippines, to talk about the importance of skincare routine!  I also shared some tips on how to take care of our skin!  

It was a joy for me to see the participants open up their Studio SnR box and pull out the makeup sponge and grab Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub and start removing their existing makeup!  They even went ahead and toned with Garnier Milky Lightening Dew.  

I was so happy as I didn't expect them to be "this game" to strip off everything and really get into this makeover! :)

Archie turned the room upside down (in a very good way) when he told everyone how having a good makeup will always start with a good set of brows!  Each of the students were given the chance to check their face shape and advised on good eyebrow shapes for them to work on!

 Archie chose a model and groomed the left side of her brows and everyone in the room can see an instant change just by shaving off excess hair!

 Students getting busy on grooming and redefining their own brows!

Of course, both Archie and I were there to guide the students!

Next came concealing, most of the students can apply the right shade of foundation as we continue with the right way on concealing dark, undereye circles!  It helps to use "orange" based concealer to counteract the bluish tint of under eye circles!

For each step, each of the participants were given the time to do their own faces as we roam around and help those who have questions!  

Archie continued by sharing how he will teach everyone to replicate the poster on local Maybelline counters but will do some tweaks and make it more "manageable" for regular people!  

Participants stood up to get their choice of eyeshadow palettes and chose a light sweep of color applied all over the lids and proceeded to pencil lining their waterline, tigh-tlining and of course, some went ahead to apply gel liner or liquid liner on the upper lash line.

Everyone was lucky enough to try the bestselling Maybelline The Falsies mascara which gets sold out on a lot of Maybelline counters!

See how everyone is so into the makeover?  The best part was how a lot were quite adventurous in choosing their blush and lip color!  It all spells... F-U-N!

 As soon as the workshop was over, everyone was given loot bags from Maybelline and Garnier!

These girls walk out pretty and they also get to use the new products they received!

Another successful event as organized by Studio SnR!  A photo of myself, Archie and Sydney!

Here are some of the collage of some photos taken with participants!  It was great meeting everyone!!!

P.S. I am wearing Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipcolor in Red Revival!

And of course, I should get to have a photo taken with 2 lucky winners from my past Studio SnR Gives contest!  Thanks for being a sweetheart Angeli and Gidjette!

Oh, before I forget, aside from the cool Studio SnR box, each of the participants get to take home these...

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I love you all!

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  1. looks really fun! i am not too much of a workshop person but if it's hosted by u, i'd definitely love to go!

  2. What a great workshop! Looks like you all had a great time!

    1. Thanks Gio! I had a great time and I hope the participants as well! :)


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