Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Food Trip at Mak Chang Korean Restaurant

Happy April Fools' Day!!!

Ah, Sunday!  A good rest day for me before I head off for another busy week!  It's the week of the Holy week!  What are your plans?  I will be off to a vacation with Mr. AMW and I will definitely tell you more about it once we get there! *winks*

Today, it's a Sunday so it's weekend food tripping post day!  Ahhh, another Korean restaurant post!  A lot of our friends knew how much Mr. AMW and I enjoy Korean dishes, a lot of them would recommend to us some "hidden gems" I'm glad they did, as we usually end up with great experiences as well!

The restaurant was located right across Robinson's Place Ermita, once we got in, we were guided to our table and I looked around and saw a lot of Korean customers enjoying their food!  As we waited for menu, we were asked to look at the simple "huge menu" right on the wall and the uniqueness of this Korean restaurant as compared to the rest?

Their very simple menu!  No bibimbap or jjyampong available!  We were guided by the servers by translating the meaning of some of the dishes written in Korean language. 

We were able to choose 2 types of meat (minimum order) and as we waited for our meat to arrive.  I looked around and I'm glad they have exhaust pipe for cooking pleasure!  Everything was clean by the way!

On to the free appetizers...

Korean Style Miso Soup
 Super flavorful!


Very spicy!

Various chili veggies
 Bean sprouts with sesame leaves and lettuce leaves
This is my favorite and I can say quite unique!  I haven't tried this in other Korean restaurants and I actually asked for second serving!

Our choice of meat arrived together with unlimited lettuce wraps!  All the appetizers above are free and you can request for seconds and thirds!

Samkyupsal (Pork)
Php250.00 (approx $5.95)

Once cooked,  I like leaving the "fatty" part on fire a bit for the fats to melt and turn crunchy!  Once cooked, I like cutting them into tiny pieces and wrap them together with kimchi and spices! 

Beef Galbi
Php480.00 (approx $11.40)
Very tender!  This is actually a "hit" for both of us! If not only because my tummy was exploding from the rice, appetizer and soup, I would definitely go for more!

The overall experience was quite nice.  It isn't the typical fancy Korean restaurants that you see in the metro but service was quick and servers were quick in helping you cook the meat and they would happily give you second or third servings of your favorite appetizers.

The restaurant accepts CASH payment only.  No service charge so feel free to tip them if you're happy with the service.

Makchang Korean Restaurant
Adriatico Street Corner Pedro Gil,
Malate, Manila

Any other Korean restaurants you've tried that's worth recommending?
I'd love to go for more Korean restaurants adventure!

Oh, before I end this, I believe a lot of you have watched the movie The Hunger Games right?   How do you like it?  I actually enjoyed the movie though it does seem like a local version of the Big Brother but I still enjoyed it nevertheless because of the presence of Action, a bit of comedy, drama and of course...romance!  The best part for me is the way they injected the value of friendship and family!   

**photo from Google images

I want to thank Nuffnang Philippines family, Banana Boat and Schick for the special screening!  Not only did we enjoyed the movie but we took home goodies!

Have you watched The Hunger Games?
Do you like it or not?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i feel left out as i haven't watched the hunger games yet. LOL! >.<
    food posts always make me hungry. =)

    1. never read the book, and i'm glad i didn't read the book, it kept my mind open, and i enjoyed the movie thoroughly. hurray for woman power!

    2. Don't ever feel left out dear, alam mo, marami akong movies di pa napapanood and everyone watched it na! hahahah :D

    3. Marge, read it or not, I'm glad I enjoyed the movie! it was fun to watch! ;D :P

  2. I haven't read nor watched Hunger Games. Super huli na as almost everyone's talking about it. :D

    The meat looks really tender and yummy, and I think I'd like the chili veggies. :)

    1. Girl! hahahha I haven't watch Captain America pa and it was last year! And would you believe I missed Breaking dawn? Kaya don't feel bad! hahahha

      The meat is super tender and delicious! The veggies, OH MY! Looking at the photos now, I'm craving!! It's quite unique

  3. except when the smell gets in my hair, i really like going to korean restaurants LOL
    so most likely when i do go to Korea, i'll prolly just stay out in the streets to grab my grub LOL para di concentrated yung smoke agad sa hair ko :P

    1. well, if you're off someplace else after dining here, well you're right, it's not a good idea! We had dinner and went home after this, so the smoke is ok! Tummy is happy naman! hahahah

  4. I'm so envious of the samgyupsal and galbi! I wanted to eat there but that resto is quite far from my place so I won't be able to go there anytime soon :(

    I haven't watched nor read Hunger Games but I will watch it tomorrow with my bf haha ^_^

    1. OO nga no? Don't worry sis, if I find good places to try near your area, will definitely let you know :)

      So , how was the movie? :D

  5. I haven't read the book or watched the movie.. uhm, for you what do you think makes it so good that it got so much popularity. :) :)

    1. I think it has to do with the social network, everyone's been talking about it so it really stirs up interest! Plus, the fact that it came from a book! Harry Potter, Twilight all came from a book and everyone would love to see book characters come to life! (probably that) :P

  6. have you try Bulgogi Brothers...??? the best...

    1. It's in our "next must try" list! :D any suggestion on which food to order?

  7. This resto was recommended by my Korean friend been gonig there ever since. Super sulit sa budget yung dami ng food.


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