Saturday, March 31, 2012

AMW Reviews: BSkin BB Cream

I have been dead loyal with my Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream for years and I'm done with my 3rd bottle!  I know, it's almost the same as the way I finish my Cleansing Oils!  I slurp, gulp and drink!  *hahaha*

For the past few months, I didn't open my 4th and last bottle of Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream as I have been testing BB creams that are locally available!  For the moment, there's 2 of them --- BSkin BB Cream and Snoe S Skin BB Cream!  Both sounds like they were cousins!  *hahaha* 

I will review BSkin first because I saw a 50% off deal online and some of you who would like to purchase this after reading this review may head on to the deal site!  (But please purchase at your own discretion, I am not connected with the deal site, I'm just here to help you guys save!) :)

BSkin BB Cream says ---
  • Heals blemishes and regenerates skin.
  • Conceals blemishes
  • Reduces UV damage to skin
  • ­­­ Whitens skin and ensures a healthy skin tone
  • Keeps skin firm
  • Fights ageing and reduces wrinkles


AMW says ---
  • Squeeze type tube makes it easy to control the amount of product needed.
  • Comes out white but once you apply on your skin, it adjusts to your skin color. *WICKED!!!*
  • For a BB Cream, this has build-able coverage!  
  • Lessens the look of redness and dark spots.
  • Moisturizes the skin at the same time.
  • Has SPF37 PA+++ which is quite higher than regular BB creams.
  • Easy to apply, blends into the skin easily without tugging.
  • Doesn't create a "gray" cast.
  • Skin looks glowing!
  • Very tiny hint of green tea scent that disappears.
  • Dry skinned individuals can use this on its own minus setting!  My skin looks plump and health!
  • Not easily seen on stalls or malls.
  • Does not have total oil control.  
  • Gearing towards to "pink" undertone so it will have a slight "pinkish" shade upon application.  (this will be gone a couple of minutes after though which makes it bearable.)
I like using this BB cream as it gives the effect my Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream gives!  It gets absorbed into the skin producing a healthy "glow" at the same time, it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. 

  • Apply a tiny amount with your clean bare hands and gently massage on your skin.
  • Though there are many ways to apply BB cream, I think the best way is the use of your "free" tool --- CLEAN FINGERS.
  • Apply more if needed but I suggest applying only a few amount at the start to see if the product will cause any allergic reactions.
  • If you are happy with the coverage of BSkin BB Cream, set with your choice of powder foundation.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes before you apply your foundation or setting powder.  It takes around 3-5minutes for the product to "set" into the skin.
  • For very oily skin: use blotting sheets to remove excess oil or apply blotting powder in the middle of the day to prevent oilies.
  • Once signs of irritations or allergic reactions occur, stop usage immediately.
Will I repurchase?
Not bad!  I  wouldn't mind purchasing this again!

To whom do I recommend this to?
I would say this works for dry, normal and combination skin.  Oily skin can still use this but may need the extra step of "setting" the BB Cream with an oil control powder.

Where to purchase and how much?
Php1,360.00 (approx $32.40) by texting 0922 8285814 or 0915 967416.  Saw a 50% off deal at Ensogo for Php680.00 (approx $16.00)  I'm not sure how long the deal will last!


Product fresh from the tube

As you gently massage, the color turns from white to "flesh" tone.
Reminded me so much of Le'gere BB Cream
This one is more watery though!

BSkin BB Skin has a bit more pink undertone but leaving it for a couple of minutes,
 it does adjust to my original skin color!

Would you give this BB Cream a try since it's on 50% off deal anyways?
In my opinion, if you are starting up on BB cream and wouldn't like to worry much on color matching, this is the best way to start! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Product sent for review.  Opinions 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Awe! It matches perfectly to ur skin! U're right! Most of BBcreams is over moisturizing for oily skin type I always have this problem :(

    1. I agree too! Well this one is not too moisturizing so it's ok :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up Nikki! That looks great coz it really adjusted to your skintone :)

    1. I have to quick note this to everyone, sayang ang 50% off ! :D


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