Saturday, March 7, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: L'egere BB Cream

The most intriguing BB cream I purchased, I've been wanting to try Le'gere White Multi-BB cream after seeing raves and raves from both beauty bloggers and you tubers! Before I wrap up all the BB creams I've tried (not a lot of them), here's my review.

Le'gere BB Cream says ---

All in One Function
  • Sun Protect
  • Makeup Base
  • Skin Cover
  • Foundation for 24 hours
Whitening & Skin Care Formula
  • Acts effectively on irritated skin, concealing dermal blemish and helps skin rejuvenation with innovative active ingredients
  • Block the penetration of UV rays and other harmful factors
  • This silicon-based formula defines a natural, long lasting complexion with gentle calming effects of natural plan derived soothing particles not only on oily and sensitive skin but also for sensitive skin
Good for

Skin that needs protection, irritated skin by peeling and laser procedures, sensitive and troubled skin


  • After following the daily skin routine, apply generously on face and senstive areas
  • For skin protection and natural looking coverage, lightly pat a small amount of product over entire face in the final stage of basic skin toning.

Arbutin, Cyclomethicone, Jojoba Oil, Polyglceyl-4 Isoterate, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1Deimethicone, Bees Wax, Tocopheryl acetate, Propyl Parabem, Sorbita Sesquioleate, Petrolatum, Titanium oxides, Cyslopentasiloxane, Iron Oxides/Dimethicone, Glycern, Butylene Glycol, Magnesium Sulfate, Mehtyl Paraben, Sodium Hysluronate, Marine Collagen, Rose Water, Centella Asiaticac

Weight: 50g
Origin: Korea

Askmewhats says ---


  • my skin glows a bit using this as base
  • no allergies
  • the redness on my skin lessened after several days of usage
  • gives out a medium coverage, top with foundation, the skin looks flawless
  • my make up stays longer, I retouch my powder once a day (as compared to 2-3 times in the past)
  • non-oily
  • scent is wonderful, not overpowering and it disappears afterwards
  • squeeze tube makes it easier for me to get the right amount of product


  • not available locally, it would be difficult to order one whole tube and finding out at the end for some of you that it doesn't work
  • only ONE shade available
  • texture is a bit difficult to spread out for someone who's got super dry skin like mine (I still use a moisturizer before using this product)


I won't be comparing this to my other BB creams for now, as I will do a separate post about it. But what people and the Taiwan Beauty Channel are raving about this product is TRUE. This product lives up to my expectation.

It works really well as make-up base, it does give a bit of coverage for my skin's redness, on days I don't feel like using a foundation, this acts as my tinted moisturizer and I just set it with a powder. This definitely blends in my skin well and even when photographed, it doesn't give out a white cast.

Here's how the product looks right
after you squeeze it out from the tube

Slowly spreading the product

(click photos to enlarge)

Without Flash

With Flash


  • make sure your hands are clean before applying the product
  • warm the product on your hand first by slowly spreading the product before applying it over your face
  • tap the product gently on your face, do not rub too hard
Will I repurchase?


Where did I purchase and how much?

At Bobodave shop for USD29.38 (approx Php1,400++) Email them for shipping details. I was told by the owner shipping overseas would be approximately USD2.00 (approx Php100)

And what's a product review
without putting this on my face?

(sorry photo didn't show the differences)

I have a little bit of discoloration
on the encircled area,
and it was lessened after applying Le'gere BB cream

Lemming button on? off?
Let me know what are your thoughts on the BB Cream craze!
There are so many brands out there it goes crazy!
But I am proud to say, I am happy with my BB cream purchases!
Whew! *wipes forehead*
I'll let you gals know my BB Cream summary! :)
Stay happy and enjoy the day!!!

Other bloggers' view on this bb cream ---

Kimberly Tia


  1. looks like the product disapeared into ur skin! even when it looks dark... dont think itll do that for me cuz im not that light skinned... but nice review, really helpful! hehehe XOXO

  2. Thank you for the review Nikki! I wanna try this. :)

  3. nice review nikki! how do you find wearing it out in hot weathers? coz im thinking of using the pink legere while i'm in the philippines (if i can be bothered putting make up on haha)

    and thank you for taking the time to read through my post haha. you're too sweet!

  4. Fun and Makeup, I think they were advertising it to say that this product adheres to the skin color, but I'm not sure how this will look to someone darker :)

    Nehs, you're welcome :)

    Jo, it is ok, I find this doesn't make my face oily, but I'm not sure how Pink Legere will work out. if you come down to the Philippines, make sure to take with you a powder, just for retouch! :)

  5. It does show up the differences. The skin in your second photo is more even toned and glowy!

  6. woohooo another bb cream..ate nikki, turns out that the aloe bb cream from skinfood isn't the reason why i i had breakouts..yung hair conditioner ko pala hindi ko hiyang haha

  7. I've been meaning to try this BB cream, but its just so darn expensive!!

  8. I think there isn't that much of a difference, you skin is pretty good to start with...

  9. ohmypetticoat, thank you for saying so :) I find there is a difference up close and personal too! :)

    Miemiemie, really? at least it's not the BB cream! whew...take care dear!

    Citine, thank you for saying so :) I have to be honest, the difference is quite minimal, but in real life, there is a difference :)

  10. i always have a craze for bb cream and mineral make up.
    but too heavy on my wallet.
    urgh. i really want one...

  11. Yay!!! this is the only "foundation" I use :) Did you say you still use foundation over this? I never thought of it. But I don't use foundie anyway :) Isnt amazing?? I love it! But yeah its sad that it has only 1 shade available :(

    Btw, my co-worker will be there and I told her to buy me some great things there that cannot be found here. Any recommendation? :) Magazine wise, make up wise etc :)

  12. Thanks for the review! It makes me want this BB cream more but I still have 3 unopened tubes and even more opened ones. @_@

    Wow it looks so dark but blends so well and even managed to make your skin look brither. I'm such a sucker for skin matching make-up.

  13. You ladies have me convinced to give this one a try. Its definitely on the wish list. Thanks hunnie for the awesome review!

  14. Thank you for the review. I've been wanting to try that BB cream for a while but I can't find it in Japan. Grrrrrr.....

    I started blogging just recently. Please come take a look!

  15. so many bb creams you have! but this one really interests me :)

  16. BB Cream! :D

    Thanks for the review! Hmm, I've been meaning to try them ever since I read them at a forum somewhere, but I've always been put off because of the color limitations. This one sounds promising though, too bad it's not available locally.

  17. i'm getting one for myself and my mom. i was looking for a good bb cream for dryish skin b/c other ones flaked my skin. this sounds amazing!

  18. everyone seems to love this but it just doesnt do it for me
    i think cos i need more coverage hahaha

  19. Xoanie, you're right! BB creams mostly ranges $20 above! it is expensive! If you have good skin though, you're ok not to use any BB Creams :)

    LyNn, yeah those BB creams are added expenses :)

    Iyah, I only use foundation over this on days I needed more coverage like special events, but on regular days, i just top this with a finishing powder to set it :) I know how much you love this too! :)

  20. Sabine, oh no! You have so much unopened BB cream, so yeah! NO MORE purchasing for now til you finish them! lol

    Yas, my pleasure, well let me know if you finally bought yours and how you like it ..or not :)

    K, I don't think it's even available in Japan, try ebay or from Bobodave :) Thanks for the comment, I'll head up to your site !

  21. Musicalfanlovesminerals, yeah! I know This is the last among the BB creams though :)

    Gingerbee, I know! Most stuffs we want are not even available locally! I think that's what make a product more interesting! hahaha the more we can't get it, the more we want it

    Paint Me Gorgeous, really? How do you like your Skin79 VIP Gold? I am loving it, I am actually giving it more time to see which one I like more :)

  22. Yumeko, I know what you mean, if you want heavier coverage, this is definitely NOT the one, this is really sheer and has a glowy effect. I think BRTC has heavier coverage :)

  23. your skin looks really good without anything!!!

    well even better with on i guess? :) thanks for the review!

  24. nice review - I've only tried 3 bb creams so far, but I much prefer L'egere for coverage over the other 2 :)

  25. It's kind of funny everyone is into BB cream at the moment. It's been around for so long. Nice review!

  26. thank you for this review!! I have been really curious about this BB cream too since everyone is raving about it! I really need to get myself some... :P

  27. Hi Nikki! nice review sis..Hmm I'm also in the BB Creams band wagon..I'll be testing Skin79 triple function Beblesh balm in Hot pink bottle soon :)

  28. MY GOODNESS! your skin looks FLAWLESS & that's without anything else!!
    i've had the other le'gere & i never put up my review :P haha but i think i'm over the bb cream phase, only because my skintone is too dark for it. although, i have gotten lighter since i purchased it..maybe i can try it again lol

  29. Thanks for the lovely review!! I've always wanted to try this BB cream, now I really gotta get my hands on one!

  30. Nicnic, thanks for saying that! :)

    Mayaari, I know everyone's been raving about this! :) I am glad I tried this or this BB cream will haunt me forever!

    Fuz, I KNOW! :D

  31. Ahleessa, I know! I know it's been there for quite some time but I guess it's proven to really work that's why it's been out there now :)

    Audrie, you are welcome :) Let me know how you like it if you finally have your hands on it!

    Crystal Gale, oh you ordered the pink one? let me know! how you like it! I am loving my GOLD version :) Goodluck

  32. Yumyumsushi, oh thanks for saying so, but I'm proud to say my skin improved from frequent usage of BB Cream :)

  33. Hi Nikki,
    Can I ask how you ordered this BB cream? Did you make special arrangements for shipping? Thanks in advance!

  34. Hi Vanessa, I emailed Bobo at I asked to reserve the Le'gere BB cream as there wasn't any stock yet when I ordered, so I gave her my addresss and ask for the price of the BB cream and the rate for shipping :) then after everything is confirmed, that's the time I ordered on the shop :)

  35. Good morning Nikki!
    Thanks for the advice =) I'll do that! Super thanks!

  36. Hi nikki! do you recommend this Legere for oily skin? thanks!

  37. Hi! This BB cream has dark color, and yet when applied to skin it produces a white cakey effect. I've been reading a lot of BB cream reviews around as I am looking for the best BB cream suitable for my complexion. What would you recommend? Its hard to choose with lots of BB cream brands around, sigh.

  38. finally i get to this [the product and review]
    yep i agree this bb cream is way up there with doctor jart ♥

  39. hi nikki! I just recently decided to follow you for I've been reading your reviews for quite sometime now.I really love your blog, probably the most reliable beauty blogsite for pinays like me=)
    I'm so into bb creams and other korean skin products these days, I'm so avid to know how they do that very natural, glowy/dewey/moist makeup look.I hope you could help me, or give me some tips/technique on how to achieve that korean look/makeup.. TIA =)


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