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Askmewhats Reviews: Clinique Super Defense SPF25 Age Defense Moisturizer

How I love thee...

Using the right moisturizer does make a huge difference to your skin! I've said it before and I'll say it again, the right skincare is vital to have good skin!

Looking back at my Clinique Counter visit, I am really excited to try the new Clinique Super Defense SPF25 Age Defense Moisturizer (mine is in Very Dry to Dry formulation) ! After 2 weeks of daily usage, how well did this score?

Smile and read on!!!

Clinique Super Defense SPF25/PA++ says ---

Skin's most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in daily moisturizer. Arms it to fight the effects of emotional stress, which can damage skin with effect much like sun and pollution. Helps neutralize UVA and UVB

Available in

  • Very dry to dry
  • Very Oily to Oily

Askmewhats says ---

  • non-oily
  • doesn't feel heavy on skin
  • has sunblock SPF25
  • absorbs quickly
  • no bad skin reactions
  • doesn't have the yucky sunblock smell, its not totally scent free though, it has a mild minty scent that disappear right after application (bearable for me)
  • this huge jar will last more than 6 months
  • quite pricey


I am honestly excited about this product because this product was made to address comprehensive list of assaults that can prematurely age skin.
  • physiological stress
  • emotional stress
  • environmental stress - such as sun and pollution
I know this is the reformulated version. I haven't tried the old formula so I cannot really compare it to the newer one. I can only compare this to other Clinique moisturizers I've used, the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Skin Relief. This feels creamier and a bit heavier.

Texture is creamy
not runny at all

Slowly blend this into your skin

Skin absorbs the product easily
(click photo to enlarge)

Here's what I've done to test this product ---

1. Clinique's 3-step program:
works pretty well for people with dry skin like mine, but for people with oily skin, they could feel uncomfortable adding extra moisture on top of a moisturizer.

2. Clinique Cleanser and Toner (no moisturizer):
meaning, I only use the first 2 step then proceed to this product. I like how this feels, I like this better because my skin is moisturized without the heavy feel.

3. Non- Clinique Cleanser and Toner:
Same effect as no. 2, skin did not react negatively.


Did you know that?

I had bad food allergies and it reacted badly on my cheeks a couple of weeks ago. I used this as my day time moisturizer and it relieves the itchiness and dryness without causing more trouble for my skin! This product is definitely safe to use for the most sensitive skin. (in my opinion)


  • apply every morning after your usual skin care routine
  • do not apply so much at once, a little goes a long way
  • wait for a couple of minutes for the product to absorb before putting on make up
  • check with the counter advisers if you fall under the category of Oily or Dry skin
  • use a spoon to get the product or transfer your moisturizer into smaller jars to prevent the whole jar to be exposed at once

Will I purchase?

Yes. I am almost done with my Clinique's DDML, this will be my day moisturizer!

Where can you purchase and how much?

At Clinique counters at any Rustan's mall for Php2,900 (approx $60.00)


I want to give a special shoutout to my friend Shen! Thank you so much for dropping by the office and delivered this wonderful cheesecake with love and this cake is also from the rest of the Pinay beauty bloggers (Sophie, Jheng, Phoebe, Jaimie and Shen)! Extended birthday? hehehe Thank you sis!!! I love this!


Have a wonderful Friday everyone!
I hope my journey of product reviews help you out!
Stay Happy!!!


  1. Hi, nice post.:) Which formulation did you get?:)

  2. Great review~ :D Clinique makes some quality stuff.

  3. Soapaholic, I got the Very dry to dry! :) That's why it's thicker than most creams I've used :)

    Fuz, yes! I'm lucky their products adheres to my skin! :D

  4. nice :) love clinique stuff too. glad to know that it works for u :D

  5. Oooh, moisturizer! :) I've only started using one, uh, this year religiously, and I must say, my skin has improved lots since then. haha!

    Clinique's too expensive o.o But hey, if it works, it works! :)

  6. ooh i was wondering how this was
    i am gonna buy it for my sister!

  7. Prettybeautiful, could be because they are dermatologically tested :)

    Gingerbee ! It really helps our skin no? I am happy I've been religiously taking care of my skin night and day! it really pays off!

    Yumeko, ooh you are such a sweet sister :)

  8. my mom has a travel jar of this cream..and this lady from rustan's makati emailed me to visit her to get my skin analyzed with free samples..haha i told her i'm not from manila and i promised to do a review..then i forgot all about it i feel a bit guilty tuloy.i better try it na and do a review as well.ahahhaa

  9. Oh my...I love cheese cake (as a matter of fact, I just ate a huge chunk...780 calories...but it was awesome.)

    I actually have been looking for a light sunblock for a while, I will go see next time and if it's cheaper than shiseido, I will give it a go!

  10. i'm drooling at your cheesecake!

  11. i need to start using sunblock :( i've been bad & have not eeek!

    that cheesecake looks great, wanna share? :D

  12. I love this product - I got the same formulation as you! The dry Canadian winters are wreaking havoc on my normally very oily skin (but I think this is because I am just growing out my super hormonal acne-ridden teenage stage). It hasn't broken me out yet! I even use it delicately around my eye because most eye creams lack SPF, and I'm a contact-lens wearer and it doesn't bother me at all.

    The price here is nearly the same, but I think it's worth it when you get it during a gift-with-purchase time...

    Thanks for the review, and keep up the amazing work!

  13. Miemiemie, lol dont' worry about it :)

    From Beauty & Care Island, thanks

    Citrine! YUM! I love cheesecake too! OH NO! Do you have to type down how many calories they are?

    M :)

  14. Yumyumsushi, I'll definitely share with you anytime of the day!

    Jennynotjen, I'm glad it works for you too, I always make sure to purchase with gifts :) hehehe :) You're right it's a bit pricey but with gifts and the way it works for us, it's worth it at the end of the day :D

  15. sounds amazing but that is pricey...would you say that US brands are a lot more expensive in the philippines?

  16. Great review. That cheesecake loos yummy! *drools*

  17. Renren, YES, most US brands are expensive here in the Philippines, but Japanese or Korean cosmetics are a bit cheaper I guess :)

    Gio, wanna share? :D

  18. I was pretty interested in this until I read somewhere that it was particularly for those with dry skin. They also have this for very oily skin, you say? I shall go check this out at a Clinique counter very soon :)

  19. Tine, yes they have it also for Oily Skin but you have to check if they sell it at your local beauty store :)


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