Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Ying Ying Tea House

Hey everyone!!! Weekend food tripping!!!! I am sorry if I'm backlogged for a week! I just had the chance to crop the food photos we took when we celebrated my birthday last week. I did a post in the past about Ying Ying Tea House and I love the food so much I requested to go there again!

When you want to dine Chinese, you have to include SOUP! :)

Spinach Soup

And it's not a birthday celebration
without the
(birthday noodles includes quail egg, you have a choice of seafood version, Beef or Pork, I chose pork)

The Super Gigantic
Yang Chow Fried Rice

My Super favorite Fried Spring Roll
My most favorite spring roll

Prawn Salad
I have to admit,
I ate this and suffered the consequences
(but it's worth it)

Shredded Pork with Lettuce

(the reason why I requested for this restaurant)

Beef in Oyster Sauce

My cute mini Smiley Cake from Break Talk
Mom-in-law tricked me,

told me she doesn't have enough money to buy me a big cake
so she bought me a small one instead
I don't care, this is a "ME" cake
It's actually mango cake Yumm!!!

And this is the real deal!

My real birthday cake!
Toffee with Cashew cake from
The Sugar House!!!
Love Love Love this!!!

I really ate too much on my special day! :)
Time to de-stuff myself!

Oh yeah, I curled my hair using the Babybliss YouCurl Iron
Thanks Sis Gracie for this! It is definitely easier to use!

Oh my!
This looks like I'm taking an ID photo!
hahaha or passport picture?

Have a great weekend!
From the resident curly hair crazy-o woman!
Stay Happy!!!


  1. WOWWWWWWWW alLll those food looks soOoo delicious!! i wish i can find those down here.. yUmmie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and look at ur passport photo.. gurl u r glowin!! very gorgeous.. natural makeup and i love hte lipcolor!

  2. oh my.
    the smiley cake looks so adorablee
    i cant put it in my mouth.
    haha you're family is so close.

  3. you look gorgeous darl! and that cake looks delish yummmm

  4. if its a passport photo then u have the nicest one ever!!

  5. you look so cute!!
    && the food looks delicious!

  6. Food looks soo tasty..makes me hungry lol.

    I like the smiley cake! very cute!

  7. Hey those are very lovely waves! Nothing tight, but just pretty loose curls. Very good look on you ;)

  8. love your hair :D

    you look really nice :D

  9. Fun and Makeup, I know! come down here!!! :)

    LyNn, lol I bet you can't put it straight into your mouth! hahahha that would be funny and dirty hahahah We can split it in half, you put half on your mouth and half mine! DEAL? :P

    Jo, thanks sweetie

  10. Yumeko, that's very sweet of you!

    Yumyumsushi, thank you!

    Aika, sis! Thank you for leaving a nice comment

  11. Everything looks so yummy! And the cake is sooo cute!!

  12. I swear I get full looking at all your foot pictures/posts :D and you look gorgeous!!

  13. I love shredded anything with lettuce too! Especially if it's duck! :)

    You look really cute with curly hair. I bet your passport photo would look great. LOL I had to take mine in the middle of growing out blunt bangs I didn't ask for. I looked so korean.

  14. Sis! I love your curled hair! Really suits you!

    We've been visiting a lovely Chinese restaurant where I live and our favourites are wanton soup, crispy duck with plum sauce, king prawns with mangetaut and asparagus... yum! Thinking about it makes me hungry hahahaha! I love the shredded pork with lettuce as well... is it called 'yuksung' or something? Don't remember hahahaha!

  15. OH WOW!!! You've made me so incredibly hungry!!!!!!

  16. Awwww the prawn salad and bday cakes (yes, both of them!) looks very tempting!!! *drooling*

    You look nice with that curls, anyway! :D

  17. Awwww the prawn salad and bday cakes (yes, both of them!) looks very tempting!!! *drooling*

    You look nice with that curls, anyway! :D

  18. Jenn, ohhh the cake is super cute!!! I swear you wouldn't dare eat it if you see it in person!

    Tanya, thanks dear! I'm glad I made you full, me, I'm hungry! LOL

    Sabine, ohhh I was joking about the passport photo, I did not had my hair curled for passport photos and I don't plan to :)

  19. Gracie, I thought of you when I did my hair, thanks so much! :) Yum, chinese resto, you'll have the chance to go over Ongpin and eat authentic Chinese food sooN!!!!

    K, :) sorry *peace?*

    Devi, I love prawn salad, i could eat more if not because of my pesky allergies!

  20. Haha oo nga noh! :) Nevertheless it's a very pretty picture. :)

  21. I LOVE your hair!!! Methinks that you should get permenant waves!! They suit you so much!! :D

    Looking at all that food makes me miss home sooo much!!! So hard to find authentic chinese food here!! :( :(

  22. eeks! all the food looks so yummy. And since I like green even the spinach soup appeals to me. hehe. and the prawn salad! I feel your itch :( I'm allergic to prawns too but they're so delicious.

    your cakes so cute! and so are you with your pretty curls :D *hugs!*

  23. Sabine, hehehe thanks :)

    jenn, oh no! it's going to be high maintenance if I had it permanently curled :D thanks for the suggestion though...ooohhh Chinese food!!! I know there are some good ones there probably but it's going to cost an arm and leg :(

  24. Connie, oohhh so sad huh? For both of us to be allergic to the prawns! :(

  25. You looks absolutely awesome!!!

    Love your weekend food pix :)

  26. i love chinese food but i haven't tried ying ying tea house...i dunno why..

    but now that you posted those yummy pics, im gonna make sure that ill go there..

    your hair is gorgeous!
    no..not just your hair..

    you look gorgeous,sweetie!

  27. From Beauty & Care Island, thank you sweetie!

    Thiamere, hi lovely..well Ying Ying isn't that easy to look for, it's at downtown Ongpin kc :) And only one branch and they're always jampacked :) Thanks for saying I look Gorgeous...that is a super nice compliment! :D

  28. o god you just made my stomach growl! lol

    u look so pretty w/ ur curled hair! <3

  29. Hi Nikki! Belated Happy Birthday again! Can I ask where this resto is located? Looks yumyum =D I also love chinese food

  30. mmm food looks good! *DROOLS* @ bday cake!

    you looking really sweet and cute with curly hair!

  31. You look gorgeous!

    The food looks yummy and the smiley cake is soo cute!

  32. Yummie dishes, I can feel my saliva coming down the corner of my big mouth... and the birthday cake, too thoughtful!

    I'm struck by your photo, is that YOU, Nikki? Wow, so radiant-your hair, your face and your smile and the nice shirt you're wearing. It's hard to imagine that you're the age of *you know what*! I think I'm affected by your brightness of energy ;)

  33. Paint me gorgeous, thank you dear! I'm glad you like my "curled" hair :)

    Kim, this is at Ongpin :) Thanks for the birthday greetings :)

    NicNic, thanks sweetie :)

  34. Gio...I know! the cake made me smile! Tooo cute!

    Vivian, oohhh you don't need to remind me about my age! HAHHAHA I kinda forgot about it for a second! hahaha thanks dear!!!

    Vanessa M, thanks!

  35. you look beautiful here:)
    and, ying yinh rocks!!!

  36. Nayna, thanks dear! and yay for Ying Ying!!! :D

  37. I wish my ID picture was that good :-P...My face always looks repulsively big and square :-/ >:-(.
    That cake ^_^!!! So adorable :D.

  38. luuurrrrvveeee the pretty curls! i bought a curler and tried to curl my hair and it is just so so bah! :( couldnt do it nicely

  39. :( My face is huge too on photos! so I have to be careful with the angle :)

    Prettybeautiful, hey girl! It does take time, I didn't do it once..its really tricky :) I'm sure with more practice, LIKE OUR NAIL ART! hahaha we'll be ok :)


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