Monday, March 9, 2009

All About BB Creams

Hello AMW friends!

How's the weekend? I had a wonderful weekend, I made sure I'm well rested to be charged for the whole week! But I'm still not over my Monday blues :P

I know BB creams has been out there, since I'm on the topic of BB creams over the weekend, let me sum up the BB creams I've used and let you gals know what my favorite BB Cream is. Gale from My Wonderful World of Colors, messaged me and asked me if using BB cream over time does help improve my skin as promised, well read on! You'll know the answer at the end of this post! Excited? I hope so!!!

First BB Cream:
BRTC Cover BB Cream

I will be honest to say I bought this BB Cream because I thought this was the cheapest for USD20.00 (approx Php980) including shipping via ebay. I've done research and I know that the company BRTC is trusted in Korea based on my research.

This came in super small and I would say I wasn't disappointed with this product. As the name says, COVER BB Cream, this is the thickest BB cream I've tried and this works really well as a concealer. I first used this all over the face applying thinly and I've realized I can use this on particular spots that has redness or breakout.

Did you know that?

In between my BB cream craze, I got samples from my lovely friend in Australia because she knows I am so intrigued to try BB Creams and she sent me what she have. I have tried ---

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream no. 21

On my hand

Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream

On my hand

Both I tried and did not review because both doesn't work for me. I've used both of them but not long enough as my skin itches immediately after applying both products all over my face. I am NOT blaming the product as my skin is very sensitive to products with strong scent and both products have a strong scent but doesn't last for long.

The reason why I did not write about these products because I did not consistently use them to be able to do a review. I've given both of these to my colleagues and it works for them! They love it and they did not suffer any allergies as I did.

That just proves that not all products that reacts negatively to one will do the same for others :)


This is my HG BB Cream, my colleagues can literally see the difference if I used this or not. This gives out a wonderful glow (not oily kind of glow). This has more moisture as compared to Le'gere which is great for my dry skin. It helps my make up stays longer and overtime, my skin improved after months of usage.

This was the latest BB Cream I've purchased. I've already found my HG BB cream from Skin79, why do I have this urge to purchase this? Because I've read so many raves and I want to make sure I end up with the BEST BB cream for my skin.

After weeks of usage, I would say this indeed is a wonderful BB Cream. The effect it gives is the same as my Skin79 VIP Gold Collection, it has a lovely glow, make up stays longer and it gives out a really good coverage that looks subtle. This I would say is the counterpart for Skin79 but for oilier skin.

People with oily skin would probably not enjoy Skin79 because of the extra moisture it gives, while Le'gere has better oil control.

I can't pick out a favorite between Skin79 and Le'gere, use both. Now that it gets warmer down here, my skin isn't too dry, I use my Le'gere and on days that I woke up with a tight / dry skin, I have Skin79 VIP Gold to the rescue.

Now I've got the best of BOTH worlds!!! :D

And before I end this post, the major question that's on everybody's mind about the prolong usage of BB Cream.


After 2 months of consistent BB Cream usage
Photos below not photoshopped

(click photo to enlarge)

Note from Author:
I did not change my skin care regimen, I've been consistent with my Clinique's 3-step skin care for more than a year now. Please purchase products you've seen in this blog at your own discretion. Products that works for the author does not mean it'll work for all of you :)

I did say my BB Cream craze is over...
but who knows?
If something exciting came along,
my curiosity will kill my wallet again!
Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :)
Stay Happy and happy BB Cream hunting!


  1. I haven't yet tried any BB creams yet! I'll take your recommendations, but I guess I should test them out to see if they work for me or not before I purchase them. Could you maybe send me a sample of a BB cream? That would be great!

  2. you made me want to try bb creams nikki.

  3. i need to find one for my skin color lol i had one and it sooo didnt work :(

  4. thank you for this comprehensive review! And wow, it does look like the BB creams have made a difference on your skin! I wish i could say the same for mine though...I haven't noticed any difference at all! Although maybe I am just not using the right ones. I'll have to check out your two HGs!

  5. Great comparisons!! And I can really see a difference in your skin condition~ how cool!!! :D

  6. wow!
    the 'after' picture looks great!

    looks like you just have a natural flush & doesn't even need a blush.

    i gotta try that BB cream too. It's just that i haven't tried it yet.

    Thanks for the review!

  7. Xoannie, I still don't have those small containers, I'll let you know if I have any.

    Nehs, sorry :( I hope I'm not making you spend more

    Vanessa M, so true, no matter how good they are, if the color doesn't match, it just won't do any good! Goodluck hunting!

  8. Audrie, I never noticed any differences too til I found a photo :) So I guess there could be really small differences that YOu can't really tell at first glance :D

    Fuz :) thanks dear!

    Thiamere, you are welcome my dear! you are so sweet to make me smile on a Monday :)

  9. i've been wanting to buy a bb cream for quite some time.
    havnt brought myself to spend yet thou :(
    wah you found your HG bb cream d.
    lucky you

  10. Awww. It's sad that Missha Perfect Cover didn't work for you.. it was like HG for me, great oil control + nice coverage but I'm glad you found urs.. SKin79, their bb is good too..

    But ur so PALE.. like really nice skin .. I love BB cream too
    i'm using my Dr Jart silver label now.. mixed with EL DW light foundation to get the right shade because the silver label is like light grey colour.. T___T

    NOW I have perfect consistency + color.. LOVE IT woot =D

    BB cream is more beneficial to foundation I think.. so shold invest in BB more LOL

  11. Girlfriend, your reviews are amazingly thorough. I love them!

  12. i think bbcream helps me skin not breakout , not sure abt making it better but hey that's good enough for me!!

  13. wow it really did help your skin!
    oh noooo now i want to start using it again!! lol
    noooooooo i can feel it, i can feel the urge coming back up! :((
    but it's so hard to find a match for my skin tone :(

  14. Wow that's great! I'm going to use my BB cream religiously now! haha

  15. You make me even more to find my HG bb cream! Unfortunately all of bb cream that have your positive reviews, none of them are available in my town :(

  16. LyNn, take your time I'm sure you'll be able to find yours soon :)

    Purple Snowflake! I know it works well on others, I guess we really have different skin type and skin reactions! I'm glad you found your HG BB Cream! :)

    B, thank you for saying so :)

  17. YumYumsushi, lol..well try using it again, but if your skin reacted negatively, that's a different story :)

    Female_intuition, yes I think the benefits will be seen in long term :)

    Devi, all of the BB creams I've used are not available here too! :( Do you have The Face Shop or Skin food there? I believe they have BB creams there!

  18. Too bad the Skinfood and Missha BB cream didn't work for you. Thank goodness you didn't buy those to try out too, or else it'd be such a waste of money.

    My BB cream craze is definitely over :) I'm sticking to my usual day regimen of cleansing, toning, and moisturising, and then finish with a layer of SPF-ed tinted moisturiser just to even out the skintone. Easy peasy lemon squeezy :D

  19. Tine, I HAVE TO THANK YOU for those! If not of you, I would be spending more on those 2 bb creams and finding out at the end that those doesn't work for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) I am using my BB cream as sunblock and also primer :) I'm glad it worked and I'm happy with the results :D

  20. doH i wish it improved my skin ;T

  21. Thank yo so much forall this information! It's very helpful to me :) great job, hunnie!

  22. Nikki, thanx so much for this comprehensive review..I already ordered my own Skin79 BB cream (hot pink) have the same triple function as your Gold VIP but mine is meant for normal to combination skin...when I tried yours during your event, I didn't itch and I didn't have the problem with the scent thanx! I hope I'll have some skin improvements too! :)

  23. Thank you so much for the Skin 79 vs. L'egere comparison. I find L'egere a bit too drying in really cold weather for my dry skin, so I will order the Skin 79!

    Thanks for doing reviews on products suitable for dry seems like everyone else in the beauty blogosphere has oily/combo skin!

  24. I'm super outdated!! I'm only starting to be curious about BB creams when you are already over it!! hahaha!!

    I'll have to say that the before after pics of you convinced me that i MUST try at least one when i go back!! :D

  25. M, I'm sure if it improved mine, it would improve yours :)

    From Beauty and Care island, thanks for the appreciation :)

    Cyrstal Gale, yay! I can't wait to read your review on the Skin 79 BB cream in Pink :) I will read your reviews on it soon!

    Jamilla Camel, you are welcome! Well you are right, seldom do we find really dry skin like ours in the blog world :)

    Jenn, :) If ever you visit here, I'll bring all my bb creams with me and you give them a try :)

  26. very detailed review indeed :) hmmm i havent not used my brtc lately, my face has been going out naked with only skincare without any make up. and hey guess what, after investing abit of money *er hem* on face, i actually noticed quite big differences! :)

    and...for me, i have not noticed any healing properties worked on my face from bb yet.

  27. I recently got my first BB cream, and I'm very fascinated by the concept. I hope it will agree with my skin!

  28. Prettybeautiful, well let's wait and see..who knows right? :)

    Pixie, I hope so too! I'll read on your reviews to know!

  29. Hi Nikki! please tell me where can I buy a skin 79 BB cream? It's not available here in Manila diba.. either pink or gold.. thankx!

  30. Hi stef, I bought it via ebay by a Korean seller :) click this review and I've written where I got it

  31. thankx Nikki! =) I love your blog by the way though I rarely comment..

  32. Hi Stef, you're welcome :) thanks for the sweet comment :)

  33. Hi Ms.Nikki :) thanks for your reviews ! i'm so eager to try these new foundation/skincare craze! anyways,what powder do you use after applying these BB creams?

  34. Hi Mike, no worries, thanks for reading. I do use powder after BB cream because its too darn hot down here :)

  35. hello, where can i find a reliable supplier of Skin79? I heard kasi nagkalat na rin daw fakes. Want to try it sana.

  36. Hi Indiegie07, I used to purchase mine via Ebay from a Korean seller, but she's not selling them anymore.

    Here's the deal, if you really want to give it a try, I hoarded A LOT during my Korea trip and I bought it on store talaga (department store), if you want, I can sell you the tube for the exact price I bought then you pay for shipping na lang :)

    I hope I can help you out through this :)

  37. Hi Ms. Nikki! By any chance, can you share your Skin79 bb cream supplier? I'm in dire need of a tinted moisturizer because summer is approaching soon!

    P.S I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I read it everyday. :)

  38. Hi Dimples, I don't have supplier for Skin79 VIP Gold, I bought them when I visited Korea Oct 2010 I bought a lot as I wanted them for backups and I am just offering one of my reader to buy mine as she really is in dire need of the BB Cream. I bought mine for 27,000 KRW less 25% which costs 20,250 KRW! That boils down to around Php800.00!

  39. Hi again! Will it be pushing my luck already if I ask you if I can also buy one of your Skin79 backups? :)

    Thanks, Ms. Nikki!

  40. I can only sell a number of my backups so whoever are interested, just email me I will send in payment information, and will ship as soon as I can. its first come first serve basis! I hope you guys understand I cannot sell all my backups :)


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