Friday, October 7, 2011

AMW Reports: UBE at Tagaytay

I'm back from my wonderful Singapore trip!  Thank you Lord for the chance and opportunity given to me to explore such wonderful country!

I'll stop talking about Singapore FOR THE DAY as the last day wasn't that exciting for a tourist but it was exciting for me as I was able to meet my long time blogger friend Mhean!!! Thanks Mhean for the meetup!  I appreciate it that you came all the way from "never land" to treat me lunch!  Boy am I lucky! :P

This post was written before I left for Singapore....

The year is almost over!  It was a year ago (same month) when I visited one of my "must visit" country --- Korea!  I used to watch Korean Telenovelas and hoped to experience eating authentic Korean food or stroll in one of their parks, etc...  Dreams do come true huh? 

Speaking of dreams, my co-beauty bloggers turned real-life-friends dreamed about a weekend "Ultimate Bonding Experience" which can also mean "Ultimate Barkada Experience" which we fondly call U.B.E. (yam in Tagalog).  We toyed with the idea for months and....

The weekend finally happened!  Here's the proof!

 **photo taken from Shen
Rewind.  The lovely day started with an early morning meetup.  Thanks Shen for driving us to our destination with flair! :)  We thought we needed chips to keep us all awake but funny how it all ended inside the trunk as we gabbed our way to Tagaytay!

Sophie helped us book the hotel called Hotel Dominique located at Aguinaldo Highway which wasn't hard to find. 

Check-in starts at 2:00pm and it was around 11 something in the morning when we arrived so we have decided to visit  Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm.

Ilog Maria, the brand, isn't a stranger to me as I've read about this in a magazine several years ago!  I was just a fresh graduate back then and I read that the local actress Rica Peralejo's favorite skincare product is from Ilog Maria.

I got so intrigued with the brand and this was the first "virtual" shopping I did!  

I recall purchasing their facial wash, toner and honey milk soap!  

 The work area is clean and air is fresh with all the greenery

And there is such thing called "Bee Sting Therapy".  If you want to learn more about this therapy, feel free to smile and say BEE!  Not everyone is up for this and it all depends on how your body would react, so do your research well! :)
We met a very cute dog and the owner!  Funny how he trained his dog inspired by Cesar Millan of Dog Whisperer!   I do the same!  


We rested at the huge swing that can even fit 5 of us!  
 **photo taken by Shen
 This was our lovely view!  Greenery, bee hives and a rooster!  *lol*

Then we took a shot of Shen ...
because she's crazy and fun in any way! 

Then we went back to the reason why we visited Ilog Maria Farm, 
to shop!!!
 Arrays of soaps

Did you know that I read each and every product they sell?

 Their product line definitely grew!
They are also making aromatherapy oil and candles!

I think I got almost all of their tiny soaps!  I added Propolis Ointment, as I have skin irritations on certain areas and I'd love to give this a try!  I also bought their Honey Propolis Throat Spray as highly recommended by Sophie.  I do wake up once in a while with dry throat and with 2 spritz, it helps relieve the itchiness and dryness! :)

Oh, my dogs do have something from me too!  Bought them Dog soaps!  I hope I can see them smile this time when they take a bathe....okay, lets remove the smiling, it's freaky!  *laughs*

Us, enjoying our loots!
Okay, this look like an ad photo but its all according to our will! :) 
Thanks to the busy sales lady who willingly took this shot! 

Okay, no photos on the night event, after dinner we took out all our junkies (junk foods) and there goes the unlimited drinks!  *crazy laugh*  Thanks to Dang for creating the mini game turned into ULTIMATE bonding and sharing of deep dark secrets!  *tee hee heee*  It's all recorded ladies! :P  (just joking).

Though tired, we were able to wake up for breakfast and got ready to face day 2 of UBE!  Say hello to my roommates Sophie and Phoebe!

That morning after a cold shower! 
FYI: Hotel uses Solar Energy

We had a gorgeous lunch at Buon Giorno and had a nice Mochiko Ice Cream for dessert.  It was a first for me and I had Vanilla and I loved it!

We took a road trip back to Manila but did not forget our loved ones back in Manila.  We stopped by Rowena's and took home some goodies!  

The trip doesn't end inside the car, there's dancing (yes dancing!), singing and belting of songs from MY decade!  *laughs*

**photo grabbed from Phoebe
**photo grabbed from Dang

I want to thank the girls not only for the fun but the friendship that has blossomed!  Our friendship definitely has turned into a whole new level and I believe each of us has touched each others' lives one way or the other. 

Beauty blogging is just skin deep, the real friendship starts when we opened up and talked not only about beauty, but about life in general..our thoughts, our dreams, our issues in life...

Thank you Lord for blogging, thank you Lord for introducing me to wonderful people!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I simply miss Ilog Maria, very tranquil and lots of interesting products (and candles). We used to get our beeswax supply there for our Science projects. It's just 10 mins away from my house but I haven't been there for years. Thanks for sharing the photos, Ms. Nikki!=)

  2. You guys had a lot of fun. I have followed a series of posts from each of your blogs, fromo Tara, Shen, Phoebe, Yours, and others... If I didn't know that all of you just met through the internet i'd be mistaken to think that you've had a friendship going on since college! :) Happy pretty girls whom I all look up to. :D More power to all of you. :D

  3. You girls look like you had fun ; )


  4. Looks like you girls all had a great time!

  5. LOL at Shen's pose! Namiss ko kayo girls! :D Sama ako sa next! Hahaha. :D

  6. @Myrted aww thanks for saying that, it means a lot to us and it has been approximately 4 years of us meeting and crossing paths, I'm glad we turned into real friends :D

  7. @*MrsMartinez* heheheh alam mo naman pag nagsama ang lokarets :D

  8. @THE BEAUTY JUNKEE oo nga, we should see each other again! :)

  9. Wee u visited Tagaytay. Did u pass by AMIRA's TARTS??They sell super duper sarap na pastries. I love Ilog Maria's Lip Balm. :D

  10. i love hanging out with fellow bloggers too :)

  11. @Jannah Naku, we didn't! will keep that in mind, i'm sure we'll go back to tagaytay anytime within the year or next year :D

  12. wow! ang saya saya naman! love Shen's photo! :)

  13. uber love rowena's buko and ube tarts <3


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