Thursday, October 6, 2011

Travel Report: Touring The Rest of the City via MRT

Good morning everyone!  I am going back to Manila today and I'm already missing Singapore.. a  lot!  The city has so much to offer!  Yesterday was the last "full day" I have in the city and I was contemplating to go for Night Safari or tour the rest of the city.  I've decided to choose the latter because I want to know the city  more!  The animals can wait, who knows?  I can always come back!

I had a very good sleep as I'm really loving Hotel Innotel not only for its service but because the bed and pillows are perfect!  Not too soft nor too hard and I don't have problems sleeping!  (Can I bring home the bed???)

Back to the topic, because of the good sleep, I was energized and ready to spend the whole day of walking!

With Day 3 (last day) of our unlimited MRT Powers, we hopped on the train from Dhoby Ghaut Station and transferred to Green Line to visit Bugis.  

We got off Victoria Street where we saw Bugis Junction, the first glass covered shopping street in Singapore!  There you can also find the gorgeous Intercontinental Singapore Hotel themed just like the rest of the buildings nearby --- unique.

What to see at Bugis Junction?  Surprisingly, Korean cosmetics brand like...

Tony Moly

Etude House

My favorite Sasa store 
(carries various brands worldwide)

There are more like MAC, and other brands I'm not that familiar with.  If you ask me, due to conversion rates, I did not purchase much cosmetics as everything turned out a bit pricier here!

Aside from cosmetics, there are various shops for clothing and li'l knick knacks!  There are also some coffee shops and restaurants where most people meetup for business and pleasure.

After a couple of minutes of walking around the Bugis Junction, we exited the place and walked towards the Iluma.  Iluma is a snazzy mall with multimedia facade, we did not go in as I've read there are various dining options but I'm not yet hungry at that time....I don't want to be tempted that's why. :P

Then I saw Manila Street....
Too random!  *lol*
There were people looking at me when I did this pose..but who cares?  I'm proud!!! hahahha

The reason why we're not leaving Bugis is because of one spot that I'd love to see.  Obviously, I can't seem to find it yet as I ended up at Bugis Village!  I love getting into tourist spots when I am actually lost!  *laughs* 

Bugis Village is a shop that sells clothing, mobile phone accessories and food!  Reminded me of "Divisoria" back home.  I'm lucky as it's not as crowded..... yet.
Food stall!
It was lunch time but since we had late breakfast, we've decided not to go for lunch but enjoy street food!  We tried egg tart (which was surprisingly good), Cha Ye Egg and had a dollar worth of Sugarcane juice!  All AMW and Mr. AMW approved!

If you travel with me, you won't get lost as I also use my infamous power of asking directions!  Rather than walking far and getting lost, I'd rather ask first the moment I have a bit of uncertainty!  All the  people I asked help from are super friendly and helpful so I'm lucky enough to always find my way!

Nikki = BEST Travel Partner!  *lol*

Finally....found Kampong Glam!  This is the place I've been looking for!  Can I just say...EUREKA????

Kampong Glam is named after a type of eucalyptus tree, it started out as a village occupied by the Malay upper-class and it was assigned to the Malay and Arab communities in 1822 and part of it was set aside for the Sultan of Johor.  

No, I do  not have a tour guide with me at that time and no, I am not a smarty pants!  I got to read those details from the Tour Guide and I think the information is worth sharing!

I was right at Arab Street and got to be face to face with Sultan Mosque.  Amazing!  I haven't been "thisclose" to a mosque even back home! 

Sultan Mosque was originally built around 1826 by Sultan Hussein Sha of Johor, this building that I took a picture with was actually completed around 1928, still considered as Singapore's oldest and most important mosque.

It was around 2pm so the nearby eateries are quiet.  There are also shops selling handicrafts and ethnic products which are worth having a look at!  I am also impressed with how they restore old buildings by drawing graffiti to liven it up!

By this time, my tummy goes "growl growl grooowwwll...."
Late lunch time!  This time, I do not want to eat just anything as my days in Singapore are counted and I want to make the most of it!

Then I remembered reading about Hawker Hotspots and the nearest to Bugis Station would be the one located at Raffles Place.  I overheard an old lady asking direction for this Hawker place called "Lau Pa Sat" and according to tourist guide, you can't say you've been to Singapore unless you've been to Lau Pa Sat (also known as Ayer Market).  I got a bit challenged with the said statement so off we went to Raffles Place station again and went out again!  With just the use of instinct and my questioning skills, my heart almost burst when I saw the sign.... *Ace of Base "I saw the sign" song playing inside my head....*

I have never seen a food court this big!  They even separate the areas with street number.  (Street 1, street 2 and so on).   What I've decided to do is act like a manager! :P  Went for ocular inspection on all the stalls and took a mental note on the food I'd like to try.  That tactic works! :P

It's open air by the way so be ready to perspire while you eat!  The place is well ventilated with ceiling fans but humidity wins! *perspires*

We saw a nice Shanghai Xiao Long Bao place which of course, won Mr. AMW's heart!

Oooohh, something looks familiar!
Tapa King!

After the late lunch, we went out and continued walking around the Raffles Place.  

There we got a different view of the Marina Bay Sands during day time.  I never get tired looking at it!

The Esplanade and Merlion using zoom lens.
Still very pretty!

Then we went back to Orchard Road to have a look!  We haven't been out of ION Orchard Mall since our arrival so it's time to visit the "most visited spot" in Singapore.

Man, so crowded!!!

 Malls after malls after malls
High end shops and brands you can think of is right in this place!
We walked the whole Orchard Road strip, got tired and had Ben & Jerry's ice cream to save our day!

We headed back to the station nearest to our hotel not to go back but to have last minute shopping at Carrefour at Plaza Singapura.          

After 9:30pm, our legs gave up and we went back to the hotel!  

A lot of people wonder where I got my energy?  Well, I do get tired, seriously, I do have weak legs and walking used to give cramps and pains (I actually have them now).  But let me share to you a secret during travel to make most of my time.

Random seating!!!  And I mean ANYWHERE that's okay to sit!  It helps relaxes you even a bit and put you back on track!

 AMW randomly sitting at a huge place 
in "I don't know land" LOL
Have a wonderful day everyone!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki!! wow very fun! and oh so informational! well, anyway, i just wanted to know if you've heard of the Nasofix yet? Well it's kind of creating a buzz right now as it is said that it can re-shape the nose without the use of plastic surgery! And i remember that the office is in Singapore.

  2. we stayed near bugis hehehe i miss it. wanna go back there when hyun joong has his concert there ;-) first stop daw nya sg ^_^

  3. You are the most FAB tour guide, Nikki! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I missed these places during my last SG visit. We decided to go to the zoo instead of the city (because we're not familiar of most places haha) Thanks for this post, I'll drop by these places this december. You make a good travel blogger ms. nikki :)

    I love SG zoo. :) I fell inlove with their white tiger :D

  5. great post Miss Nikki! I would love to tour that too someday...unahin ko muna yung fund for my Mac Air LOL

  6. Food tripping and haul posts, please. Have a safe flight back here. :)

  7. wow! i wish i had a sasa store here! did you get any good products?

  8. typical SG get up: shorts and flip flops! ganyan din ako! hit me when ur there again sa'min k n lng matulog haha! glad you enjoyed SG nikki!:P

  9. aww you were quite near my office, but great that you managed to check out Bugis!

    btw, the silvery building is Iluma, not Ilumina - they have some nice clothing stores, as well as a whole arcade floor of games.. :D

    looks like you had an awesome time! now to hear more about the food...hehe...

  10. @Anonymous Glad you liked the post and no, I haven't heard about Nasofix and so far, I haven't seen any flyers about it when I was in Singapore :)

  11. @Marge Talaga? Which hotel sa Bugis? The area is just fabulous! I can't imagine I actually stayed in that area longer than I expected!

  12. @Jamilla Camel that's one job I would like to do!!! Tour guiding! :)

  13. @BeautyJar aww, I'm glad to share with you what I went through during the trip and I'm sure you won't get lost during your city tour because the locals will help you if you ask them for directions :D

  14. @Pammy Food post, soon, Hauls? NOt much! i don't even want to call it a haul!!! :)

  15. @Hannah I did not purchase much at Sasa, probably because I know how inexpensive their products are in Hong Kong :) I just bought Sana Eyebrow Gel :)

  16. @wickeRmoss Girl! i can't imagine wearing jeans, it was humid and hot!!! heheheheh kung pwede lang mag Bra at Panty? hahahah baka huliin lang ako ng pulis! LOL! Sige, I'll let you know if I visit the country again! thanks!!!!

  17. @beetrice Thanks for the correction, already changed it! :)

    The food? OH MY Bee, I don't know where to start as I tried to eat as Much as I can!!! LOL


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