Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Travel Report: Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island Day!
We planned to wake up early today to take a trip to Sentosa Island, as usual, Mr. AMW and myself are both owls so we prefer to sleep late and wake up late! 

We arrived Vivo City late morning (around 10am)....

And the smart girl in me went straight to a bread shop called Prima Deli and we purchased bread for "safety".  I don't want to get hungry inside the Universal Studios premise while lining up, well those are just crappy excuses, I just want food inside my bag!  Period! :P

Tip: The Smoked Sausage Sandwich tastes really good!  Go for that one!

We were both contemplating on taking the  cable car or monorail when a Filipino guy overheard us talk and asked if we're planning to go to Sentosa Island.  We said yes and he was super kind to advise us another way to go to Sentosa Island which not a lot of visitors knew about as it was just opened last month?  Or a couple of months ago.

He led us to the right direction and there we go standing at the exit of Vivo City and I can oversee Sentosa Island on the opposite side.  The walkway wasn't that long and they are covered so I don't mind taking a nice stroll as we're not in a hurry anyways.

It was drizzling the whole time...

To those who are scared of walking,do not worry as they have walkalator even a group of older people were walking along with us!

The walk  takes approximately 15 minutes with "photo-op" stopovers! :)  If you walk just right ahead, this may probably take around 10 minutes!

You get the see the Sentosa entrance and ticket booth and  for this lovely walk, you only get to pay SGD1.00 (approx Php34.00).

There you go Sentosa and Resorts World sign...still raining but who cares?  I'm not letting the rain ruin my day!

I'm glad I purchased our Universal Studios tickets early, though there are ticket booths everywhere, it was still nice just to go straight to the entrance and start the fun!
What I love about Universal Studios Singapore....covered walks!  It helps...a lot!!! Imagine how rain can ruin your fun day without an umbrella?  (We have umbrella with us but I don't like my umbrella wet) LOL!!!!  Just joking!

It was wonderful that we get to tour Universal Studios during the weekday, aside from cheaper tickets, the place isn't crowded! 

Look who I found!!!!  I love Gingerbread man!

I also met Frankenstein who strangled me but I ain't a weakling!  I have my "poking of the nose" strategy and he backed off a bit!  The guy who took our photos said: "Don't be too harsh on Frankie!" Hello??? He started it??? :P

So happy I met Kung Fu Panda's Po!  He's super charming!  He shakes his booty too!!!!

We hopped in a boat for Madagascar experience called "Madagascar Crate Adventure".  

Wonderful timing as we get the see the Shrek 4D Adventure right after.  This got to be one of my favorite adventure!  The crawling spiders on my legs felt real and icky!!! (Okay, I'm giving away too much info!) *zips mouth*

Fashion alert:  Plastic poncho is IN! :P
Still raining :(

The little adventurous girl in me wants to try "all the rides" and I started with the Enchanted Air Ways!  It's a smaller version of roller coaster and I originally thought it's a kiddie ride, during the ride, I went: "Why am I scared?  Whyyyyyyyy?" lol. 

I hopped on Canopy Flyer ride right after, it was super fun but I felt the ride could go longer?? Maybe 2 rounds or 3 rounds more??? hehehe

The best ride for me of all, Revenge of The Mummy.  You have to keep all your stuff inside a locker!  You get to put your things inside a nearby locker for free within 30 minutes.  And the good news?  The rain finally stopped.

With hungry stomach and just bread inside my stomach, I went "Let's do this now before we eat!".  We saved the best for last and went for the "Battle Star Gallactica" ride. 

I found myself screaming: "AAaahhhhhh!!!!" then screamed again: "Why...ammmm I the only one screaaaammmiinnggg?"  *laughs*  In fairness to us, we were seated right in front ok?? Its always scarier to be at the front and back side!

The ride was too short for me!  I want more!!!!  Though I got a bit dizzy after, it was all worth it!  I can finally eat! :P

We finished walking around the rest of the areas after a good late lunch at 4:00pm.  We took the monorail to explore the rest of Sentosa Island.

At Merlion, Imbiah Station, I was up for a  Megazip Adventure bit they are closed for renovation! *so sad*

 Saw 2 cute birds kissing!  
Both of you, are you even adults????? Let  me talk to your parents! tsk

We also stopped and relaxed at Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach :)  Didn't do much after as I was  starting to feel the earth's gravity...I'm finally feeling tired! :P

Well, I tried defying gravity by going to Orchard Road after to have dinner, but it was crazy crowded so we backed off and went back to Dhoby Ghaut to have dinner at the Plaza Singapura.  Walked around the area and saw the cutest character Kimmidoll!  Look, quite similar with my nail art!!! :)
I'll share to you guys my nail art tutorial once I get back! :)

The day was well spend I must say!  What's for tomorrow?  I am actually clueless! But will definitely make the most of it as I'm leaving Singapore soon! :(

Thanks for reading!  I'm glad you are enjoying this!  Thanks for being my diary!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I havent been to sentosa in more than 10 years! :P Seems like you had fun there! :D

    You have got to be the most hardworking blogger there is out there!! Thanks for keeping us posted even though you're on holiday!! <3

  2. never got to sentosa LOL, am not into theme parks but hehehe i wanna go back for the night safari, the food, the super manicured city, the heterogeneous society. the convenience, hay kakamiss hahaha and the frequent kpop concerts LOL ^_^

  3. I thought it was just the Merlion shot but all your shots are cute and funny! Tawang tawa ko sa shot mo with Frankenstein!!!

  4. Your blog is super helping me plan my SG trip next week! I cant wait to go to Sentosa again! Last time i was there was in 2009 pa,haha! Thank you for keeping us updated! :)) Enjoy! :))

  5. i lol-ed at the frankie-strangling pic!:D

  6. i have been to sentosa a couple of times but not the universal studio. my sisters visited the universal studio and their first ride was the mummy ride, then they were both too horrified to go on any other rides after that. LOL

  7. I was there for f1 and it was also my 1st trip to SG. Ang tapang mo to try all the roller coaster rides in USS. THE MUMMMMMY!! WOOO! I got a picture of me in there & it was HILARIOUS! You should try the iFLY!!! It's in Sentosa too. Who would have thought Skydiving can be soooo SAFE! GO!!!!!

  8. I?d love to go there one day. It seems like a beautiful and fun place.

  9. Universal Studio memoirs is really for the win it never gets old :))

  10. You're really packing in the fun on this trip! Great pics!

  11. haha i love the frankenstein pic! i can't wait for the nails tutorial! :)

  12. wow!! girl scout! may dala kang raincoat! oo nga good that you bought your universal tix ahead of time! online mo ba binili? and update is with the tax refund! :)

  13. @Jenn WOW! in 10 years? A lot has probably changed! Ohh girl! I didn't know you live "THAT far" I asked about you during our meetup with the girls!

    No worries, it's a pleasure of mine to post about the trip! it relaxes me at the end of the day :) I should be the one thanking YOU for reading this post!

  14. @Marge I know! ang sarap tumira dun no? Super convenient to travel around talaga!

  15. @Valeriecabance Hi sis! thanks for liking the shot, actually mas nakakatawa kasi may series siya, at first, malapit ulo niya then pa-atrass! akala niya tutusukin ko talaga nose niya! HELLO??? Siyempre hindi no :P

  16. @Lala Uy Yay!!! I'm sure you'll be having loads of fun! just wear comfy shoes/sandals and go for the walk! super fun!

  17. @xin Oh wow, why did they even start at the Mummy Ride? it has got to be on the top 3 scary rides! I wish it'll go longer though!!! heheheheheh

  18. @I am Katbau Ay mare! nakakatawa din ang photo namin! sa super nakakahiyang nakakatawa, I didn't purchase the photo na! super nakapikit at naka NGANGA! :)))))

    wow, you are brave yourself for going there during F1! grabe!!!! I want to try Skydiving!!!!

  19. @gio aawww, I'm sure you'll get the chance to visit and you'll love it there!

  20. @Hannah you'll see the nail art tutorial tomorrow :)

  21. @dustbunny GIRL! hahahahhaha hindi ko dinala ang raincoat no! binili ko sa Universal Studios! hahahahah super nakakahiya na ako sa pagka girlscout if I brought one.

    About Tax Refund, it was easy, I'll try to post about it, pero its much better you have it ready (the item) as they will check it before you go through the refund.


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