Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 5: BenCab, Ukay Ukay Shopping + Contest

*sniffs* This has been the best vacation ever!  The last leg of my Roadtrip Adventure with 2 of my blogger friends Ada and Hannah will officially end today! 

Let me tell you a bit about my adventure on Day 6!  I prepared myself for a long drive to Baguio thinking that I'll be sleeping and dreaming instead of sightseeing!  Boy was I wrong!  Road Tripping from one destination to another is as exciting as going to the destination itself.  Checking out Hotel Salcedo de Vigan to Baguio, our dearest van driver drove by La Union, Pampanga then to Baguio.  Passing by La Union, we have to pass by the Banauang Railway Bridge, after my intriguing mind researched about it, I learned that this bridge was completed in 1929 over the Bauang River (thus the name of the bridge) and it was the longest bridge ever built by the Manila Railroad Company.  It has been abandoned after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo and it's great to see the bridge working again!  It's the best stopover ever!  I was told that even on hazy, cloudy day, sunblock is still needed so we slather on Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightening with SPF24 and we're ready to face to Sunny, Windy and even Rainy Day with a huge SMILE!

There's a gorgeous church at Ilocos Sur called Sta. Maria Church or The Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Church.  This is one out of the four UNESCO enscribed Baroque Churches of the Philippines.  It believe it was built around the 1765 by Augustinians.  It's sad that most of the churches built way back also served as fortress during the Philippine Revolution, I'm glad these churches survived through time, earthquakes and war for us the appreciate it's architectural design.

We stopped for lunch at Midway Grill and once a blogger, always a blogger!  We have to look for signal for us to be able to update on you guys about what we see.

We took off, with heavy stomachs, to our final destination --- Baguio.  To complete our Road Trip, we channeled into our artistic side by visiting BenCab Museum.  BenCab Museum housed several paintings from National Artist Benedicto Cabrera.

The cute dog welcomed us right at the doorstep of BenCab Museum.  He's super sweet and gentle.  He/She reminded me of my baby Poms.

At the entrance of BenCab Museum

We were not allowed to take videos inside but pictures are allowed.  Inside, I was expecting the usual "museum-looking" interiors but it was a pleasant surprise to see modern architecture with huge windows with natural sunlight casting over the work of art.

Baguio won't be complete without a visit at Ukay Ukay Store.  "Ukay" is a term for "digging something"!  If we dig something, we usually dig for the best and Ukay Ukay is a place for 2nd hand goods from clothing, shoes, hats, bags etc...

We were having fun picking up pieces for each other!  Ada got a new skirt that suits her personality, Hannah purchased a denim shorts which fits her like it was tailor-made for her and I bought myself a simple black top  because I want a souvenir from my first Ukay Ukay Shopping in Baguio!

Now it's Contest time once again for Day 5!  I am very happy with the overwhelming responses from my previous contests and I will be picking up the winners next week Monday! And there will be another contest tomorrow!  So please submit your entries ASAP to get more chances to win Php1,000 worth of gift packs from Vaseline!

Contest for Day 5
"If I have half a day left in Baguio, what can you suggest the Road Trippers do to bond before we head back to Manila and go on our separate ways?"

Contest mechanics: (For Local Female Readers Only)
1. Comment with your most creative answer together with your name and email address.
3. Only 1 comment per person.
4. The entry with best answer will be chosen and winners will be announced on this blog!
5. All the winners will be announced on a separate post AFTER my Road Trip! 
6. Read the Full Terms and Conditions by smiling and clicking HERE

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

** All photos from Jeck Simbulan for Vaseline Philippines


  1. Try the amazing vegetarian food at artist/director Kidla Tahimik's "Oh My Gulay" Restaurant in La Azotea Building (along Session Road). The restaurant's whimsical interiors are a must see! There is also a terrace overlooking the city. It's definitely the perfect place to unwind and look back at the trip :)

  2. I suggest that you go strawberry-picking at La Trinidad for a fun afternoon bonding before heading back to Manila

    Emiliana Sison

  3. i always wanted to ride a horse but i never got the chance, so maybe you guys can do horseback riding in Wright Park and or go strawberry picking in Strawberry Fields.

    Jennifer Apolinar

  4. eat strawberry taho! there are many peddlers near the Mansion... and feast on the great salads at cafe by the ruins near Baguio City hall...

  5. wow! glad u liked baguio ms nikki!
    I think I would suggest visiting Camp John Hay in Baguio, they offer recreational activities like wall climbing, they have the paintball republic, picnic grounds,Pony rentals with a trail ride, butterfly farm and many more without over spending.
    After,you can also do your bonding at the coffee shops located also in camp john hay wherein you can relax as you breathe the fresh mountain air from the Cordilleras.

    Makeupid25 at yahoo dot com

  6. visit the public market. this is a treasure trove for tourists and one of my favorite places in baguio. from food to shawls to bags to wood carvings.. you name it, they have it.


  7. i always read your roadtrip post although im not able to pretty sure you are having a grand time,nikki & same with us looking at the photos!

    I haven't been to baguio yet but i have always been fascinated with their 'ghost bar'...i think it's like a bar/restaurant where ghost are said to appear. it would be a pretty freaky experience but i think it will make your roadtrip/baguio experience really memorable..

    it's not everyday that we get to see/experience ghost,right?


    i believe the name of the bar is jack's comedy bar...
    or you can just try to ask the locals where it could be..

  8. Hi Nikki!

    If you have extra time in the afternoon, go strawberry picking in the fields in Benguet! It's not that far from the city proper :-) You can purchase the strawberries your purchased too! Go camwhore with the girls and eat all the strawberries hehehe :)

    If you are really pressed for time, then you can go to Mines View Park and have a pictur with an authentic Igorot there complete with costumes! He will lend you accessories you can put on and camwhore once again.

    We miss you!

    - G.G. :)

  9. Boating at Burnham Lake or go to Tam-awan Village (Pinsao Proper, Baguio City) to get a glimpse of village life and Cordilleran craftsmanship.

    Mariel Rem

  10. Go to Camp John Hay and explore! So many things to see there: the old houses based on original centuries old houses in the US, the butterfly farm, the Pet Cemetery, the Amphitheater, plus the shopping at the PX stores and the FOOD! Even just walking around there amongst the trees and greenery gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. Have fun, Nikki!

  11. Baguio as a place where good things thrive,we can enjoy baguio in different waysyou always think can i stay for an extra day??but"If I have half a day left in Baguio, what can i suggest the Road Trippers do to bond before we head back to Manila and go on our separate ways,since i ive always been here for several times,ill tour them for my favorite horse riding,or biking coz Baguio is where I went on my first pony ride. It was here where I learned how to ride a bike.i can say they will enjoy this activity while taking pictures for our souveiner.

  12. You might want to do some last minute bonding at Kidlat Tahimik's Oh My Gulay! which is a vegetarian resto and art gallery all rolled into one! Its located at the top floor of La Azotea building in Session road. :) It's a nice place to hang out and to take pics! You'll be surprised though that a lot of locals have never been to the place or haven't even heard of it.

    If not that, you can head over to Cafe by the Ruins to try their food, I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

  13. You can try horse backriding at Wright park and strawberry picking at the Strawberry farm in La Trinidad..

    My husband's from La Trinidad Ms. Nikki, at the other side of Strawberry farm, we visit my inlaws every summer and Christmas.

    Belle Marquez

  14. JM Ramos @jm_elostar@yahoo.comMay 28, 2010 at 3:47 PM

    Ladies, you should visit Oh my Gulay at the top of the La Azotea Building along Session Road :)The food there is amazing(if you're a vegetarian)... but, this is a must-visit place because it is extraordinary! you'll enjoy the ambiance, the artworks and antiques there too....

    -JM Ramos

  15. I'd suggest stay out for a couple of hours, camp somewhere, a park-under the cold but lovely sky, Make a time-capsule(put a secret in)...bury and make a promise to go road tripping again in the future to open it up. That way, you are also making a promise to keep your friendship after the whole thing.


  16. Before you head off to manila, I suggest that you:

    Eat breakfast at Cafe By The Ruins. Go boating and skating at Burnham Park. Have lunch at Oh My Gulay! Art Restaurant. Enjoy a scenic walk at Camp John Hay's Eco-trail. Have dinner at The Manor Hotel then enjoy the live music entertainment at the hotel's lounge.

    Have fun!

  17. Awesome pics.. three of you look so cute.. and the polka dot dress suited you alot..!!

    Seems you had a lot of fun..!! glad that we, your readers got regular blog posts so we dint miss you at all.. but i'm sure hubby must be missing you like anything..!!

  18. forgot.


    mgna15 at gmail dot com

  19. i'd say go pick fresh strawberries at the farm while singing strawberry fields forever. =D

    no need to worry about your skin since you are protected.

  20. Hello, what's the brand of camera are you girls using? great pics :D

  21. when my cousin visited us here..we first stop at Botanical Garden since its nearest to our house you could see giant statues, old igorot house, then went straight to Mines View park and tried some igorot costumes, ate corn and fried pusit..on our way to Market we stop at the Mansion house for picture taking then walk few meters to Wright park where you can ride a horse.. Burham park is just few meters away from the market, you could stop by and take some pictures or ride a boat.. Last stop is the Market place where they bought pasalubong, sweets and fresh veggies prices are cheaper there. You could really do all that even for a day..It sounds tiring but we a had a lot of fun!

  22. If I were in Baguio like you with 2 of my new girl friends, I would suggest a half-day adventure trip. The roller-coaster trip kind of adventure (although that's not available there).. Maybe you could try wall climbing and a paintball game in Camp John Hay. Or just have an adventure trail there. For me, nothing beats a good bonding session with my girlfriends than an adventure workout afternoon. The adrenaline just keeps you high!

  23. For a half day trip: Have a meal at Cafe by the Ruins, then head to Camp John Hay. You can just relax and smell the pine trees while bonding with your friends. After that, you can proceed to the Public Market for some last minute pasalubong shopping.

    That is what we actually did on our last half day in Baguio.

    Annaliza Martin

  24. try to a place where there is a huge plantation of luscious strawberries and to a garden full of beautiful flowers- for sure you will enjoy the lush trip!


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