Thursday, May 27, 2010

Contest Time: Day 4 at Vigan!

What I love about Road Tripping is the  idea of stopping over places we would love to take shots off and just enjoy the wonderful scenery.  We've done it so many times even under the harsh sun!  I am seriously glad I am protected with the right SPF and I reapplied every 4 hours so no need to hide under the sun.

On our way to Vigan, we passed by the border between Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur.  We saw a group of army and took a shot with them!  My dear friend Ada was able to find a cute guy here! *laughs*

Here's a shot with the army and here's my Day 4 Contest!
"What did the men say after taking this group shot?"

Contest mechanics: (For Local Female Readers Only)
1. Comment with your most creative answer together with your name and email address.
3. Only 1 comment per person.
4. The entry with best answer will be chosen and winners will be announced on this blog!
5. All the winners will be announced on a separate post AFTER my Road Trip! 
6. Read the Full Terms and Conditions by smiling and clicking HERE

I'm excited to read your crazy imagination!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
** Photo from Jeck Simbulan for Vaseline Philippines


  1. penge kaming autographed copy ha.

    Bagel Betorin

  2. The men said, "Give us some vaseline lightening lotion to splatter on our skin and we can be your hero, babes!"


  3. The men probably said,

    "Ladies, your skins look amazing. How can we achieve such gorgeous skin even though we stay under the sun most of the time? Tell us your secrets in keeping a young and radiant looking skin." :D :D :D


  4. Hi Nikki! You girls look so pretty in this picture, like princesses with palace guards =D

    And so to answer your question, I think the men (specifically the cute guy!) would say:

    "Please give me the honor of protecting you, my fairest ladies, and would you care to give me some sunblock too?" LOLs.

    Have a safe trip home! *Muah*

  5. Hi Nikki!!!

    I'm so inggit with your fun road trip! I think the army said " maam, artista po ba kayo? saang channel kayo lumalabas?" heheheheheeh Let's see if I think like an army!

    take care!!



  6. They say " We are wondering why those three beautiful ladies have same pairs of hat and flip flops. Aren't they triplets! "

  7. Nagpipintas man nga babbalasang dagitoy!!

  8. sheila mari ardales

    wow!! hot and sexy ladies!! it's really getting hot in here!! need to get some vaseline before we burn ourselves!!

  9. Mga ma'am, balik ulit kayo rito ah?
    Ano pong number ninyo?
    Kagaganda naman nitong mga ma'am natin dito? Saan kayo sa Maynila?
    May boyfriend na kayo?


    Cha Javier

  10. I think they said, "you girls look hot!" (of course, thanks to Vaseline!)

    Clarice C

  11. "I wish I were sunblock so I can protect you, my fair ladies. May I have your numbers please?"


  12. "Pahingi naman ng Vaseline sun block para di kami masyadong iwas skin cancer" :D


  13. "Approve kami sa gandang Vaseline!"

    Rowena Wendy Lei

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  15. paki upload sa facebook...??

    april escamillan

  16. cza

    "i-tag nyo na lang kami sa Facebook!"

  17. how about

    " Thank God for Vaseline! These lovely ladies wouldn't be here without it...(Hope more pretty ladies use it and come down here to take a picture with us!"-they probably said this in their minds ( but probably said in reality ) "thank you and come again ma'am." hahaha


  18. You are really having a blast out there. Need I say I am jealous because I am stuck here in the office? Anyway, here's my take at what the men said after the shot:

    (There were six (6) of them so I guess everyone had something to say)-from Ada's side first

    Army Guy 1: "Pakiedit naman nung picture para hindi naman ako maitim masyado. Wish ko lang nagVaseline din ako para kasingputi niyo ako. Hays!"

    Army Guy 2: "Hindi yata ako nakita sa picture ah..."

    Army Guy 3: "Mali yata yung position ko sa pic kanina ah. Sana tumalon ako konti or tumingkayad man lang."

    Army Guy 4: "May Friendster kayo?"

    Army Guy 5: "Ano ba baduy baduy mo naman, Facebook na ngayon no? Parang nakita ko na kayo sa TV ah?"

    Army Guy 6: Teka, parang pumikit yata ako sa picture."

    ALL: "Mga Ma'am, sana bumalik kayo dito. Patag na lang sa Facebook. Hahaha! Makikita ba namin to sa TV? Ang galing naman pare-pareho kayo ng tsinelas. Kung pwede lang magtsinelas na din kami, wag lang pink. Thank you sa picture, may media exposure na kami."

    Name: Kessa Thea

  19. The army men would probably say : Thank you! Add nyo ko sa facebook ha? and Patag na rin!

    Kami ba hindi puputi sa Vaseline? hahaha!

    and bid goodbye :)

  20. Hi :)

    Well, here is my wild guess (I am not so creative so I bet you'd think this is little bit corny. LOL)

    Army: Attention! Well, looks like all these lovely ladies are ready for their once-in-a-lifetime training. Before you start your training, let me remind you all that this is serious business filled with exciting discoveries, so you need to all have fun, ehem ehem, I mean, to work hard under the sun! And be sure to be protected with the right skincare product by using Vaseline Healthy White SPF24!

    -Madelyn Ebro

  21. "Napintas ti balasang! Artista po kayo? Pwede rin po kaming escort or bodyguard." Hehe

    Annaliza Martin

  22. the men said "oh lovely girls in town!, we're on the rescue to guard you"

  23. the men said "oh lovely ladies! We're here to guard you! 100% protection plus the face you can trust!"

  24. the men said, "oh!what a lucky armies are we!! don't worry girls, you made the right decision to take picture with us..we will protect you from any danger, just as your Vaseline lotion protects you from the sun!"


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