Sunday, May 23, 2010

AMW and the 2 Girls for Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime

Hi AMW Readers!

Finally! I have the internet access and the time to update! :) It was a wonderful trip I tell you!  Before I tell you about my wonderful first day on the beautiful city of Laoag!  Let me introduce to you the 2 lovelies I am sharing this adventure with.

Hannah of FlairCandy
She's one cool girl who loves the beach and loves the sun!  I have met her a couple of times on events but never had the chance to bond with her!  I guess this is the time!

Ada of Adaphobic

This gal is humorous and super fun to be with!  She loves photography and she loves "Jump Shots".  You'll understand if you visit her site! 

The flight for Laoag leaves at 9:30am via Philippine Airlines, flight was smooth and we arrived on time.  The Laoag Airport is quite impressive, it's very clean, modern and people are friendly!

Just a cute reminder that I want to share to you :) 

I've said it over Facebook but please click on the banner to go to the website to get a chance to win your own Road Trip of a Lifetime.  Starting tomorrow, there will be contest for local readers to get a chance to win some goodies!

Thank you so much for the support.  This is one chapter of my blogging life that I think is really worth experiencing and sharing!  I will talk to you about the hotel I stay later on!  I'm off for dinner!

P.S. To those who asks, regular programming will be back as soon as I go back to Manila.  This is a 1 week Road Trip I wouldn't dare to miss!  I will definitely report back so please come back soon!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Achieeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Hello from..Quezon City!!! Hahaha!

  2. this looks awesome nikki! keep us updated :)

  3. good luck girl and enjoy each day of your trip!!


  4. I feel like jumping on the plane and joining you already lolz...have fun nikki! :))

  5. r u alowed to sleep in the laoag airport at night? like d naia 3 set up?

    1. I don't think so, it is quite small and they don't have benches like that of NAIA3


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