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AMW Reviews: Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine's Mop

Have you heard about Loew Cornell brushes?   If you're a makeup addict and loves to watch YouTube videos about beauty and loves to read blogs both locally and internationally, you definitely heard about this wonderful art brushes that has been causing a stir because of it's good quality brushes comparable to the famous MAC brushes!  Would you believe the brush whore in me just got this recently?  It's better late than never I tell you!

Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine's Mop

Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine's Mop says ---
Flat oval white hair mops with short purple handles. All natural hair brushes in timeless, popular shapes with incredibly soft bristles. Affordably priced. These brushes hold lots of color for artists and can also be easily used as substitutes for MAC makeup brushes! These brushes apply makeup evenly and are great for blending harsh lines.

AMW says ---
  • non-scratchy, very soft bristles
  • no flyaways
  • no bleeding when washed even for the first time
  • no shedding
  • very inexpensive
  • perfect dupe for MAC's 239, actually rephrase, this is the best dupe of MAC 239 I have ever seen and touched
  • the bristles are not super soft and just right to pick up colors

  • very dense
  • can pick up eyeshadows really well
  • available locally! 
  • the only downside is the handle's color, purple which other professionals wouldn't want (in my case, with the price? I don't mind at all!)
  • not all Loew Cornell brushes are sold locally
With my watchful 5 senses, I've tested this and compared this to MAC 239 that I own for more than a year.  This is the exact dupe of MACs 239.  The bristles of Loew Cornell is just a tiny bit longer compared to MACs but it doesn't make a difference on application.  The performance of Loew Cornell brush is great!  No need to even compare this to MAC as it works!  It really does work in packing colors and it's a breeze in application!  No scratchy feel and best of all!  The inexpensive price!!!
  • wash this before you start using
  • put on sticker or paint it with a nail polish color so you'll know its yours
  • share shipping with a friend
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Digital Traincase website for only Php300.00 (approx $6.50) + Shipping
For international readers, either ebay or ask your friends in the USA to help you purchase at Michaels Craft store.

A closer look at Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine's Mop
Well printed brand and brush size on handle

Made of Natural hair
Sri Lanka (wow!)

A closer look on the bristles
Flat dome-shaped bristles
white in color

Side view, no flyaways
even after washing

Now, everyone would definitely want to see this brush compared to the famous MAC239.  Thank goodness I own MAC 239 to be able to show you how both looks like side by side.

Loew Cornell brush is about half an inch longer and the handle is slimmer.  MAC's handle is in black while the LC one is in dark purple which obviously looks like a painter's brush!

MACs ferrule is half an inch longer.  I've used both many times and it doesn't make a huge difference in application.  Both bristles are glued pretty well on the ferrules and I tried to pull the ferrule away from the wood but failed.  Both are glued pretty well!  (thank goodness)

As seen on photo below, the shape of the bristles are almost the same!  The bristles of Loew Cornell is jut a tiny bit longer but the texture, the softness are exactly the same base on AMW touch test!

Side View of the bristles, MAC 239 bristles are a bit thicker, again, it doesn't make a huge difference during application!

A lot of readers would email me and ask for inexpensive brushes that does the job!  Well, I'm glad to share to you my good find!  Thanks to Sol for bringing in the Loew Cornell brush as I've been wanting to purchase this ever since I've seen them on reviews! 

Have a wonderful start of the week!  
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ok, i saw your title in my feed and i really thought you were reviewing a mop!!! >.<

    Don't think this brand is available here, but it does look the same as the MAC 239!! :D

  2. Been looking for this! Glad available locally! Thanks! - KC

  3. Sounds nice, and if it passed AMW's taste, then it's definitely good! =)

  4. from your title, i had no idea what was it about so i had to come to peek! :p

    another new brand of brushes for me. very interesting. thanks

  5. I've got an eyeliner brush from Loew Cornell in a swap and love it! It's a shame the brand's not available here or I'd get more. Thanks for the review and comparision, this brush sounds very interesting too.

  6. Jenn, the brand is widely available in the states at Michael's Craft store, you are too funny! I nearly choked with your comment!

    Khymm, I assume you own a lot of this na? hahahha

    KC, I'm glad I was able to help!

  7. Dang, that's cute!!! hahaha thanks for the trust! Touched ako ha?

    Jojoba, why in the world would I review a mop? Well..thinking about it! I should! And I definitely can! I do have a favorite mop at home! hahahhaa

    Gio, same here, I wish the local seller will bring in more sizes and different brushes from this brand!

  8. hi nikki,

    thanks for the review.

    to all, let me know what size do you want for me to bring here, drop me an email at

    sol at digitaltraincase dot com

    thanks again nikki!

  9. hello,thanks for this splurge and save post!
    can i get ur advice? whats the splurge and save nude lipliner for u?

  10. i have this! which is why i'm not even lemming for MAC 239.

  11. i think that really is a good dupe!
    though im not really that crazy about eyeshadow brushes, im more into blending brushes..

    but with the price..who cares about the purple handle,ne?

  12. Lelila, no problem! it's my pleasure to have tried this famous MAC239 dupe!

    Laneige Couture, Nude lipliner? Can I admit something? I'm not a nude lips person! hahaha but hey, I'll keep my eyes open for the nice nude affordable liner!

    Crystal, agree!

    Thiamere, so true! I agree!!!

  13. I read about this before, and I have wanted to try and hunt it down~ your review inspires me to try harder XD


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