Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AMW is Excited for: Forever 21 Philippines

I dress comfortably.  I want to look good at all times but I'm not a fan of spending much on clothing!  I go for quantity PLUS quality rather than just quality!  My aunt from the US visited us a couple of years ago and gave me a couple of gorgeous tops.  I thanked her profusely and told her not to spend so much on gifts, she went: "Oh no, I did not spend a lot!  I bought these at Forever 21!" 

After years of online shopping, I've finally figured out what the girls are going crazy about. and what Forever 21 is really about!  Check out their site, who wouldn't?  Forever 21 has quickly become the source of fashion for people on the budget and those who are not even budget conscious!  Their latest styles from casual to trendy, chic to glamorous from head to toe are always updated and always in style!  Whoever you are and whatever you do, you'll definitely find pieces that suit your taste and style!

The first Forever 21 store in the Philippines is 2,700 square meters of space with 34 fitting rooms, 60 sales assistants and 11 cashiers.  With one brow raised, I am a bit hesitant as no clothing line could go that far in opening up such a huge store with a massive number of staffs!  That's why I am so glad when Jane Kingsu-Cheng, Marketing Manager of Forever 21 (also a schoolmate of mind) invited me for a preview of the store.  It was right after a whole day of Dollface Personal Makeup Workshop.  Though my legs are tired, I couldn't pass up the chance!  I have to see it to believe.  

I walked from area to area, as I ooooh-ed and aaahh-ed over accessories, shoes, bags and of course, dresses, tops and bottoms!  Most of them are wrapped in a plastic and I can't help but want to try as many outfit as I can!  I can totally foresee stampede!  *knocks on wood*  Please girls, do not go insane on its opening day! 

As I walked from area to area, mentally took down notes on key pieces to purchase, I was ready to leave when Jane asked me to checkout the area for someone like me, a working girl! Love 21 is a classic, contemporary line for the working woman.  That definitely points to me!  I took a closer look inside this area and found a "pot of gold, silver and bronze"! 


Smart casual clothing with prices that fit the budget.  Most of the tops and bottoms do not exceed Php1,000 and dresses ranges from Php1,200 to Php2,000!  Not bad considering the designs are unique and the quality's good!  I checked!  Take a closer look at the details of some tops!  Very intricate and sewn really well, passed AMW's quality check!


 I love dresses that looks good anytime of the day!  I chose a couple that I would definitely go back and purchase! 

Comfortable Office Girl

Sexy after-office party dresses
So Nikki!

Tops that screams from "I am comfortable and casual today" 
to "I am so comfortable to show some skin"!

And I couldn't pass up the chance to mix and match some key pieces!!!  Oh, more outfits from Mondays to Fridays, or shall I add up Saturdays and Sundays!  That led me singing Black Eyed Peas' "I've got a feeling ooohhh.."

Smart Casual for office also for night out with the girls

Casual Sunday doing simple chores
or spending time with the boyfriend/hubby

Don't forget the gorgeous gray bag that fits the essentials! 
I love medium-sized bags with a lot of pockets!
More space to put my lip balm, keys, mobile phone, etc..!

And shall I add key pieces to vamp up the "casual" look?

Join Forever 21 on Facebook and Twitter (Forever21ph) to be in the know of the latest fashion and store information!  Ladies and gentlemen, be ready for the store's opening on July 2, 2010 at SM Megamall!  Please wear comfortable clothing and no pushing okay? 

Huge hugs to all of you from this gorgeous Panda t-shirt that the hubby found for me!  He's purchasing this for me! 

Aaaahh, So excited to shop!  And it's payday!!!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. oh gosh!!! i love f21 too!!! unfortunately, compared to the price in US, it is at least 2-3x more expensive than in malaysia :( :( there is a 3 storey f21 in myeongdong (korea) and seriously OMG!

  2. Wow... your store is seriously huge!! The one here is alright, nothing much to shout about. I agree with Xin - their clothing is quite overpriced here in Malaysia! I'm not really into their clothes (more of a GAP girl), but I love their accessories!! :D

    And awww, you look totally adorable with that T-Shirt!! Makes me really wanna hug you!! Hehehe!! :D

  3. I'm so excited! I love forever 21. Now I don't have to order from the states and wait for weeks to get them! Their dresses & skirts are so cute. I also love their accessories. :D

  4. the Panda shirt looks so cute! hehe.. im excited na rin! hopefully i'll visit manila soon..

  5. OMG I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS!! 30++ fitting rooms, that's insane :-O OMG! :D My insides are screaming!

  6. this is really nice :) i'm just wondering if they also included their Faith 21 Extended Sizes line in their store... the one for big girls... :) thanks!

  7. i just read it from sol's blog that they don't have faith 21..

    & im sooooo disappointed


    i'll be hating them forever if they are not going to carry that line..don't they know that half the pinays are plus-sizes?!

  8. The HUG T-shirt so suit you :P Cute!

  9. Xin, wow..3 storey F21 in Korea? Seriously I have to go to Korea, I planned to book this morning but then, I don't have my passport details and I lost the slot and the good pricing!!! accckk! Not meant to be!

    Jenn, oh no Jenn, I haven't photographed all the parts! THis is just a tiny area out of the huge 2,700 square meters!Thanks for the cyber hugs, I needed that :)

    Mia, I know!!! Great news for us who has to wait forever for the items to arrive!

  10. AnGiePink , :)

    Khymm, yes, you have to visit this store if you visit Manila ok??? Dali! daming cheap airfare from CebPac!

    Jerrinah, 2 days left!

  11. Ayn, You know what? I have a feeling Faith 21 isn't here because the sizes are probably too huge? American size? Not sure, but that's what I was thinking. I've checked most of their items have sizes ranging from XS, S, M, L I hope the L is large enough!

    Thiamere, same with my response for Ayn, but I'll probably ask Jane just in case I see her! I am sure there is a reason why they don't have Faith 21 down here!

    Anastacia, thank you!!!! :)

  12. Nice post, sis! I can feel your excitement from here in Alabang!LOL. At na-excite din tuloy ako, the pieces you featured are sooo pretty! =) Kainis, kaylayo ng Megamall, but I have to go!!!

  13. Haha...I love the huge hugs by Panda t-shirt, so cute!

  14. Unfortunately F21 sizes are small. I am not tall nor overweight and yet I fit in their Large size. There was one top I bought before that did not even fit me even with the right size coz it was a slim fit top :-( Sa Zara I'm a M-L and sa Mango I'm a S-M.

  15. awesome! we just got our forever 21 fix here in vancouver,bc. Canada too! I work in the mall where it opened up. here its a two floor wonder! everyone flocks there and its always busy. you will love shopping there!

  16. So jealous!! I want a F21 in Holland but we don't een have many great british stores!

  17. omygoodness 60 s.a and 11 cashiers?! O.O that's a supermarket!

  18. Hello,ms nikki! Would you be kind enough to tell me how much that beautiful gray bag please? Pretty please? I want that as well. Or how bout a price range for the bags? Thanks so much! & been a fan of your blog ever since I stumbled upon it <3

  19. eeeeekkkkkk can't wait!!!!!! to think these pics are just from Love 21 and they all look good!!! i saw some bea dresses already from those :) you know what i passed by the second time again on the way home, i quickly saw the inside because some sales people left for training i assume (the door was open on the side)and I DIED FOR 1 SECOND. hahahahaha!!! i can't wait to lay my hands on twelve by twelve and heritage 1981 :D :D :D great to hang again with you and shanna earlier *wink* MWAH!

  20. Dang, hahahaha from here to Alabang talaga ha? hahahaha Yes, you have to visit AFTER office or during weekends!

    BeautyOnTheWay, same here, can't wait!

    Becky, I know! I've been lemming for Forever 21 store FOREVER! :P

  21. Nikkiz oh no! It really depends on the design no? I wish you can fit into those tops and dresses!

    Maricela , wow! 2 floors! And I thought this one down here is huge enough!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Dodo, sorry, but who knows? With the right demand, someone could bring the store there! Thanks for the comment!

  22. Nikkiz oh no! It really depends on the design no? I wish you can fit into those tops and dresses!

    Maricela , wow! 2 floors! And I thought this one down here is huge enough!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Dodo, sorry, but who knows? With the right demand, someone could bring the store there! Thanks for the comment!

  23. Jo, I know, it must be looking like a supermarket on its opening day!

    Beabee, oh no..I can't seem to remember, but it won't be more than 3K! I think i took a peek but I just didn't remember! There's so many bags pa! Go ahead and take a look!

    Ghetto B, yes yes yes, I thought of you when I visited the store that's why I gave you a call and told you you have to save up!

  24. our F21 is very cramped in DT toronto. it is one building, but two levels...but small :T so when there are a ton of ppl inside it is just insane!
    so i buy online instead :P

  25. i'm so excited for july 2! thank god for pasig day! i'll be one of the many girls lining up. ;D

  26. Ack! I love the gray bag! This can't be, I just bought one from Mango... grrrrrr...

    Forever 21 is going to do some serious damage to the ladies' (and their hubby's) credit cards! I can't wait. :D

  27. im so excited for tom , :) it opens exactly on my bday w/ is also tom :) yey!

  28. They are saying that it would be ZARA's toughest competitor to date, aside form H&M. I must say if they have that prices,it's bound to be a neck-to-neck battle. I will visit it one of these days and see for myself the quality of Forever 21's merchandises. I'm quite excited because there's a new shop that would make every girl's day.

  29. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  30. I just want to ask, where else in the Philippines can i find a Forever21 branch, store or even a small outlet? I live at Pampanga.. And Sm Megamall is ver far from our home :( thanks..



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