Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime TV Commercials and Print Ad

Dear Philippine Readers:

If you're 18 years old, Female, resident of the Philippines and has been a reader of my blog. You've probably read so much about my wonderful Road Trip experience last month for 6 days with fellow bloggers Ada and Hannah. Words cannot express my gratitude to the people from Vaseline and people from agency for choosing me to be part of the Vaseline Bloggers. It was the best decision I've made to take a leave from work and accept this challenge! Thanks to my dear friends who gave me the push (guys and girls, you know who you are!)

The experience has been the best so far and words can't express my amazement and awe in each places I've been to. Laoag, Pagudpod, Vigan and Baguio --- all 4 places has its own uniqueness and taste and each location left a wonderful memory inside my heart! Here are 3 TV commercials shown on cable channels to inspire the others to join this Road Trip of a Lifetime I experienced!

Agency: Media Contacts, Inc.
Director: Gerald Santos (Orange House)

TVC #1 Laoag

TVC #2 Pagudpod

TVC #3 Vigan

Print ad shown on Yes! Magazine July 2010 issue. Photos by: Mr. Jeck Simbulan for Vaseline.
(click photo to enlarge and read article)

Visit and choose your own unique photo to show how excited you are to join this road trip. You have until tomorrow to send in those entries! Who knows? You may be the lucky winner for this Once In A Lifetime Road Trip!

Have I told you "It's Worth It?"
I guess I did, gazillion times!
And it's worth saying it again and again!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Great commercial and print ad, girl! I subscribe to YES via their e-magazine, I need to look you up. Looks like it was a blast. Congratulations =)

  2. What an amazing opportunity! It looks like you had an amazing time! Makes me want to jump on a plane and head to the Philippines!

    I need to rediscover my roots :-)


  3. LOVE THE TV SPOTS! ok they need to do one here immediately. i can use any sort of trip lol


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