Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Hawaiian Grimace" Nails

Good morning everyone!  It's Humpy Wednesday and I need all the boost of positivity today as everyone's on "no work" day and I have work today!  It's the inauguration of our new president and I do apologize that I forgot to paint my nails Yellow (the color of our new president).  But to make it up, I will show you my inspiration for this week!  I know, the title is the funniest ever, but what can I do?  Grimace is my favorite McDonalds character ever!  I remember seeing this cute li'l Grimaceat McDonald's in Macau and I wasn't able to purchase this because of long lines!  I  took a shot of this instead.  Adding a touch of Nikki = craziness, I put a cute flower on Grimace's cute face just like how I did on my banner photo! 

And here's my nails inspired by Grimace

Step 1:
Prior to polish application, apply a base coat to protect your nails.  Apply 2 coats of ELF polish in Royal Purple (thanks Toma) and let dry.

Step 2:
Apply a clear coat on top of the polish color, while dry...

Step 3:
Create flowers by dropping 5 dots of white Prettynails' 2 Way Nail Art Pen.  Adding tiny dots for design.  Just like photo below

Step 4:
Use needle to create a petal 

Step 5:
Since I wanted two-toned florals.  I dropped a pink dot on top of the white dots using Pink Prettynails 2 Way Nail Art Pen.

Step 6:
Similar to step 4, use a needle to create a more believable flower petal!  Make sure to do this while the dots are still wet!

Step 7:
You can use rhinestones as flower bud, but I prefer using my Prettynails 2 Way Nail Art Pen in silver glitter and drop it in the middle of 5 petals.  I tried to steer away from rhinestones this time!

Step 8:
Protect your nail art with your favorite top coat.  And voila!  Instant Hawaiian Grimace Nails! 

Have a wonderful day everyone!
I hope this nail art inspires you to prettify your nails!  Even once!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yay! for more nail arts! this purple looks so stunning! amazing color!!

  2. Haha you're so cute! Love the flowers :)

  3. i love grimace... and i love ur purple nails cute!

  4. So so pretty!!!! Me loves it really much!! :D

    I love Grimace too!! hehehe!! :D

  5. Stunning!! Great idea with the needle trick :) Can't wait to try it out :)

  6. oooo I love the base shade of nail-polish! :D the design's very cute you've done it, I feel like attempting to recreate it now...*disaster alert*

  7. Awesome NOTD! :) The purple really stands out on your fair skin :)

  8. gosh i love love love the purple!!! it is SO gorgeous!

  9. me too i like grimace,haha.nice nails nikki,with flowers pa talaga cuteeeee

  10. cuteness! im loving purple recently. im not supposed to buy any polishes for the next few weeks but when i saw the purples at TFS i just cant resist. hehe.

    ps. i cant make decent flowers on my nails. dang! you're my ultimate idol when it comes to that.

  11. CUTE!! I <3 greemace.. I hope U will do or share more nail art aside from flower dots design...

  12. Another gorgeous nail tutorial.. I really love it..

  13. So pretty! That purple is gorgeous and the flowers so cute.

  14. Nice purple color! The design is so cute,Ms. Nikki. :)

  15. OOh! I love this design. the purple is amazing!Good job!

  16. Grimace was always my favorite too! Love this, so fun!

  17. Thanks ladies! :)

    Triszha, sure, I will try to do other designs aside from florals, just that, these are we'll see on other designs :) just hang in there :)


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