Thursday, July 1, 2010

AMW Reviews: GlamBox Starter Kit

Early this year, I attended the GlamBox event and won my first raffle prize if the year!   Thanks GlamBox for this!  It was the best New Year's Gift ever!  Though it has been months, I only had the chance to review this product because I have to admit, I stopped using this product for the whole summer as I was too lazy to put on anything on my face except sunblock and mineral powder.  I know a lot of you have been waiting for this review!  Sorry it took such a long time as I wanted to be true and as precise as possible on my review on this!  This doesn't come cheap and money does not grow on trees! (Where did that come from? lol)

GlamBox Starter Kit says ---

Airbrush Makeup is the next generation of makeup. It gives you a light natural looking coverage that’s long lasting, water-resistant (tear proof) and smudge proof. It stays on all day, so no touch ups required. The feel is so light. It does not cake. It’s everything you want in a makeup line and more.

Airbrush is not just for makeup pros anymore. It’s no longer expensive, intimidating or hard to find. With GlamBox, you can easily achieve professional looking and flawless airbrush looks everyday at the comfort of your home.

One - 30ml Foundation (of your choice)
One - 20ml Cheek Color (of your choice)
One - 30ml Cleaner and Thinner
Airbrush Gun (w/ accessories)
Gun holder
Air hose
PLUS ++ (the new) carrying case!

AMW says ---

  • lightweight and portable as compared to traditional airbrush system

  • no need to figure out PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) which means it's a measurement of the pressure put out in an airbrush system.  Quite confusing right?  GlamBox has easier settings of Low, Medium and High (read tips on which settings to use on which areas)
  • Foundation: feels very light on skin, applies quite sheer and it's build-able
  • Foundation effect never looks cakey or fake
  • the effect of the airbrush look is so natural it won't create white cast on photos 
  • no streaks from makeup sponge or brushes
  • after several usages and getting the hang of this, it takes half the time to apply foundation! 
  • applying foundation on body is very easy as compared to makeup brushes or sponge
  • power supply passed QC (quality control)

  • cute bag that comes with this system (note: color of the bag may change depending on availability)

  • quite messy to use for starters, need to clean the airbrush system after every use
  • a bit tricky to use for first time users
  • a bit pricey for people on the budget
  • Foundation: a bit sheer and not enough for problematic skin (please read tips on how to achieve flawless skin)
  • coverage may take forever especially if you're not used to how many times you have to go through your face
I prefer powder application every morning as I only have 5 minutes to do my face before I leave for work.  Knowing the OC-ness in me, I know I would probably take more time cleaning this airbrush than the airbrush application itself.  In this case, I use this system only on special events or if I know there are a lot of photographs to be taken!  At first, I felt the coverage is too sheer and it can look a bit oily on hot and humid days.  With the right foundation base, the right concealing prior to airbrush application and the right techniques and hand movements, I am getting the hang of this. 

Do you seriously need this?  If you're a makeup addict and a makeup artist, this is a good investment for backups and practice.  But if you're currently happy with the traditional makeup you use, you'll get along fine without this. 

  • pre-set button.  Low setting for hair, eyebrows and eyes.  Medium setting for face and neck and High setting for the rest of the body.
  • to create a flawless look, apply your preferred concealer on problem areas like under eye circles, breakouts etc.. prior to airbrush application.
  • for first time users: test the airbrush on your skin minus the foundation first and gently go through your skin to gauge how you handle the gun and how much pressure is needed. 
  • mentally note down how many drops are needed for your whole face to save products.  I prefer 6-8 drops for foundation, 4 drops for blush and to clean the gun, I use approximately 2-3 drops.
  • use a makeup primer prior to airbrush makeup application to protect your skin and to prevent makeup from sliding off in the middle of the day.
  • after first layer foundation application, let dry before you go and continue with the second layer.
  • if you use this for clients, ask your clients to hold their breath for a couple of seconds when you are spraying this near the nose area.  Try not to do this too long as your client may turn violet! *laughs*
  • clean the cup with a cleaner or thinner after every usage.  To prevent product buildup, I use a cotton bud to gently wipe the inner corner of the cup. 

  • do not leave the compressor turned on for too long, it will heat up as the compressor is not as heavy duty as compare to other airbrush system.

Application technique 
1. Since I'm taking my own photos, I used my left hand in holding my airbrush gun, but you get the drift on the right way to hold the airbrush gun.  Begin by pressing down the airbrush trigger first for air to be pressed out.  As a test, gently feel the air on your face before your start the real airbrush application.

2. After getting used to the sensation on your skin, pull the trigger back slowly to gently release the product.

 3. Maintain at least 3 to six inches away from the skin, with a circular motion, start at the jaw line going upward.  Spray less on the areas that does not need much coverage by not lingering the airbrush gun too long on one area.

Will I repurchase?
Not this brand.  I will definitely purchase a more professional airbrush system for clients.  But for personal use, I recommend this!

Where to purchase and how much?
At GlamBox Multiply Site for Php8,500 (approx $185.00) for Starter kit.  You can add them up on Facebook to know their schedules for demo.

Airbrush face minus without concealing.  If I want to lessen the under eye circles, I may conceal my "bags" first prior to airbrush foundation application.

*whew* this is quite a long post!
Feel free to comment if you have any other queries. 
I believe a lot of you have tried airbrush makeup via airbrush system or the stippling brush or the beauty blender bounce method!
Let me know if you prefer traditional makeup or the airbrush finish look!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Great Review Nikki although I do want an arbrush Im still not that convinced since I am a COVERAGE girl hehe and youre right this wil only work well for people with perfect skin hehe

  2. I have been waiting for your review on this! Now I am willing to give this system a try after reading your reviews! It looks so easy to use! Thank you!

  3. Can we use a different foundation for this (like Kryolan's)? :D Thanks Nikki! I'll save up for this!! :)

  4. Caby, so true, but for someone who really likes to try airbrush system, this is the most handy and affordable so far na available locally :)

    Stephanie, no problem, glad to be of help

    Care, yes, you can use Kryolan's or OCC etc.. :)

  5. it looks really high tech! I definitely don't mind owning this. LOL. but i guess i will have alot to conceal first before spraying onto my face

  6. I dream of owning one of these someday - though I can't justify the expense. Then again I prefer full coverage these days, so maybe later, when my skin improves. Thanks for the review!

  7. Great review, Nikki. But with the price, and the "tricky" application, I guess I'm sticking with my traditional makeup. =) But for special events where I would need a makeup artist to do my face, I think I'll go for an airbrush makeup artist just to try it. =D

  8. OMG, I want this! So cool!

  9. this is really interesting, noh? I love how flawless our faces looked when we used this.. but till now i still have a hard time saving up for it! hahaha!

  10. i want to purchase this soon.. still saving up LOL

  11. i so want an airbrush kit too! maybe when i'm rolling in dough! hahaha.

  12. Congrats on winning! This sounds really interesting. Too bad application is a bit tricky, plus I can't justify the expensive at the moment so I think I'll just have to stick with traditional makeup for now.

  13. Hi Nikki,

    I'm curious what other brands you've tried?

    I've tried both Dinair and GlamBox (borrowed from 2 friends). I was expecting Dinair to be better but overall, I did find GlamBox to be better. The gun sprays finer mists and the make up spreads more even. Also it has 2 modes so i didn't have to bother with the psi level.

    Re coverage, i think for all airbrush foundations you can adjust the coverage by adding more drops and layering. Hope this helps :)

  14. Xin, yes, conceal first before spraying, or you can do the steps 3-4 times for a heavier coverage that doesn't feel heavy!

    Blu3, I've been wanting to try Temptu, but its just too pricey!

    Dang, yes, it'll be fun to try airbrush foundation from a MUA! On special events! Or on your wedding day! *winks*

  15. B, :) YOu'll get the chance to purchase this someday for sure!

    Shen, I know!! But hey, you can purchase this kaya!!!!!! Bawas shopping muna hehehe!

    Khymm, goodluck with saving up!

  16. Crystal, who knows?

    Gio, so true, for regular people who doesn't go to a lot of parties or events you can stick to traditional makeup!

    Jenny, I have tried my brother's high tech airbrush system! hahahaha So far, it takes a lot of practice with DPI and everything, so this one works really easily!!! You're right, I did advise on the tip area that additional coverage can be done by setting the first layer then add up on 2nd and 3rd layers! :) Thanks for sharing your tips!


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