Friday, July 2, 2010

AMW Reports: Forever 21 Private Party

I just got home from a long day of work, meeting and shopping!  I repeat SHOPPING!!!  I finally saw the "talked about" Forever 21 opened its doors for a Private Party!  It was totally different compared to the first time I visited the store.  Tonight, it's full of energy and excitement!  Handsome and gorgeous shoppers chatted giddily as they browse through rack and tried on their favorite pieces whether inside thedressing room or right in front of the store mirror!  I wore very comfortable clothing and flats!  I wore an "almost" camisole top so I can easily try on clothing without going to the dressing room!  Smart eh?

Security and a lot of sales staffs were there ready to assist you.  Cashiers are standing at their post ready to accept your cash and card payments!  I hope they took vitamins today! 

Excited shoppers picking up stuffs that caught their attention!  I advise you to request for a bag to put all your "desired" clothing so you can freely roam around the store!  Or better?  Shop with a friend so you won't feel bored!  Shopping and Bonding - wonderful combination!

My dearest beauty blogger friends Jheng and Shen 
all ready to go on their separate ways for serious shopping!
Cute how they got together again at the cashier area to compare notes :)
Love love love their hauls!

Mommy and fashion blogger Lace all slim after giving birth *jealous mode*
First time to meet her cute and sleepy baby!
A shoutout to her hubby Azrael, Happy Birthday!

"I crush her hair" Earth wearing a nice Freeway number!

Another pretty blogger Lauren all smile for the camera!
Lauren, I see a couple of clothing inside that bag!

I think I was born a "paparazzi" as I was able to pinpoint personalities like Cheska Garcia Kramer, Tim Yap, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Mitch Dulce, Joey Mead, Raya Mananquil, Nikki Valdez, etc... in a crowd!

My favorite Look magazine Beauty Editor Kelly Misa was also there wearing an F21 dress!  Shen loves her dress too!

Patty Laurel all ready to shop her hearts out!  Thanks Patty for stopping and posing for us!

I also saw the blooming OK! Magazine Editor-in-Chief Frances Amper Sales, who's also a proud blogger for Topaz Horizon and Beauty for a Living!  She's such a jolly person, I love talking to her!  She can uplift anybody's bad mood!  I was a bit in a bad mood (according to her, hahaha) while I was lining up to try on clothing!  And talking to her puts up a huge smile on my face! 

Finally, I was able to take a shot together with Forever 21's Marketing Manager, Ms. Jane Kingsu-Cheng!  Congratulations for the wonderful job and thanks for the invite!

I was hungry so cocktails right after you shop makes a girl  happy!  Menu from Chef's Quarter.  Wonderful service and food tastes wonderful!!!!

I ate quite a lot!  Poise no more!

Shared drinks with Earth

And a final pose at the "wall of F21 fame"!  Thanks Keith for the shot!

Tomorrow marks "the day"! 
SM Megamall will open at 9:30am to give way to all the excited shoppers for the original Forever 21!
Enjoy shopping!  I'd love to hear your experience!
I, purchased basic tops and a nice short dress!  All in all?  Worth the pain on my legs and feet!
Now I have to raise my legs up and sleep!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. that's nice! i wanna see your haul!! =D

  2. how exciting!!

    are you going to show us what you got?

  3. Wow, this looks like so much fun! Forever 21 is everywhere in the States so I would love to attend a Private Party. I want to see pics of the cute fits you hauled. :)


  4. oh my goodluck to me when I go in the afternoon of opening day. we'll share what happened :P

  5. Sue, I threw it at the washer already but don't worry, as soon as they dried up! I'll show them, but its boring, just a nice tube top, then 5 different basic tees and tops! hahahah

    Becky, I'll wear them and tell you guys its from F21 :)

    B, gosh, you are so lucky to have F21 all over the States, all the ladies are lining up TODAY!!! THe public opening day!

    Lanie, goodluck Lanie!!!

  6. i so envy you nikki.. i wish they will open a branch here in cebu city soon! i'll be in manila on september.. cant wait! =)

  7. nice!! now i feel like going f21 store too, like right now!

  8. we were able to arrive before the mall opened but to our dismay, there was already a loong line inside! we were really shocked when the security handed us numbers for our discount coupons coz we though we're far from 250! a lot of nice items are worth buying but most of the XS sizes were gone.was eyeing some the pieces you posted on your previous post but I didn't see them. I was quite happy that despite the long line to the cashier, it moved pretty fast :D will definitely go back, maybe next week. :D

  9. I hope you had a great night! :) Show us your hauls! hehe. I'm excited to go but I'm waiting for the crowd to lessen since sporting a small baby bump and crowd doesnt go well together. haha. :) I'm excited though!! :)

  10. Icysunitz, girl ! If Cebu pacific has those promo fairs, come here in Manila!!!! Kahit a day or 2 lang for your shopping needs *winks*

    Xin, you've been to the one in Korea!!! hahaha that's OK enough!

    Peaches, glad you got the coupons! But sad to say most of the XS sizes are gone, you know why??? There's a lot of really slim , gorgeous looking models who shopped! :D

    Care G, I will, once they dried up or probably you'll see if I posted a picture of me wearing them :D

  11. hi Nikki! =) I went to Forever21 yesterday and there was a bit of mishap that happened, I initially lost approx Php400 from SA error but they let me exchanged stuff but I still lost around Php50 and they didn't give me any voucher so I could claim my Php50 back next time.

    Hope you could kindly let the Forever21 management know about this and I'm just giving some suggestions so SAs won't mix up handing over the wrong bag to the customers after fitting their clothes:

    thanks! ^.^

  12. Sige Chelle, thanks for letting me know, I'll forward your concern to the management of F21 :)

  13. hi Nikki, thank you very much!!! ^.^ Ms. Jane Kingsu-Cheng emailed me <3


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