Friday, July 2, 2010

AMW Reports: Dove Go Fresh Showeroke

Last week, I got an invite to attend the Skin-sational Dove Go Fresh Showeroke event at Strumms, Makati.  I attended another event prior to this one but I won't miss the chance to see my Vaseline Road Trip friends from the agency again!  I arrived at the event in the middle of contestants belting songs that I've been hearing over the radio.  The wonderful shower set up on stage is a very smart idea!  I love how I wanted to jump on stage and take a shower after a hot long day!  That's how inviting the stage set up looks!  

The creative people from Dove presents their first-ever Dove Showeroke.  As the name states, anyone who has the voice, the shower, the Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bar, Body Wash or Deodrant Stick plus the guts and confidence were invited to video themselves having fun in the shower while belting out their favorite shower tunes.  Entries were sent from May 25 to June 17, 2010.

Participants uploaded and shared these videos on YouTube and the top 10 videos that received the most views and likes were asked to perform live on stage at Strumms, Jupiter, Makati!  If I may add, the challenge is not over with YouTube votes and views.  Judges were chosen to give out feedback "ala" American Idol style.  Meaning...there will always be someone "Simon Cowell-ish" as part of the judging challenge! 

The people behind this challenge and made this event came true!

The Judges
(Thanks Jonathan Joson for the photo)

And the people whom I met recently but turned into new found friends

Here are the list of winners for the night.  
 Sai won Bloggers' Choice Award

Maisa, Ana and Gold won the consolation prize!  They deserve it!  
As the Shower-oke turned into a mini concert with all the props, 
dance steps and the right fuel!

And the Winner and I call her the Showeroke Queen of the Night
Pebbles!  I can't stop laughing when I saw her Video Entry! 
Definitely A+ for effort and confidence!

I want to personally thank the people from Media Contacts for inviting me in this event!  I wouldn't mind attending such events with friends and belt my favorite songs <--- READ: SONGSSSSS (Plural Form) hahaha.  

Congratulations to the winners and even to those who did not win!  I've seen their performance and they are all winners after confidently belting out their favorite songs!  With Dove Go Fresh, they'll definitely sing heir hearts out with the feel of freshness!

Do you to sing inside the shower?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I really Love this. It is really interesting

  2. Hi. We got here through topazhorizon's blog. I hope you can make a little mention of our mini contest on your blog or twitter account. We'd really appreciate it. It can be found here:

    Thanks a lot in advance. All the best!

  3. oooh ate nikki,i missed you too!:) haha 2 bags at one go, nako super broke..naisip ko nga after paying for them, naku cellphone na pwede ko mabili dun..or pwede narin tuition fee..or pwedeng madaming makeup na..but i needed a sturdy bag na talaga, kasi i've been going thru bags so fast kasi super abusado ako hahaha.. yes if it makes us happy go go go!

  4. Money Man, thanks!

    House of Onika, thanks for the visit!

    Miemiemie, naku, girl! Me, I have to purchase a new bag, been using most of my bags to their "maximum lifetime" lol


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