Saturday, July 3, 2010

AMW Reports: Come, Taste and See - Heaven!

Last week has been a very busy week of events for me!  When I saw an e-vite from Yehey!  I knew I had to go to this event because HEAVEN means only one thing for me....Paradise inside the mouth!  Ice Cream!!!

The event was held at A. Venue Hall, Makati.  It was drizzling outside but it warms my heart to see familiar faces and catch up with them!

I was greeted with a nice wall of Heaven!

The event started with smoke, Heaven's gate came down with angels, I mean gorgeous angels strutting the stage.  Seen a couple of familiar models that I've been seeing on other events!

Heart thumping performance from professionals! 

All the excitement finally led us to the "Star of the Night"  Heaven Premium Ice Cream

There are 4 variants to choose from:
Belgian Chocolate Bliss
So tempting and sinful, it's utter decadence.  Transcend all earthly pleasure and give in to the riches, most sublime chocolate ice cream smothered with the finest Belgian chocolate bits.

Vanilla Almond Secret
We reveal an absolutely pure, delicate and intensely flavorful experience.  Get caught in the rapture of creamy vanilla ice cream softly-kissed with chopped almonds, all draped in flowing caramel ripples.

Strawberry Dream
Fulfill every creamy and delectable desire when you lose yourself in luscious strawberry and cream ice cream, affectionately adorned with only the freshest, most succulent strawberry pieces.

Butter Pecan Obsession
Prepare for complete obsession as you satisfy your deepest, most indulgent cravings.  Witness a mouth-watering explosion of irresistibly soft buttery ice cream alluringly strewn with the finest roasted pecans.

All 4 flavors above NO ARTIFICIAL FOOD COLORING (Thank you Nestle for that)

Sizes available: 
800ml - Php175.00 (approx $3.80)
450ml - Php115.00 (approx $2.50)

Yours truly was able to try on mini scoops on all 4 flavors and it's quite difficult to choose a favorite as each flavor has its own special distinct taste!  I'd probably go for flavors depending on my mood!  

I've seen a couple of friends and familiar faces.  Would you believe I reunited with Maybelline's Makeup Artist Mr. Jim Ryan Ros?  I was on my way out when I saw him!!!

It was great seeing my fellow Vaseline Road Tripper Hannah!  First time to meet Vince!  Wonderful couple!

Sweet hubby and wifey Jeffrey and Jennifer Aspacio

Caught Earth taking a bite of her Strawberry Dream Ice Cream

With Shen who's wearing a gorgeous number in her new sexy bodey! 

Tara and Dang graced the event too!  So happy to bond with them!

And more cam-whoring with the rest of the bloggers!  It was great seeing old and new faces!  And what's best?  We're bonding with great food, music, and handsome and beautiful people around us!  That's real party!

Do you think we'll leave the event without wall photos?  Of course not!  Look how cute Tara is with her "halo".  So she's the angel among us?  I believe so!  Everyone's an angel for sure!

I will be looking forward for more ice cream..ahem..I mean events together with these girls!

"What's Heaven for you?"
Thanks again to the people from Heaven and Yehey! for the invite! 
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Looks like such a fun time. I can't eat ice cream unless I take a pill. LOL.
    I have been following you through bloglines but decided to follow through google friend so I could be your 1001 follower. :)
    A reminder to join in on my giveaway. :)

  2. i love ice cream... kainggit naman!!! kaya lang pampatab din waahhhhh!

  3. wah~ nice, looked like it was tons of fun

    i wish there were great events like that here in LA :)

    love your blog always

  4. Sounds like you had such a great time! I love ice cream too. :)

  5. susies1955, awww you are so sweet, thanks for being my 1,001th! :)

    Ashley, thanks

    Elsa, hahah so true, can't eat ice cream everyday, masisira ang diet!

    Emily, it's really tons of fun!!!

    Gio, thanks!

  6. OMG, looks like you had an amazing time!!

  7. B You know I always do with events, its great to see friends :D

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