Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AMW Reports: Fashion's Finest, Beauty's Best

When I was growing up, I was a Pond's White Beauty user and I was able to inspire my sister to use the same.  We would share the same tube and she actually liked it so much she uses it until this very moment.  Though I've grown to change moisturizer because of the current needs of my skin, Pond's will always have a special place in my heart.  That's why when I was invited for the Fashion's Finest, Beauty's Best event, I can't say no...

My dearest Pond's has grown its collection and I'm glad to see the familiar light pink and white packaging!

Eight icons in the fashion and beauty industry were selected as muses for this collaboration.  Photos of these lovely ladies were showcased at Red Restaurant, Makati Shangri-La Hotel last June 29th.  Read on to know more about these ladies who possesses the beauty and fashion principles that Pond's and Plains & Prints would like to portray.

The effervescent beauty top model turned Project Runway Philippine judge and now Global PR Manager for Pond's, Apples Aberin knows her fashion and beauty being in the same business.

Sultry Siren Kelly Misa's youthful beauty and classic charm has been captivating many being a model and now as one of the hosts for a TV program.

Ageless Beauty is the best phrase to describe Patty Betita, who always exudes simple sophistication as a model, mother and personality development expert.

The Pond's Ambassador Rissa Mananquil who turned from columnist to model and full-time mom has always been known for her effortless elegance and innate intelligence.

The chameleon, Bianca Valerio - name it and she can deliver - from modeling, styling, and now a make-up artist, she is definitely the expert for everything in fashion and beauty.

A prominent face in Manila's fashion and social circuit Mai Kafman also known for her store Karma is a bag and interior designer who has perfected multi-tasking with all these professions and adding to this is her favorite job - being a mother to Alexa and wife to David.

The Real Estate Goddess Divine Lee is the epitome of style and substance who juggles her personal and career life always in haute fashion.

As one of the faces of Plains and Prints, Celine Lopez has been named most stylish in the society for her classic yet eclectic fashion sense.

Several bloggers were also invited to grace this event.  Attending events are really wonderful seeing familiar faces and meeting new people!

Mr. and Mrs. Kikay ExchangeGary and Jill!  Gary has been sweet in taking photos of the bloggers and I can't help but want to get a shot of him and his wifey!

Kristine is the young writer from Candy Blush whom I met for the second time around.  Liz has always been a darling and we always share quick chat on every event!  She's such a sweetie to always say "hi".

It was great meeting Jane for the first time, I can't believe this lady writes a food blog and maintain such gorgeous physique!  I've seen Rowena a couple of times recently on events and she's wearing a nice red head band which works well with the event's motif!

Jheng and Shen
Jheng though busy from work managed to look gorgeous and crazy at the same time *peace* with Shen on her side busy with her drinks in her gorgeous red dress and red lips!

I fondly call her my "shobe" or little sister.  I haven't seen her for quite some time and it was such a pleasant surprise to see her sporting a new hairstyle and gorgeous outfit! *whistles*

I've met Lace a couple of times and seen her during her pregnancy days and look at her post pregnancy body now!!!!  So proud that this mommy blogger still manages to juggle time for events and take care of her new born baby!

First time to meet Trixie *waves hi* and photo together with Shen :)

What a small world!  Bumped into my first makeup teacher Ms. Cherry Pacheco! 

You can check out the Pond's Plains and Prints Collection by smiling and clicking HERE

A nice day cream and night cream from Pond's 

Pond's Flawless White and Pond's Age Miracle

This set goes to my mom-in-law and I'll definitely interview her for reviews :)
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I remember using Ponds whitening fluid way back in College.. =)

  2. I think White Radiance is Olay though. Or did Pond's have something similar?;)

  3. wow, ponds ...nice very interesting

    thanks for sharing your blog always :)

    PinkMonkey: ~Emily

  4. everyone looks great and the event looks like a lot of fun :D they should publish pond's more...

  5. everyone looks great and the event looks like a lot of fun :D they should publish pond's more...

  6. Khymm, same here!

    Anonymous, thanks for the clarification, I made a mistake! :) I changed it! :)

    Emily, thank for the comment, glad you enjoyed reading my blog

    Nicnic, so true! WEll down here, locally, Pond's brand is everywhere!! :)


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