Sunday, July 4, 2010

Something New: The Pond's Plains & Prints collection

When a leading beauty and skincare brands Pond's and famed home-grown clothing brand Plains and Prints unveil a collection that show's synergy between style and beauty, a very nice collection will be expected.

Eight of the most sought-after fashion and beauty icons in the contry lead the special collection with Pond's that will be seen in Plains & Prints stores nationwide starting July 3, 2010! 

These red and white dresses have been exclusively made for the collection which I believe took more than 6 months in the making.  The entire red and white limited edition collection represents Pond's Age Miracle and Pond's Flawless White lines.

Introducing, the Red and White Collection
You can click photos to enlarge

L-R Rissa Red, Kelly Red and Youthful Red Sleeveless Dresses

L-R Miracle Red,  Romantic Red Sleeveless Dresses and Classic Red Cap Sleeved Dresses

L-R Apples Red Cap Sleeved Dress, Eternal Red Sleeveless Dress and Lydia Red Cap Sleeved Dress

L-R Divine Red Sleeveless Dress, glowing White Cap and Stunning White Cap Sleeved Dress

L-R Gorgeous White Sleeveless Dress, Radiant White Cap and Patty White Cap Sleeved Dress

L-R Mai White Tube Dress, Bianca White Sleeveless Dress and Celine Sleeveless Dress

L-R Jacqe, Flawless White and Lustrous White Sleeveless Dresses

For loyal patrons of Pond's Age Miracle and Pond's Flawless White, every purchase off specially marked Pond's Age Miracle or Pond's Flawless White Day Cream 50g, Night Cream 50g, or Serum 30ml, shoppers will get Php200 off the Pond's Plains and Prints dresses or Php100 off on any Plains and Prints regularly-priced apparel.  Offer starts on July 3 until September 15, 2010!

I am eyeing for this Red dress.....
Rissa Red Sleeveless Dress

and this White number!
Flawless White Sleeveless Dress

Which dress caught your attention?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(all photos from Pond's)


  1. I also like the white dress with the red obi, as well as the jacque dress. decisions, decisions!

  2. I love Plains and Prints, I was just there the other day and saw some of the dresses! Super promising! :)

  3. I like the Rissa Red, Kelly Red and the Classic Red Cap Sleeved Dresses. they're so pretty! :)

  4. Jill!!! Heard from Sophie that a lot of sizes has been sold out na :( :( :( Di tayo pwedeng mabagal ang decisions!

    Caby, by any chance, have you found a dress you like?

    Mia, thanks for sharing your favorites!!!! :)

  5. really?! oh my! sad to hear that but happy just the same that the collection is doing so well :)

  6. Jill, I may have to check them out over the weekend and see if I'm left with something pa :D


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