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Mr. AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I slept quite well over the weekend, in short, I slept a lot over the weekend!  It has been very hectic since the start of this year but I'm not complaining!  I am quite thankful that there are so many things to keep me busy to keep me from going to emotional mode!  

I want to thank my 1000 followers!  I've reached the 1,000th mark over the weekend it warms my heart to know you guys include me in your daily reads and thanks for the trust!  I promise to do more reviews and put you readers "in-the-know" as much as I can!  Can I ask for group hugs? *group hugs*  

I know I don't have a lot of male readers, but I'm sure my female readers have special men in their lives - the husbands, the boyfriends, the dads, the brothers, the cousins, the boy friends!  My husband, who's been a soap user for years, is finally willing to give some male products a try! Yay for Male Vanity!!!  He has used a couple of skincare line for men and I'll be interviewing him for reviews for the men in our lives!  

L'Oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control Foam
and White Activ Moisturizing Gel Cream

Mr. AMW's Skin stats ---
Skin type: Very Oily
Skin condition: prone to breakouts
Skin color: fair

L'Oreal Men Expert White Activ
Oil Control Foam

L'Oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control Foam says ---
  1. Cleanses, clears and mattifies for long - enriched with Salicylic Acid, this formula cleanses and clears skin efficiently: excess sebum and dull dead cells are removed, skin stays clear and matte for long.  Your skin is comfortable without tightness.  It becomes soft, smooth and radiant!
  2. Reinforces the skin's natural resistance - ADS (Active Defense System), a powerful soothing active ingredients that helps to reinforce the skin's natural resistance against daily aggressions.  Results: less irritation, less tightness and more comfort.
  3. Fine bubbles remove impurities for brighter skin - with L'Oreal Paris' new foaming texture with fine bubbles, impurities are washes out and your cleansed skin is brighter, leaving you a pleasant fresh feeling after wash.
Size: 100ml

Mr. AMW says ---
  • scent is seriously good!!! (AMW can vouch on it!)
  • bubbles up easily 
  • nice squeeze-y tube 
  • a small pea size is enough for the whole face
  • skin feels comfortably clean and tight after every use
  • does control oil!
  • inexpensive
  • tested on Asian men skin under dermatological control
  • NONE!
For oily to very oily skin, this works so well as it does help decrease the feel of oiliness throughout the day. 

L'Oreal Men Expert says ---
  • lather in the palm of your hand
  • apply on wet face and gently massage concentrating on forehead, nose and chin
  • avoid eye contour area
Mr. AMW says ---
  • gently massage for about 30 seconds to a minute, Mr. AMW personally feels this is much better for his face
Will he repurchase?
Where to purchase and how much?
Php195.00 (approx $4.20) available in leading department stores, drug  and beauty stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets (SM Department Stores and Watsons Beauty Stores, PCX, The Landmark, Robinson's Department Stores, Shopwise, Mercury Drugstore, Gaisano Metro Department Stores).

A closer look at the packaging of White Activ Oil Control Foam

Texture is not too watery nor stiff.
Like a beaten egg white with a bit stiffness

L'Oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control
Moisturizing Cream

L'Oreal Men Expert White Activ Oil Control Moisturizing Gel Cream says --- 
  1. "Oil-trapping-like-effect" for matte skin - this patented formula contains mattifying fibers to help create an "Oil-trapping-like effect" to mattify your skin.  Enriched with zinc-G, a powerful sebo-regulator, it delivers a long lasting oil-free feeling and look to your skin.
  2. Helps to reduce excess sebum for brighten skin - enriched with Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid, this formula helps to remove surface dead cells  and excess sebum.  Skintone is brightened and healthy looking.
  3. Moisturizing gel cream for men - hydrated skin all day long, non greasy, non sticky, penetrates rapidly with a matte finish.
Size: 50ml

AMW says ---
  • smells great
  • no allergies or skin irritation
  • helps mattify the skin, lesser oil
  • non-sticky on face
  • non-greasy
  • absorbs on skin easily
  • for super oily skin like Mr. AMW: oiliness still occur after several hours
This is a nice addition to the oil control facial cleanser.  Has a tiny tingling sensation after usage but it doesn't bother him and the sensation was gone a couple of seconds after.  This product instantly mattifies the skin and creates a clean and bright face.

from L'Oreal
  • use all over the face in the morning and/or evening on cleansed skin
  • can be applied after shaving, can soothe razor burn

from Mr. AMW
  • apply all over face then additional spot treatment on areas that  are very oily like t-zone and forehead
Will he repurchase?
Too early to tell if he really needed this, will wait a couple more weeks

Where to purchase and how much?
Php375.00 (approx $8.15) available in leading department stores, drug  and beauty stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets (SM Department Stores and Watsons Beauty Stores, PCX, The Landmark, Robinson's Department Stores, Shopwise, Mercury Drugstore, Gaisano Metro Department Stores).

A closer look on its packaging, 
mouth is a bit smaller than the White Activ Oil Control Foam

White in color, texture is not runny

Gently massaged onto skin

Dries up invisible

Thanks to Mr. AMW for patiently answering the questions I threw towards him!  He's been very patient with his explanation! 

Hope this review helps to the men out there
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hey bb, thank you for the comment. imiss all your great posts. I need to get back im so behind!

  2. my brother use skin care from l'oreal and his skin is more clear and clean than ever

  3. thanks for this, I'll tell my BF about this!

  4. That is so cute of you interviewing Mr. AMW regarding these products. Great review. :P

  5. thanks for the review!


  6. Mimilliana, no worries :)

    Anonymous, glad your brother's skin improved a lot with this

    Jessica, go and tell your BF about this! Goodluck!

  7. Pammy, hahahah yup, I was bugging him for this and that, glad he gladly obliged!

    roxy, no worries, always my pleasure

  8. it works and the skin feels much more confortable.... im 17 y old and i tried a lot of things for my face because from time to time i had some problems with my face, not
    big but though... acnee :( .... i`m glad i tried it , it really helped me
    i really can infiel it
    Thanks AMW :D

    1. Yay, glad it worked for you! :) nice to know! and thanks for sharing

  9. my skin seems sensitive to salicylic acid. sighs. everytime i use a product with it my skin tend to break out ;(

    1. I know what you mean, I'm sensitive to ingredients with Benzyl and Salicylic Acid too so I don't use products with it but use Tea Tree Oil for breakouts instead.

  10. I can't find it anymore since last year...

  11. This actually sounds perfect for me! But I'm a girl... Is it sae if I use it anyway?

    1. Hi! there is a reason why it is packaged for men! The ingredients are stronger as men's skin are different! So I suggest you try a skincare regimen for girls that has OIL CONTROL on it :D

  12. Will it work on a girl? Or is it too strong? But my skin is very oily...


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