Thursday, July 29, 2010

AMW Reports: Loving My Curves with Levi's

Wearing jeans has always been portrayed as "cool", and looking back, I was never that "cool" girl because I've strayed away from jeans because I hate fitting on jeans!  I have several jeans issues that I'm sure a lot of you can relate.

**photo courtesy of Levi's

I ended up wearing mostly slacks and skirts!  Gosh, I wasn't even working then!  Why am I wearing business attire?  *laughs*  A couple of years ago, after losing some weight (yes, I was a bit heavy back then), I mustered the courage to purchase my own jeans but either I do that and hoard a lot then never return as I find it tedious!  Shopping for jeans is definitely a half-day affair!

When I got an invite from Levi's over the weekend for an early morning "get-together", I was expecting a short meeting just talking about jeans.  Imagine the surprise when I got in the restaurant and saw these!  Am I back in Art Class?

Saw a couple of familiar faces which eased up my "Art Class" fear.  Funny how I love doing nail art but I'm scared of art class!  Trust me, I am telling the truth when I tell you I don't excel in that class! 

We were each given a sheet of paper and we were asked to make a stand and declare our beliefs when it comes to jeans.  I don't have a lot of beliefs but I checked on....

"I believe it's easier to be who I am 
than find the perfect fitting jeans"

We were then given 30 minutes (which ended up 1.5 hours) of creating our own "I believe" mood board".  It took us 30 minutes to tear up magazines and I was amazed how its easier for us to cut pictures for fellow bloggers rather than choosing photos for our own mood board!  There were definitely a lot of laughter and interaction! 

Given the last 5 minutes, I was able to come up with my mood board.  I was teasing other bloggers how it felt like doing a "ransom" letter with the letter cutouts!  *laughs* 

Main Title: AMW - which represents ME and my website
A statement "Go to your happy Place":  I believe that each one of us can go to our own happy places if we permit ourselves to by finding stuffs to do that makes us happy.
Material things that's perfect for me:
  • a watch: because I am always on time
  • my laptop: for blogging
  • my Canon SLR camera: as I love taking product shots and event photos
  • my makeup traincase: because doing makeup for others is the best job for me
  • my new Samsung Galaxy Spica phone (or any phone in general): as I love keeping in touch with my loved ones
  • Organizer:  'nuff said!  Important bookings, schedules and events are all written here
  • food and of course...Coffee to perk me up!
  • Bed: my crib, a place where I relax, write and pray
All those are pasted on the sides of the board because I believe material things can be a source of happiness but it's just temporary, the best source of happiness is helping other people (as illustrated by holding hands photo located at lower left).  I told everyone that since we're helping other people, we may as well paint our nails and help other people with fabulous looking nails!  *laughs*

And most of all?  Happiness comes from within. Smiling and laughing together with the people around me is perfect and the most important thing that makes me survive each day!

The rest of the bloggers also presented their wonderful mood boards!  Each bloggers' personality and creativity showed in this activity.  It was such a fun way to get to know each other more!

After the activity, we had a gorgeous lunch as reported on my Weekend Food Tripping post.  While enjoying our meal, we watched a video and here's what I learned...

Levi's has started a campaign driven to help women find the best-fitting and most perfect pair of jeans they will ever wear.  Studying the body shapes of over 60,000 women around the world, Levi's has created revolutionary custom-fit denims that are based on shape not size.

The idea of Levi's is to show us girls that the company is also finding ways to find the "perfect" pair of jeans that fits our lifestyle and preference.  There's no "ifs" and "buts".  Real women has real curves and Levis help us celebrate our curves!  No matter what type!
Batch per batch, we were asked to give these jeans a test.  No!  We did not run around and rummage through jeans like crazy mammals!  

We were each measured, in a very unique way.  Glad our waist line measurement weren't announced in public. I was told that when you purchase your own pair of Levi's jeans, they will help you out with your measurement to get the right fit :)

My batchmates!  Thanks Lauren for giving me "insight" on which jeans look best on me!  I realized how I've always chose jeans that's an inch or 2 bigger than my size.  I learn to choose the right pair of jeans and of course, to love my imperfect curves! 

Thanks to the wonderful people behind this event.  Nuffnang, Ogilvy and of course Levi's for the lovely event.  Time flew by pretty quickly and we left the restaurant light-hearted!

Your friendly neighborhood, AMW, all proud with her "work of art".  This mood board is so me!  Thanks Hannah for taking this shot!

Levi's wants to know what you think, your stories and every denim dilemma you've had and will have.  Share your thoughts on denim fashion faux pas, jeans sins, and your frustrations in finding the perfect pair of jeans and get a chance to own a pair of jeans that seems as if they were specifically made for you.  Visit  or go to the nearest Levi's store or outlet near you to know more.

Have you always been comfortable shopping for jeans?
Do you love wearing jeans?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Seriously, I can never find a jeans that fits me! it's either loose on the waist or loose on the hips... would Levi's have something for peeps with big hips and small waists? This is always my problem when I shop for jeans.

  2. OMG, i think im a muffin top=( waaaaaaaaah...thats true Nikki. You know why Ive been wearing dresses and skirts lately heheheeh=)

  3. i always have problem with getting the right pair of jeans/pants/shorts which hides my flaws and enhances the curves.

    it's always either loose on the waist, fitting on the thigh or vice versa. the agony of having a pear shaped body and it doesn't help with a tummy :(

    i also end up wearing skirts for most of the time~

  4. I love wearing jeans, it gives me this perfect "sexy" but comfy feel. The only problem is, it's sooooo hard to find jeans that fits me right with my curves and JLO "asset". Haha. I hope this Levi's line is promising! =) Want to see!

  5. Levi's has been advertising at quite a couple of places for the new line. can't wait to see them too. i love jeans but it is REALLY hard to find a REALLY flattering one too !

  6. Feels like you always have a fun time! So nice!

    Awe! You've got a new banner! Looks interesting :D

  7. Real women have curves so their idea of curves is just awesome. :)

  8. I find it SO hard to find perfect jeans- maybe if I was stick thin it would be easier lol
    Such a cute post- loved the piccys and I adore your new banner too :)

  9. It's hard for me to find the right fitting jeans too. It's either too tight on my crotch area or too lose on my waist...haha..thanks for the tip. I will definitely visit a Levi's store one of these days :)

  10. It looks like a fun activity and you look so cute :)

    I'm a shirt and jeans/demin person so yes I love to wear jeans. I like skinny jeans but I look like sausage casing whenever i gain a little weight lol.

  11. That levi's picture is hilarious.


  12. huhuhu... too bad I miss this event because I'm in cebu... I'm such a jeans girl! looks like a fun event... Levi's!

  13. I agree! I only have one or two pair of jeans that I really like. But some are just too loose around the legs or too tight or something like that T_T

  14. Ems, me, I have problems with my hips and legs, my hips are quite big as compared to my really tiny legs! That's why I had a hard time purchasing jeans din! :) I think Ems they have fit for different women, it's not on the measurement but more o the curves na daw! We'll see once they launch their new line!

    Rowena, I know~ YOU look great with them!

    The Ghetto Gurls, Muffin TOP! hahaha we hate that! I am sometimes like that too!

  15. Plue, so true, it takes a lot of effort to find the perfect jeans, just like finding the right guy! hehehe

    Dang, me, I wasn't comfortable with jeans in the past, I guess I'm much better now as jeans right now have a lot of different styles!

    Xin, agree!Well said!

    Anastacia, yes, I always try to make things fun in anything and everything I do :)

  16. Pammy, yes!

    Sarah, so true on the stick thin thing, we're not thin, we have fats and bones! :)

    Crystal Gale, what's your favorite jeans brand dear

  17. Becky, thanks, hahaha It was a fun activity and I was laughing all the time! Sausage casing! You are too funny!!!!

    Roxy, yup! I hope people don't think that's me!

    Earth, sayang! I read your FB on your experience sa sorry you had to go through that!

    Lisa, same here, i have 2 that I love and the rest are just crazy!!!!

  18. what a great post sis. i really did enjoy the day with you guys. The jeans really looked good, noh? I got my jeans today and i must say that i feel good wearing them.. a lot!

  19. Shen, same here! :) It was almost a whole day :) Fun fun fun! I just got mine too, buti na lang swak na swak! :)


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