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AMW Reviews: Revlon Colorstay Foundation with Softflex

Drugstore foundations are definitely living up to what consumers were looking for.   Affordability that works hand in hand with quality!  When I was filling up my train case for makeup school, I have used and tried a couple of drugstore foundation and I'm glad I've been making the right decisions and I seldom have a bad purchase when it comes to liquid foundation.

The brand Revlon did not fail me.  My first ever Revlon foundation was the Custom Creations Foundation, in which, I  have to admit, I purchased solely on the genius and unique packaging!  Thank goodness it passed my standards because I hoarded 3 bottles/shades at a time!  Next came Revlon's PhotoReady Liquid Foundation, which has a bit of controversy due to its tiny shimmers, but yours truly doesn't even mind as I find it works really well and most camera loves the finish!

Because of the 2 positive experiences, I did not mind testing yet another foundation from Revlon!  I originally wanted the one for Dry Skin but unfortunately, it's not available locally and I'm left with the Combination/Oily Skin variant which is okay anyways because I plan to use this on clients as I am not much of a liquid foundation user!

How do I feel about this foundation?

Revlon Colorstay Foundation says ---
Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 16 perfect hours? Revlon has the solution - ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex.  Specially formulated for combination or oily skin, this oil-free formula helps control shine all day and gives you flawless looking skin.  Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the SoftFlex ColorStay formula.  Medium to full coverage, with SPF 6 protection*.
*Golden, Caramel, Toast, Rich Ginger, Cappuccino, Mahogany, and Mocha do not contain SPF.

AMW says ---

  • thick glass packaging, I actually dropped this and so far, it did not crack on me (thank goodness)
  • foundation does not feel heavy on skin
  • gives medium to full coverage
  • though this is for oily/combination skin, this foundation did not dry up my "dry" skin (moisturize skin prior to application)
  • non-cakey
  • no skin irritations
  • not much touch up is needed
  • makeup lasts the whole day and skin looks fresh
  • a little goes a long way!
  • can double up as concealer due to its great coverage
  • does not settle into fine lines
  • foundation does not transfer onto my clothing or handkerchief
  • does cover spots!
  • packaging without pump, be careful of product wastage

  • just like any other liquid foundation, can cause breakout if skin is sensitive
  • a bit tricky to find for the right shade
  • if applied too much, creates a white cast on photos
  • if skin is not moisturized well, dry-skinned individuals will find this product flakes on them
I actually got this shade because it is the safest and easiest shade to mix  and match.  The shade Nude is actually a tad lighter on my skin but for the sake of testing, I've used this for a couple of days.  Once I applied this and went out for a whole day make-up gig in an open-air location, it rained, it shined and there wasn't any chance for me to do some retouching.  After 4 hours straight of hardwork, I took a lunch break and got a good look at myself in a mirror!  Surprise, surprise!  I don't look harassed at all! Just a tiny pat  of powder foundation on my cheek area and I'm ready to face the world again!

The product seriously smells like MAC StudioFix Foundation, I am not  implying that this is the exact dupe of MAC but just to give you idea on how the product smells.  The coverage is great for a drugstore foundation and seriously, a little is enough!  Applying all over my face feels a bit heavy! 

Nice drugstore liquid foundation.  No wonder it gets a lot of raves online.

from Revlon
  • apply to cleansed skin after you daily moisturizer
  • use your fingertips or applicator, blend foundation onto skin
  • apply starting the center of your face, forehead, nose and chin blending outward
from AMW
  • pat on your preferred setting powder to set the liquid foundation
  • retouch with a patting motion, much better if you use a brush for retouch
  • if shade does not match, feel free to mix and match (practice makes perfect).  Or, you can set this foundation with a darker powder foundation
  • spritz your sponge or brush with water for a lighter application
  • since this product dries up pretty fast, you have to apply quickly 
  • if your skin is not that bad, apply this liquid foundation only on areas you want to cover up (undereye circles, sides of the nose, corners of the mouth and spots), then set with your preferred setting powder!
  • search for a pump!  If you've found one that fits, do share!  I am still on the lookout
  • if you may, apply this all over your face prior to purchasing and wait for 20-30 minutes and check if it oxidizes on your or creates a white cast prior to purchasing a full bottle.
  • cleanse your face well with a cleansing oil or makeup remover as this makeup stays even when washed with regular facial cleanser.  It's not called ColorStay for nothing!
Will I repurchase?
Yes, ok to be part of my makeup train case.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon Counters for Php825.00 (approx $17.95)

Revlon ColorStay Makeup with Softflex SPF6 
in Shade 200 Nude

A close up on the mouth of the bottle, sad to say, my MAC pump does not fit

Tip: Use Cotton Bud/Spatula to get product to prevent wastage

Gently blend it with sponge, brush or fingers

If applied sparingly, blended well on my skin color

Applied on bare face after moisturizing with a wedge sponge.  You can obviously see that nude is a shade or two lighter than my original skin tone.  I actually set this with my Mineraux Skin Perfecting Mineral Foundation which is a 2 shades darker than my skin tone

How say you?
Have you tried this foundation?
Love it? Hate it?
Let me know!

Oh Yeah, if you've noticed the new banner, I want to give a shoutout to my reader Kat for making this.  I appreciate the effort and the nice photo of myself!  I think I like the "cartoon version" of myself better!  *laughs*  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love the new header. i know it's nothing to do with this foudation but i have to shout out.

    ps: this foundation looks very iiteresting. i will check it out myself.

  2. I just need to say this! FRESH NEW HEADER!!! great one!!! :) Love it!

  3. Nikki hun i LOVE the new header!! You look great!! :D

    This foundation is something i've heard so many raves about, but have just seem to slip under my radar for years now!! Thanks for the review!! :D

  4. i wonder why they just can't install a pump in the foundation? i always overspill things if it is an open bottle!

    p/s: love the header!!!!!

  5. Sounds really nice. Since I only have a few blemishes and under-eye circles, it might work really well as just a concealer! Wow, and it would definitely be one big tube of concealer! LOL, def. worth it then ^^ (if it works on me)

    And great banner!

  6. First of all, you have a great header! Beautiful!

    Thanks for the review, I need this one. I'm thinking of trying either a new foundation or bb cream. Any recommendations? =)

  7. Try applying with a damp sponge for a sheerer and more natural finish. It also feels comfier. If taken off properly it never breaks me out - only liquid foundation I've ever tried that doesn't! AND wait till you see how long it makes your blush and eyeshadow last...

  8. fabulous header sis!! I got this foundi as well and its really really nice! :)

  9. nice nga ng header mo nikki!! hehe,i use revlon din pero pag alam kong mtagal akong rarampa with makeup lang hehe

  10. This product looks so much more promising than the Mineral Mousse one! I want!

    And your new header is LOVE! So cute!

  11. I like your new header. And your layout is finally back to the blue one that I like better than the brown one. ;)

    Sounds promising but I stay away from liquid foundies. :P

  12. wow this foundation is a must try! ang daming good reviews nito sa Girltalk..

  13. For the pump , I may have found a substitute. Avon's serum pump works great. I had a lot of empty bottles and tried it yesterday . The bottles are the same and I just washed the pump and placed it in the revlon bottle. I can enjoy without making wastage of the foundation .

  14. have you tried the revlon photoready foundation? which is better? thanks.

    nice header!! :)

  15. Love the new header! :D - mars

  16. I love this foundation! Even better is that in Japan, it comes with a pump!

  17. Thanks for the review, sounds like a great foundation.

    And I love your header, it's beautiful!

  18. i like this foundation & thank goodness that it doesn't make me break out.

    Although i find it to thick for an everyday make-up, i still try to make it work for me. I just add either a moisturizer or mix it with a primer to thin it out

  19. your cartoon pic totally looks like you!

    I have a hard time with the shade of this foundation even though I love the coverage. always too pink!

  20. thanks for sharing, awesome product.

    i transfered the contents in a plastic bottle with pump available at watsons (even wrote their customer support if i could do that, wala naman daw kaso yun)

    just wanted to share: i went to a concert at araneta by 8am (show starts at 8Pm) lined up in heat and humidity of april summer on my face was the neutrogena ultrasheer sunblock spf50pa+++ for the face and this foundation. my gad, this foundation held til even after the concert which was 11pm.

    mind you i've tried bobbi brown it doesn't last me 3 hours.

    revlon colorstay foundation is my go to followed by revlon colorstay active light in buff, ideally.

  21. Jojoba, thanks for loving the new header, I have to thank a reader for it :)

    Emily , thanks dear!

    Jenn, so true, this slipped my mind too! I actually did not plan to purchase this because I have so many foundations for oily skin!

  22. Xin, I know! the pump is very important. First time I used this, it spilled all over!

    Lisa, yes, this is a whole tube of concealer! I love it! I used it as a concealer today!

    Ince, BB cream oh girl! it takes a lot of samples and test to find the best bb cream for you. If you have oily skin, try the SkinFood Mushroom BB cream or the one from Elianto!

  23. Kahani, I do that :) Thanks for sharing!

    Shen, I have a feeling this will work for you too!

    Shobe, so true, this is long lasting no?

  24. Tara, I haven't tried the Mineral Mousse pa, i think the drier skin should try the Mineral Mousse :)

    Pammy, me too, I like this too, this is the original AMW :)Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Khymm, oo I heard raves and raves about this even comparing this to MAC SF!

  25. Fadeela, lucky yoU! i don't have the Avon one but I'll definitely be in the search for a pump that fits over the weekend!

    Mia.e, yes, I have reviewed it too you can click the link here (

    Mars, thank you!

  26. K, wow! really? Why can't they just do the same for the rest of the world?

    Gio, thanks!

    ~tHiAmErE~ , wow! You usually breakout on products and this one doesn't? That's great and good news for you! So true, some foundations are not for everyday! We need to let our skin breathe!

    Connie, hahah thanks!yes, coverage is great but one complaint I've read is the choosing of foundation shade, just like most liquid foundation issues!

  27. Marge, hey! thanks for letting me know! You are one Revlon ColorStay fan then! :)

  28. so many good comments. might buy this one just to act as my concealer coz i really cant find one that works. maybe this foundation can do that. now i can't wait to go to the mall. too bad malls are closed! noooo! :))

  29. Mia.e! hahaha you are too funny, wag naman NOW NA! Wait na lang muna :) hahaha Let's pray you can purchase them on sale! Not sure when they will have sales eh! Try the testers muna ha? :D

  30. Haha :))

    nagssale ba ang revlon? i dont know when and where. also, sale season is almost/already over. :(

    haha. i got too excited! and yea, it's so sad that this has no pump.

    if i get this soon, i'll make a review and i'll tag you! hehe :)

  31. no prob, gorgeous ^_^

    the container with pump i bought at watsons is for the gel/moisturizer type spout with kind of a square opening spout around 35pesos. so it's not only more hygienic and nakaka tipid since dispensing the product is more controlled.

    or you can pour the content of this colorstay foundi in your photoready once you're thru with that LOL.


  32. Thanks, I will the try Skin Food BB cream kasi oily yung skin ko. And I let you know if it's ok. =)

  33. hello! i'm a new follower. :)
    i love this review. i'm also thinking about getting this foundation since i saw so many gurus on youtube use it. and your review definitely made up my mind! i'm gonna have it on my next salary! :) thanks!

  34. Mia.e, so true I haven't seen them on sale na! I think a couple of months ago! Goodluck, let me know if you tried it na!!! Exciting!

    traciethediva, thanks, I love the new banner too, actually not because my cartoon face was there, the color combination is just so ME!!!! I'm glad my review helps! Though I don't have oily skin, I am sure oily skinned will like this! Just need a tiny bit of retouching!

  35. Marge, naku! It will take time for me to finish my Photoready :) But thanks for the tip!

    Ince, try the tester ha? Not all skintype works well with Skinfood :) So ingat lang

    Abbie, thanks for the comment and for reading my blog :) Yay for next salary!!!! Wait this month end salary or August 15th salary? heheheh

  36. I just did this yesterday watch the short clip I used an olay jar with pump. please use an empty Jar,olay is

  37. hello! I would like to ask if I will use this...possible magka pimples? I have mild acne kase eh

    1. Cecille, I can't say YES or NO as it really depends on how your skin would react to certain ingredients. If you suffer from mild acne, there's a huge possibility that your skin is sensitive so it MAY cause more pimples so I strongly suggest to use makeup ONLY if needed, on most days, probably you may try mineral foundation.

  38. Hi Nikki! is this foundation looks good for photography?

  39. Hi Nikki,
    Is this foundation photo friendly? is there white cast or something? Thanks!


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