Thursday, October 22, 2009

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation in Light Review

How dare you Jessica Alba, for saying: "This shade is mine, go get your own"

The first time I saw this product was from a magazine. I went up to a dear friend called "Google". Reviews came out just ok, not too good, so-so product....and I threw the idea of purchasing one aside.

When I joined makeup school, my mentor Cheryl gave us a tip on how to save up for school practices, THIS product came out to the open again. And I have enough foundation and enough shades, I snubbed the idea.

Now, why am I holding this now? Well, ahem, I was asked many times for product reviews on this (excuse but this is true lol) ...and...I wasn't able to turn the dial....yes..the dial...

It was the packaging, 
that made me weak! lol

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation says ---

Innovative bottle offers five shade settings, making it easy to fine-tune your foundation shade for the perfect match. Simply turn the dial to adjust shade from lighter to darker. Lightweight formula blends seamlessly into skin for a naturally flawless look. Available in a range of skin tones from light to deep. SPF 15.

Available in 6 shades
  • Fair/Light
  • Light
  • Light/Medium
  • Medium
  • Medium/Deep
  • Deep
AMW says ---

  • glides on easily
  • does not crease
  • doesn't flake my dry skin
  • cute packaging
  • great idea on customizing your own foundation shade especially if you love the beach or pool and tans easily
  • coverage is good, you can re-apply as much as needed
  • no breakouts after constant usage for more than a week
  • pump bottle! yayness! Easy to control
  • no weird scent
  • perfect foundation if you're a Makeup Student, you have a couple of shades for cheaper price
  • for oily skin: do not depend on oil control as I needed the retouch after half a day and I have super dry skin
  • you may waste one side of the foundation as you use some of the light or darker shade more
  • foundation is quite thick so quite hard to blend, have to work fast

I haven't bought any Revlon foundation til they came out with this! The packaging is genius and it's definitely a marketing strategy, a good one! I find the foundation works out quite good for a drugstore brand. It isn't as matte as MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation and it isn't as dewy as Paul & Joe Creamy Foundation, it's just in between, it gives out a satiny-matte finish which works well for both dry and oily skin! You just need to choose the right "base" prior to foundation application.

I know a lot of people think that the dial is just useless tool and the shades that comes out are all the same, I am happy to announce that, each number twisted gives out a different shade! Not obvious on swatches but super obvious if applied all over face! For the sake of review, I've used 1-5 of the Light Foundation and it gives out a difference! I am between number 2 or 3. I can use 2 if I want a perfect match and I use 3 on days I want the "healthy" look.

So my suggestion is to pump each number fully before you twist to the next number to maximize the use of each shade and you can finally choose the right shade for you! Always remember to follow directions, the FIRST USE ONLY tip must be done! (you can click photo below to enlarge)

  • if you have spots or areas to conceal, never skip concealer right after foundation application
  • use a foundation brush for application, I love the Dollface Foundation brush as the foundation blends in my skin easily
  • always apply foundation in downward strokes, making short and quick strokes
  • always twist back the dial in "LOCK" to prevent product wastage or spillage
  • do not base the shade on the "packaging", do test the shades one at a time to get the perfect match
  • pump the foundation all the way down, one pump is enough for the whole face. You want thicker coverage? 2 pumps for the whole face!
  • want a nice full and clean coverage? Use a big velor puff and pat on pressed powder or powder foundation on top of the liquid foundation to set
  • want a natural coverage? Using a big powder brush, dust the setting powder on areas that oils up
  • if you have dry skin, moisturize your face well and leave for a couple of minutes prior to foundation application
  • if you have super oily skin, better use an oil-control primer prior to foundation application
Will I repurchase?

I did, I repurchased Light/Medium. I haven't tested this shade yet :)

Where to purchase and how much?

At local Revlon counters for Php825.00 (approx $17.50)

Here are a pump of each number

Swatched on a clean bond paper You can click photo to enlarge to look closer

Based on swatches alone, there are a tiny difference but not a lot, again, when applied on entire face, it will make a huge difference on the "feel" and the overall look.

Last month, I was invited by makeup artist Cats Del Rosario and Basement Salon's Makeup Artist Precious Medina to help out for a music video makeup! I've done make up for the actress Sheena Halili. This was her 2nd look, a disco/party scene. I've used Revlon's Custom Creations Foundation Light/Medium in no. 2 or 3? (Sorry, I forgot it was pretty late) and I set it with MAC's SF Powder Foundation.

hair done by: Ms. Joy Montano
makeup by: Nikki Tiu
(I added a bit of shimmery powder so the overall feel is bright)

And yours truly, the same photo from the L'oreal True Match Blush in Apricot Review, wearing Revlon's Custom Creations Foundation Light in no. 2 set with Shu Uemura's Face Powder in Sheer/Colorless.

Is this a star product? Well its worth to give this a try because of it's awesome, mind boggling packaging! But the product itself I would say is nothing fatabulous, it just did what a regular liquid foundationd should do :)

Do you own this Revlon Custom Creations Foundation?
Did you know that this alien aren't included on many sales that Revlon has?
Do you plan to purchase one?
I seriously hope they include sales for this so everyone can give this a try! :)
Yes even at 10% off!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nice! I've always been worried though that I would waste product because my skin is light and so I'd probably only use half of the product before running out

  2. I fell for the packaging with the first sight of it! So cool!! :D I wonder if our country brings them in. Sigh~

  3. Thanks for the review Nikki! Methinks that this is perfect for makeup artists, but not very practical for personal use, as we will only use one or two shades the most! :D

    However, i'm intrigued with the dial! hehehe!! :D

  4. Your review is sooo comprehensive, Nikki! :) I've seen it before and I've wondered how it works. Thanks for the review! :) And congrats on the gig! Sheens looks so pretty!

  5. wah! so cute the packaging!!! and i think the model is really really pretty. she looks like ashley simpson!

  6. You're the first lady I know to review this. Thanks so much! I've always wondered how it worked. Gotta see how it rolls on the brown skin and then I'll be a believer!

  7. Hmm... maybe I'll give this a shot. I heard some bad reviews...

    Anyways, great look you did on the actress. Such good makeup skills ^^

  8. Yaaay! The packagin functionality is so great! Very exciting! Didn't see anything like that before :P

  9. Y, so true, I feel the same too if I only use this for myself, so I think this bottle is great for someone who tans easily or for someone who's studying makeup!

    Sue, I hope you can give it a try :) If its available down here, maybe there too?

    Jenn, you are right! Personally, I only use 2 shades out of the 5 :)
    and the dial!!! acck, its calling my name!!!

  10. Teeyah, thanks! Sheena is a cool girl and very pretty!

    Prettybeautiful, isn't the packaging gorgeous? awww, actually I didn't recognize her, I didn't know she's an actress, but I do remember liking her face, like a cute anime, so child-like!

    B, aww thanks for enjoying and liking the review! :) I haven't found a lot of reviews too that's why I thought of reviewing this as early as now :)

  11. That's a very good review :D I've seen the advertisement long time ago and was wondering how would that kind of concept works. Since I'm not a big fan of foundation I never tried myself :) now I can at least recommend this to my friends :D have a good one!

  12. nice product and review! you're the best nikki! been lemming for this when i saw the magazine ad..and totally forgot about it! hehe..

  13. Hi Nikki, just want to let you know that I appreciate all the reviews you've done. You have been very honest and extensive with your reviews and I am a long time reader first time commenter. I want to buy this because I have similar skin color as you and this foundation looks beautiful on you

  14. Hana aka acutelife, I know what you mean, i don't use liquid or cream foundation daily as I love my mineral foundation, but the packaging really calls my name! :)

    Khymm, aww, thank you! Don't you hate it when lemmings turned off then turn on again? That's the worst!

    Catherine dear! Hey there *waves* Nice to read your comment and thanks for commenting! I appreciate it that you like the work I put on in this blog! Keep reading and I hope I will be able to help you out on more issues!

  15. ~Lisa, ooopss i wasn't able to see the comments in the middle, thanks! I'm glad you appreciate the makeover I did for the actress :)

    Anastacia, the packaging really gives out a huge plus right? So I guess it's true, packaging does matter, coz I myself read so so reviews on this product but I still bought this! lol I should just marry the packaging!

  16. LOL...I've also got the same weakness for eye-catching packaging! :D For makeup artists this would be genius since they won't waste the foundation, but for simpletons like us...for sure one side will run out faster than the other..still love the review though! :D

  17. I've seen teh Jessica Alba ad, and I must say it intrigued me. You're right, it's a good marketing strat! Thanks for the review, when I need a new foundie, maybe I can check this out =)

    Good job on Sheena, she looks great, and so are you Nikki =)

  18. hey, the foundation looks really good. My cousin uses the same one for her kids and she can use it for everyone's skin tone.

    i love sheena!! shes so funny.

  19. The idea is really good. But if the oil control is blah then I am skipping it. You did a great job on Sheena's make up. :P

  20. Thank you for the thorough review. I tried the Light/Medium in a store and really didn't like the you say, Paul and Joe is dewier, but the Revlon has a very good price point.

    Congrats on the job..your model looks gorgeous, and so do you!!

  21. beetrice, so true, I've seen another makeup artist owning dozens of these in her traincases! she must love the foundation!

    The NeuroChiq, no worries on the review, I love doing this and I'm glad it helps you out as most online reviews helped me a lot on most of my purchases, just returning the favor :)

    Becky,oh you like Sheena? hehehe I didn't know it was her! but she is indeed very pretty and funny even in person!

  22. Pammy, yeah, you do have oily skin right? Oil control base is needed for you that's for sure!

    JC, the texture is quite thick and a bit..hmm..I can't pinpoint but obviously different from most foundations I've tried. Thanks for the well wishes!

  23. Ive always wanted to try it. It looks like a good idea or maybe a too good to be true product. Will def check it out! Thanks for the review! :)

  24. i have this too! i bought the fair/light and medium/deep and then if i need a shade in between i just mix mix mix! haha you're right it's nothing spectacular but it gets the job done. i bought it for basement. nice work on sheena halili! very very nice!

  25. Thanks for the review, but it's too bad it doesn't control oil. And I would probably use just one or two shades and waste the rest so I'll probably pass on this.

    Sheena looks great, you did a great job!

  26. owh my!
    what a clever packaging!
    so handy for MUAs.
    great for those who cant seem to find a foundie match from testers too!
    i want ittt!

  27. Sush, let me know how you like/dislike it when you finally check it out, this product is not too good to be true for sure, it's just so so :)

    Old Cow! Hey girl!!! Past girl! thank you!

    Crystal, I know, it's very very useful for makeup class no? I didn't purchase this during makeup class.

  28. Gio, no problem, I'm glad you like the makeup I've done :) THat's nice of you!

    LyNn, so true, and it's great for makeup artists, i believe this is really great for makeup artists :)

  29. I was very intrigued by the packaging too and thought that it was a good idea until I realised that it's really not all that practical and there'll be a lot of wasted product. Mixing the traditional way is still the best.

  30. great review. You've done a great job on the make up...
    I don't use foundation that much...


  31. Thanks for the review and the girls makeup that you did is gorgeous!

  32. ugh..i have oily skin and it was awfuk!

  33. i got this and the medium/deep combination for makeup school. and the colors are not really that varied nikki. their darkest shade is not really dark, i got the graftobian foundation palette instead coz you can really find dark shades on that palette. this one is just too light, made for caucasian skin if you ask me

  34. Connie, yes, of course if I'm not a MUA, i won't purchase this too! I guess one major factor is I do makeup to various skintone so having variations is great :)

    Toothfairy, thank you so much for commenting :) Lucky you for not using foundation! :)

    Fab Beauty, thank you!

  35. Vanessa M, yup if you have super oily skin, then say BYE BYE :)

    dollfacecosmetics, so true, the difference isn't that much but its nice to have, kahit 1 lang :) hahaha I'd love to try graftobian, I had it on my ebay wishlist! LOL

  36. Hi Nikki,

    I've always seen this product. But I'm not sure..when you change the dial, does the new shade come out right away, or you have to pump out the old shade first? And which bottles have warm shades? Some seem to lean more on the cool or neutral side, which is why I'm not so comfortable wearing Revlon foundation (my skintone is very yellow).

  37. Hi Crissy, so far, I've purchased 2 shades, the light one is more yellow as compared to the Light/Medium one, it's a bit of pinkish in tone. I can't tell for the rest :)

  38. Hi there! I love your blog! Why did I discover you just now? Anyway, I love this product. It's handy for the rush mornings that I have when I have to finish my makeup in a jiffy. And I get to experiment also - when i want my "pale" look (don't ask) i use the lightest shade, and if i want the somewhat healthier look, i just choose the darker ones. I usually have a difficult time finding the right foundation because my skin is combination oily-dry, but I found this just right because I find myself not needing to retouch in the latter part of the day. It doesn't smudge either unlike some foundation cakes that i've used. Real cool! Love the packaging also. :D

  39. Melodiey, thank you so much for the comment and for letting me know how much you appreciate my site :) I'm glad to know you like this too! I also like this! Merry Christmas sweetie!

  40. hi! your review is very helpful.. i have been looking for a good foundation for my skin. i have a combination skin so i am really having a hard time choosing a perfect foundation for me and also i easily get a tan. do you think revlon custom creations would be perfect for me? or is there something else that you can recommend. thank you so much! :)

  41. Sandzzie, hi there, thanks for finding my blog helpful and thanks for commending. About choosing the perfect foundation, it is a problem on all MAKEUP USERS so don't think that you're the only one having that issue, it takes tons of practice and test before you get the right one! With regards to this foundation, its a good start since this comes in a dial and you can have more than 1 shade so you can mix and match, the thing is though you have to be reminded that the shades aren't that too far different, super slight difference lang so try to get the right shade pa rin, they have it in Light/Light Medium/Medium etc.. :)


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