Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tip for the Day: Foundation Application for Mature Skin

"How do you apply foundation for mature skin?""What must be done to prevent foundation from sitting on wrinkles?"
"I tried applying makeup on my grandmother but her skin got really dry, help!"
You probably think I don't read your queries.  You want to know the truth?  I do, I take your queries seriously!  It's just that, I'm a "One Woman Show" here so it takes forever and 100 days for me to answer queries!  *laughs* Seriously, I take all queries in mind and before I give advises or share my thoughts, I want to make sure it's tried and tested!

One of the most difficult make-up application for me is "Foundation Application for Mature Skin".  When I was studying makeup in school, I have several models right in front of me and I've practiced and done so many looks but none on mature models!  I got my share of mature clients AFTER makeup class!  And I learn so many things the hard way!

Here's a sample photo of a typical "mature skinned".  In fairness to my client, she is already more than 90 years old and her skin is obviously "well taken care of" during her younger years.  Her family requested for a very simple and natural looking make-up.  Definitely not "mask-looking" and does not feel heavy on skin.  

I tried researching about foundation application for "mature skin" but found there aren't a lot of articles out there!  So here's my simple, straightforward, "in your face" tips that I learn base on experience!
  1. Avoid shimmery foundation as this will highlight the wrinkles 
  2. If possible, moisturize the skin with a moisturizer prior to makeup application.
  3. Use a primer that helps moisturize and fill in fine lines and wrinkles prior to foundation application.
  4. Choose a foundation that targets on dry skin (as most mature skin is very dry). In addition, you can mix your foundation with moisturizer to lessen the "heavy" feel of foundation.  
  5. I've found out that applying using a brush in a "stippling" motion is best for mature skin.  This method lessens the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  If you prefer using a sponge, wet your sponge then apply foundation with moisturizer in a "patting" motion.  
  6. Conceal dark spots if necessary.  You can either use a separate concealer or use the same foundation with moisturizer and build up coverage on the areas needed.
  7. Set foundation using a big face brush.  Try to stay away from "oil control" powder as it can enhance dryness and lines.
Extra tip from AMW: Do not expect lines and wrinkles to disappear!  It won't happen! :D It's makeup!  Not magic!  *laughs*

With those tips above, I was able to achieve this before and after shot
(Note to client: Thank you for the trust!)

To my readers who patiently wait for this, thank you and I hope this helps!
Feel free to click comment and ask if you have any follow-up questions!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh wow, you did a great job making lola look lovely! You're such a talented make-up artist. :)

  2. ooh lola now looks bongga! thanks for the tip!

  3. Great job on ama... really pretty!

  4. Thanks for sharing this tip. I need to do makeup for a 70 plus grandma in sept. So timely.

  5. Thank you for the tips, Nikki! Would be useful next time I'm doing makeup for my mom :)

  6. wow!!..You did a great job.. Thank you for the tips nikki..

  7. Great job! And a lot of great tips and tricks! Thanks for share!

  8. wow.. to start with she doesnt look 90 years old, and you made her look way younger.. as in almost invisible yung dark spots. amazing:))

  9. thanks for this Nikki! Will definitely keep your tips in mind...

  10. You did a marvelous job in making granny look pretty. :P

  11. i agree,mature skin is such a challenge,foundation often sits into fine lines the first time i did makeup on a mature skin i had a hard time blending.cause i ran out of moisturizer haha.good thing that its my aunt..

  12. good job nikki! i know how hard it is to do mature makeup!

  13. wow you've done such a great job at this. it's really hard kasi to achieve that "natural" look. ill have this tip handy, :D

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  16. awesome, and thanks for sharing ^_^

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  18. Thank you all! :D I'm glad my mini tips and post helps :D

  19. i gotta refer to this for something i'm doing later this week that's been worrying me. thank you for the great tips!


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